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Hi everyone, after having sent out our third newsletter email from "" our email reputation score went down dramatically (the newsletter had a relatively high unsubscription rate). As a conseuquence many of our normal business emails now end up in the spam folders of our customers. However, it seems that our sender domain is only part of the problem. What is strange is, that only merely mentioning our international domain "" in the email seems to be a problem. We used our international domain "" only at one place in our newsletter email. Nevertheless "" now seems to be a spam signal. Any ideas why that happened? I am happy to provide more details.

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I've seen this happen a lot with companies who bought their email list instead of building it. They send out mass emails and users unsubscribe and flag it as spam. If you are just warming up your email list, you want to use a different domain than your main one.


Here's a pretty awesome service you can use to warm up your email list:


Does this sound like what you were looking for?


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Hi David,

thanks for your reply. We built the email list organically. Nevertheless, we had a high unsubscribe rate. But that is not, what is confusing us. What is strange is that our regional domain "" was used for sending the newsletter but the domain or phrase that flags our daily emails as spam seems to be "".