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Check Marketing email delivery status via Workflow

Good morning, 

We are sending several marketing emails trough a Ticket workflow, however, as I can see in the logs, sometimes the email failed to send to 1 or all. 

Going trough the Action log I can check if the Marketing email failed, but I was wondering if I can retrieve this information directly after sending the email in our WF, in that way we are informed that the email wasn't sent correctly to the associated contats, maybe troguh a Custom Code or Webhook? 


I tried to use the following properties as an If/then condition to check if the email has been sent  correctly with a 2 minutes delay:

"Last marketing email name" and "Last marketing email send date"


If the "Last marketing email send date" was updated after the "Last marketing email name" then I confirm that the email was sent correctly, however I found that Hubspot doesn't update those properties just after sending the email, so the If/conditions went to No meet branch. Any other suggestion?


Thanks in advance, 

Kind regards, Janosch. 

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Thought Leader | Elite Partner

Check Marketing email delivery status via Workflow

@Janosch in the workflow you built, instead of the simple if/then branch, would it work to build a "value equals" branch and set up the same criteria? Or add a 1-hour delay to your current branch so you're giving HubSpot time to update the property? Those would be two options I'd personally start with. 


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Check Marketing email delivery status via Workflow

Hi @Janosch,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


I wanted to tag in a couple of subject matter experts to see if they have any input on this matter:

hi @Crystal_Hopper,  @Alex_Elborn@danmoyle, do you have any feedback or tips for @Janosch? Thank you!



Mia, Community Team 

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