Do's & Don'ts of Email Deliverability

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Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re all guilty of sending out an email campaign to a list with questionable deliverability. There is no question of how beneficial email marketing is for selling your product, connecting with your users, and generating new leads. But, before we can enjoy all these perks, it is important to ensure your emails are seen.


What is email deliverability?

Email deliverability is exactly what it sounds like: the ability of your emails to land successfully in subscribers’ inboxes. This is an essential component of any successful email marketing campaign because your recipients have to first view your email to engage with it. To improve your email deliverability and get more engagement from your email marketing campaigns, follow the best practices outlined below.


Don’t: 1. Purchase email lists

It can be tempting to purchase a list of email addresses, especially when trying to expand your audience and strengthen your email campaigns. Purchased email lists are filled to the brim with undeliverable email addresses that will result in high bounce rates and damage your sender reputation (more on that later). It is important to grow your email lists organically, which can be done easily by placing an email capture form on your website. A small, but real, engaging email list is far more valuable than a large, unresponsive one. Size doesn’t always matter.


2. Send from a free domain

When choosing which address to send “From” through your ESP, steer clear of using your or (or any free email provider) address. These addresses are great for personal emails, but not so much when it comes to large email marketing campaigns. Since anyone can sign up for a free email address, using your free email can cause you to be filtered out of the inbox, as many spammers send through these domains. If you currently have your free domain connected to your campaigns, it’s time to purchase and set up a custom domain and a professional email address. You can often do this through your website host.


Do: 1. Clean your list

Verifying your email list with a reliable email verification solution can be the difference between the inbox (yay) and the spam folder (nay). Email verification weeds out the undeliverable and risky email addresses from your list, which can help reduce your bounce rate and secure your inbox placement. It is essential that you continue to verify your list every few months to discard any emails that have gone bad since the last verification. Sending your email marketing campaigns to undeliverable email addresses is a one-way ticket to the junk folder.


2. Mind your sender reputation

Essentially, your sender reputation is how trustworthy a mailbox provider believes your emails to be. If a large number of your emails are marked as spam by your recipients, or if you are sending to undeliverable email addresses, your sender reputation could be in jeopardy. And if you have a compromised sender reputation, your chances of landing in the inbox are much lower.


Verify your Hubspot List with Blaze Verify

Blaze Verify is a reliable email verification solution designed to improve deliverability. Blaze Verify's email verification solution removes fake and undeliverable addresses from your list to increase ROI, secure inbox placement, and reduce bounce rates. Be confident the contacts you are collecting through Hubspot are valid and improve the health and quality of your database. Integrate with Hubspot through Blaze Verify to seamlessly clean the emails you collect and maintain through Hubspot, with the ability to automatically sync and reverify lists through our List Monitoring feature; never worry about outdated or dirty lists again. For more information, and to learn more about integrating with Blaze Verify, click here:

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Yes. Auto-verification tools can help many users. Seems like our recommendations will come down to quality of service/support (and pricing) as more and more auto-verification email tools become available -- also see MailFloss for similar functionality/pricing.


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