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We're so glad to have you join the Education Partner Community here at HubSpot. This is your space to ask questions, connect, and chat about the education. Please take a moment and answer a few questions. We'd all love to get to know you: 


  • Your name and what you teach? 
  • How long (and in what capacity) have you been using HubSpot?
  • Anything else? 

To get things started: I'm Julia Gueron and I help HubSpot manage partnerships with college and university faculty members interested in using our resources. My job is to serve our community of educators in using Hubspot in a way that best fits their needs, and developing new ideas to serve educators. If you have an idea to make HubSpot better work for you... I'm your person! I am based out of HubSpot's headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 


In addition to using this space for conversations, opinions, and sharing, we will use this space to share updates, events, opportunities, and more.


Please keep in mind that this will be held to the Community guidelines and Terms of Use, so please ensure your conversations are relevant, helpful and friendly.

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Academy Team

Hey everyone. I'm Isaac - I lead our Education Partner Program and I've been working with our Education Partners for almost three years now.


While I don't teach anymore, I taught Digital Marketing Strategy for a semester at University of Florida in their Masters program. 


I am looking forward to supporting everyone in this community as you build out you courses and help students graduate with everything they need to launch amazing careers and full lives!

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Hello everyone,

I am Laura Munoz, associate profesor of Marketing at Univ of Dallas, and I teach mktg principles, digital marketing, professional selling and negotiations, and mktg at the MBA level.  I have been using Hubpsot for the last 2 years and I love it! More importantly, my students love it and they brag about it. 

I require the inbound mktg certification for my digital mktg class, I have it as well. I also use the software and we design CTAs, landing pages, thank you pages, and 2 or 3 emails. 

I am looking to ways to implement Hubpsot into my principles class. 

I also use Hubpsot's content in my online MBA class for their weekly discussions. 

Looking forward to learn from everyone!


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Hi all!


My name is Jorie and I'm an inbound professor on the Academy team. I focus primarily on reporting and advertising content, with occasional dabblings in the world of conversion and CRO. 


I have been at HubSpot for three years and I'm also based in the Cambridge office. 


My favorite Academy certifications to date are:

  • Inbound
  • Sales Enablement
  • Content Marketing
  • and the HubSpot Marketing Software Cert, of course Smiley Happy


Let me know how I can best support you. Always here to help!




Inbound Professor

Hi there! My name is Adriti, Service Hub Professor on the Academy team. Service Hub just turned a year old, and it certainly has come a long way Smiley Happy


If you have any questions about Service Hub, let's chat!


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Hey everyone!


My name is Dalila Franzolini. I am part of the Education Partner Program team at HubSpot, and take care of our LATAM + IBERIA partnerships with professors and universities.


I have been at HubSpot for 6 months and I'm also based in the Cambridge office. 


I'm very excited to witness the EPP unstoppable growth in Latin American and European countries! Feel free to reach out to me if you're curious to learn more about this Smiley Happy






Academy Team

Hi everyone! 


I'm Kristen (often lovingly shortened to KG) and I'm the Learning & Development Specialist on the HubSpot Academy team.


I've been at HubSpot for about 2 years, and have been in the tech/software education space for about 13 years.My role is to focus on the methodologies and documentation of the instructional design framework/processes of the Academy team and supporting the professors building their instructional design skills.


If you love talking about learning, let's chat! Smiley Happy


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I'm Paula Morris, Professor of the Practice at Salisbury University's Perdue School of Business. I've been at SU since 1997 and I'm one of the original HubSpot Education Partners. 

I love teaching digital natives to use their "toys as tools." Having learned to communicate with computers with punched cards (yes, that dates me.) I find teaching marketing in our digital world fascinating, exciting, and really messy. 

Currently, I teach a Content Creation and Inbound Marketing class. In the class, we created a webpage and blog, https://www.ourfirstjobsearch.com/. This project is experiential learning in the real world; No simulations here!

Using HubSpot's platform, we run digital marketing campaigns and then we get the fun part... we analyze data to determine the impact of those campaigns.

I'd love to hear more about what you are doing!





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I love that phrasing -- "toys as tools"! That's definitely where I see our students need help, too. They know how to use all of the social media platforms, but switching a gear to use them *professionally* is a new concept to most of them.

