Accidentally quarantined thousands of contacts

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I have just recently migrated from


in SFDC I had a large number of contacts, many of which were current and many older and stagnant which were marked as having bounced emails. The emails bounced over time with a normal attrition rate.


However, when I imported these contacts into HubSpot, the contacts with bounced emails imported into HS but with no indicator in HS that these were bounced contacts.

I have since ran my first marketing emails against a list created from these contacts, which unfortunately included all the contacts that had stagnated as Hubspot did not know they were stagnated.


This has unfortunately resulted, due to a very high-bounce rate on the mail, in all the contacts being Quarantined. Even the good contacts have been quarantined as they were a member of a list that had a high bounce rate.

I have since:
1. Cleaned up my CSV file to remove all known bounced addresses.
2. Deleted all the contacts in hubspot
3. Reimported them into Hubspot.

However, all of the previosly quarantined contacts in Hubspot reamain quarantined.
So a surmise that Hubspot keeps a list of email addresses internally against my hubspot account  that are quarantined, so any new contact created with that email address is also quarantined.

I realise that if I send a 1:1 email to a quarantined contact and they respond, they will be unquarantined. but this is not viable as there are thousands of quarantined contacts.


Is there any way this can be rectified?

If I delete my Hubspot account and create a new one, will this resolve ?


thanks for any input.

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Hi There,


You can find more information on how to remediate quaratined contacts in this support document:


If your portal has access to HubSpot Support, you can also file a request for help by using the "help" button in the lower right hand corner of your HubSpot account. 

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Hi, there


Thanks for having taken the time to respond.


Yup, I had seen this. Unfortunately, it just explains the situation without explaining how to resolve it.


I don't htink there is any way to resolve it without getting support to manually update an account's internal list of quarantined email address and as I'm not yet a paid subscriber this is not an option.


Pretty sure this will entail completely deleting my Hub Spot account, creating a new one and re-importing my data.

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Did starting new account work? I have similar issue. People signed up in handwriting to our list & many are bouncing due to typos.... Did you start new hubspot account with your same email address?