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Bounce because of domain_reputation

I'm recently experiencing numerous soft bounces upon sending automated messages with the following explanation:


Rejected by recipient's email security filter

DOMAIN_REPUTATION 550 A URL in this email (hs-sites-eu1 . com) is listed on Please resolve and retry
This is troubling since I can't think of a measure from my side to prevent this from happening: these URL's are inserted by Hubspot.

Any suggestions?
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Bounce because of domain_reputation

Hi @ViktorFranzen,


Thank you for reaching out!


I wanted to refer you to this online resource regarding this soft bounce message. 

Soft bounces indicate a temporary problem with the recipient's server, or another temporary technical problem. Contacts who soft bounce are eligible to receive future emails from you.


I would recommend taking a look through the referenced document and checking your domain on MXToolbox.


After you have gathered the information on MXToolbox, I would suggest connecting with HubSpot Technical Support, as Support is included in your subscription. They will be able to provide real-time assistance and have access to internal tools to assist with this matter.


When you contact them, I would recommend including the bounce message, a link to the affected email and the MXToolbox results.




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