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There are so many new concepts! Watching their light bulbs come on is fun. I had each student run a digital campaign using their own social sites to drive traffic to ours... WOW, that was a new concept for them! The AHA moments ranged from, "It would have worked better if I set things up the way you told us to do it" to, "I don't have a very big social network."

@ekinsky What cool experiments have you tried?


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This is fanstastic! Thank you for the invitation.


  • I'm Joe Barhoum with the University of Portland (since 2013). I teach 4 courses as part of a sales certification program for grads and undergrads:
    • Personal Selling
    • Marketing Operations
    • CRM
    • Marketing Automation
  • I'm fairly new to HubSpot and have only been using it since late 2018. And I love it.
  • After 10 years in enterprise SaaS sales I decided to start up my own marketing agency: Conduit Construct. One of my goals is to help other universities develop their sales programs.

I love to collaborate so please reach out to me if you have questions.

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Hello Everyone! I'm Randy Harrison and I am an active marketing consultant and professor at Emerson College in Boston.


I was a dot.com era survivor, where I literally got injected with the dream of one-to-one marketing as articulated by the amazing visionaries Peppers and Rodgers. It took us a while to get here, but here we are!, all of us inventing the future on the fly. 


This is  the guiding principle that first led me to partner with HubSpot Academy to bring in a variety of HubSpot assets into my course architecture in the quest to create the most relevant learning expereinces for my students, and help them develop both the hard and soft skills to create value.


My first encounter with HubSpot was at an AMA (American Marketing Association) Boston event featuring HubSpot founder Brian Halligan, which had to be in the 2000's somewhere. I have a direct marketing background and what struck me listening to Brian then was how intuitive the Inbound methodology was. It made perfect sense.


I was also struck by how connected Inbound was to direct marketing best practice, and how digital coupled with the Inbound Methodology was setting up a new day in bringing all the measurable aspects of direct, such as leads, conversions, response rates, and so on into the mainstream in a manner that supported the one-to-one vision of earlier days. And so it was, and now so it is, spectacularly so.

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@RandyEmerson What are you planning for fall?

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Hi I'm Dr. Jason Geesey -

I'm the program chair at CSU Global and will teach the various marketing courses which include digital marketing.


I've just started using Hubspot


I'm looking forward to joining the community. 



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I am Bernardo Vorderwinkler from Mexico City and I work as Operations Manager at the Inbound Agency Cu4tro. I´ve been working on the agency for about 3 years now, and that has been also the time I´ve been using HubSpot. I mainly Work with the Sales, Marketing and Service Modules, Specializing on automation processes and efficency reading of my team through the service module. 


During my third year in Cu4tro, I was invited by Universidad Anáhuac to teach on a digital marketing diplomat every 6 months, this year I will be taking part in 2 diplomats: Strategyc digital marketing and Digital Marketing for touristic enterprises. 


Before starting with the diplomats I worked on the continuous education department of Cu4tro, helping out clients with their HubSpot certifications. Back then I had no acces to the Educational Syllabus wich has been a great tool for developing my classes next to the clss design module og the HubSpot Trainer Certification. 


If you live in the Mexico City area, or you are going to Inbound this year, let me know! I´m a very open an extroverted person who loves to talk about inbound marketing and have very few chances to do it out of a professional context. 


Hi, I am Michele Cunningham and from the University of Denver.  Over the past two years I have used HubSpot in a variety of classes and uses including:

B2B Marketing - content marketing and buyer personas

Digital Marketing - email marketing certificates

Selling in Digital Age - sales certificates

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Hi all, 


I´m Juan Pablo and i´m teaching Inbound Marketing since 2016 in three different business schools and also corporate learning for MarkCom departments. I´m huspot user since 2013 and partner since 2014 with a deep understanding of Marketing and sales Hub. ( starting to learn Service Hub)


I´m also kenote speaker in arround 10 events per year, 

I like to research in the intersection of Inbound & IA ( wiith IBM Watson)


So glad to be in this group  Smiley Wink


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Hello! I'm Emily. I teach in the Department of Communication at West Texas A&M University. My courses include New Media, Media Design, and PR Practicum, which is for our student-run PR firm. We have used the HubSpot training/certifications in Content Marketing and Social Media for both New Media and with the student PR firm. Great content, which I'm grateful to have as a resource and as a third-party endorsement for our students!

Regular Contributor


Please reach out if I can help you build real-world experiences in the classroom. 



