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Hi Everyone,


My name is Pierangelo Rosati; I'm Assistant Professor in Business Analytics at DCU Business School and I teach data analytics and metrics in our MSc in Digital Marketing. I'm currently exploring how we can embed HubSpot resources within in our pogramme.




My name is Barbara Spies. I am a Professor of Communication at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I teach Organizational Social Media and Applied Communication Research, among other courses. I am new to HubSpot and am hoping to help guide my students through several certifications.



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Hello Everyone. I am Cristian, and I will teach Social Media Marketing this semester (for the first time) at Fort Lewis College. I am incorporating two of the HubSpot certifications as part of the class requirements (social media and email). I will share my students' feedback with you here as the semester advance.



Hi all!

My name is Heather Kirkwood and I am completely new to HubSpot, but excited to get started.  I work for SUNY-Farmingdale.  I teach courses in Sales, Consumer Behavior and Marketing Principles.  I am looking forward to being part of this community.




I am excited to finally log in!

I am a faculty member in NJIT's Martin Tuchman School of Management. I teach a variety of marketing classes. For the fall semester that includes Customer Insights. This is a project based course that is supported by open access resources and material I curate weekly. I have used some of HubSpot's material for a few years.

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Rich Hanna, Babson College.

I teach Digital Marketing (grad and undergrad), Social Media & Advertising (grad and undergrad), Sales, and Marketing Research 


I have been using HubSpot's certifications in my classes for the last 5 years and I follow the blog posts to keep myself up to date.


I'm a huge SciFi and Fantasy fan.

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Welcome, @rchanna  Star Wars or Star Trek? Both?

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Hi everyone!

I am Leila Samii an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Southern New Hampshire University. Currently, I run the Social Media Marketing Minor and am the Marketing Program Coordinator for campus. This year we are revamping out marketing curriculum so would love to learn more about ideas that you may all have with the future of marketing.

We incorporate Hubspot Inbound and Content Marketing into a number of our social media minor courses. Looking forward to building a community and learning more!




I am Sambit and I am an Assistant Professor at Jönköping International Business School in Sweden. I mainly teach digital business, Innovation management and Marketing courses. I am new at HubSpot and I look forward to interacting with you all in the future. 



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Welcome @SambitLenka ! 

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Hello All,

I am Kent Byus at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.  I am a Professor & Director of Entrepreneurship Education within the College of Business and with the Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center.  I teach Entrepreneurship and Marketing courses. I also consult startups and small businesses in the4 Coastal Bend Region of South Texas. I am new to the use of Hubspot and I look forward to learning more about the possibilities for applying the certificate programs.




Hi and thank you for the opportunity to join this community. I run the Sales Leadership Center at Arkansas State University and I teach, markeitng, professional selling, advanced sales, sales planning and mangement, and category managemnet.

We are brand new to hubspot and are lookng forward to using this platfrom in our classes beginning the spring of 2020


Thank you! Katie Hill

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Hello everyone,

My name is Mika Saloheimo and I am senior lecturer of Marketing at Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Tornio, Finland.


I have heard and read a lot about Hubspot, but only now I'm getting hands-on experience with the software - together with my students.


I am at the planning stages of using the software, but I think we will start with some basic CRM functionalities and advance from there throughout Fall and Spring Semester.




Feel free to network with me:





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Nice to be part of the HubSpot Education Partner Community! My professional focus is in subscription economy and SaaS offering. In Laurea I'm teaching BBA students in digital service development, digital marketing, ecommerce, clouds and websites.


Fact box:

  • Lassi Virtanen, Senior Lecturer, Business Information Technology
  • Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
  • I've worked with multiple HubSpot customers during my career.
  • Working yearly with 400+ IT students and looking forward to adopt HubSpot as a part of the offering. Twitter
  • LinkedIn & Twitter


Looking forward to hear from you!


Hello Everyone, 


My name is Marta Tryshak and I teach Digital Marketing at Seneca Business School (Toronto, Canada). I am new to the program however hoping to implements elements in 3 of my classes in winter term. 


Hi. I'm Tricia at Middle Tennessee State University.  I teach a variety of advertising, public relations and social media courses in the School of Journalism and Strategic Media. I've used HubSpot certifications in several of our courses which our students love.  Looking forward to learning from you all.


My name is Tracy Rutledge. I am an associate professor in the Communications Department at the University of Tennessee at Martin. I teach visual communication and strategic communication courses at both the undergraduste and graduate levels. I have been teaching a Social Media Management class for approximately four years, but this is the first time I will be incorporating HubSpot into the class. 


I'm excited to use the HubSpot tools and learn from this great community.



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Just joined, as teaching marketing communications this coming semester.

Bournemouth University, UK

Looking at short lessons.



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Welcome @subaculture !