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This is a great asset - I have been looking for a community of educators teaching digital marketing! 


I'm Dianne - teaching marketing, social media, integrated marcom, AND digital marketing at North Shore Community College in Massachusetts. 

Prior to NSCC I ran a small ad agency for 12 yrs and before that marcom in high tech for more years than I want to confess. Teaching full time for just 5 years. 


I'm especially proud that we will launch a Digital & Social Marketing AS this year.  Full approval by the MA board of higer ed this fall with enrollments beginning immediately.  It's VERY skills based! I've used Hubspot education materials for several years and will put one of the certifications in my digital marketing course for this Fall. 


I'm REALLY excited to hear about the challenges, successes, and directions everyone is taking.

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Olá! Meu nome é Thiago Gomes e dou aula de Inbound Marketing na Impacta. Sou do Brasil. 

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Hi, everyone! I'm Javier writing from Navarra, Spain.


I'm Marketing Director of a B2B Technological company and passionate Inbound Marketing professor at the University of Navarra.


I'm so glad and honoured to lead the first university Inbound Marketing subject here in Spain. We are going to start on September 5 with the first group of 42 students.


The movement here is unstoppable and it's being funny to be a part of it.


It's a pleasure to share with all of you.


Best regards


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Hi All,


I'm Laurence Minsky, associate professor at Columbia College, where I teach advertising.  My courses include Ad Copywriting, Social Media Content, Ad Porfolio Development, Art Director/Copywriter Teams, and other creatively-oriented courses.


Topics of my articles for such outlets as The Harvard Business Review and elsewhere have ranged from social selling and social media to branding, executive decision making, and cybersecurity as it relates to brand safety. 


And, my books include The Activation Imperative: How to Build Brands and Business by Inspiring Action; Audio Branding: Using Sound to Build Your Brand; Advertising Under One Hour, and, in November, Global Brand Management.


In my consulting, through an ad agency, I have used HubSpot for in-bound lead generation and nurturing digital marketing campaigns and HubSpot blog posts with my student, but I have not yet integrated HubSpot Academy courses into my courses.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on effectively integrating HubSpot Academy and HubSpot  Certifications into my courses as well as simply connect with other instructors of social media, advertising, and marketing.


Thanks in advance and hope all is well!




Academy Team

Welcome @ekinsky , @barhoum , @jasongeesey , @BernardoV , @PioProf , @jpsanchez , @DianneMcDermott , @thiagostanisci , @jtoupo , @LaurenceMinsky . We're so happy to have you as active members in our community and Education Partner Program. 


Two quick questions for you all: 

  1. What is the biggest challenge you are facing today as an educator? 
  2. How can this community/message board help you become the best educator possible? What (and who) would you be excited to see/learn about/hear from?
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Thank you @imoche !

1. A correct balance between theoretical components and practical tasks

2. This community and all around EPP it's simple phenomenal a great help


Stay in touch!


Hi all, this is Pierluigi from University of Naples Federico II, Italy.

I'm the coordinator of the master degree program in Managerial Engineering, and I teach Strategy and Entrepreneurship to engineering students.

I'd never use Hubspot, we'll experiment it in my next course in September!




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Hi all,

I'm Dana Williams-Johnson, I'm a full time instructor in the Marketing Department at Howard University. I'm also a doctoral student at Howard. I teach Social and Internet Marketing (undergrad), Digital Marketing (graduate) and Digital Publishing (undergrad). I started using HubSpot spring 2019 in an undergrad and graduate courses and am hoping to increase my usage after how well my students took to it last semester. 

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For those teaching Marketing Operations, my textbook is available on Amazon Smiley Happy Marketing Operations: Make the Transformation.
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I am Peter Fuermetz, Diplom Pädagoge (adult education) from Regensburg, Germany). In the main occupation I am agency owner of HOPPE7, one of the first partner agencies (Platinum) here in Germany.


I had various teaching assignments:
* University of Regensburg, Media Sciences: Crossmedial Marketing
* University of Regensburg, Psychology: Coaching and Personnel Development
* Ostbayerische Technologie Hochschule Regensburg (Marketing MBA Program) : Sales Management and Sales Training


We are currently on the verge of starting a course at the IHK Akademie (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) to become an "Inbound Marketing Manager (IHK)". In addition I could win some colleagues from other partner agencies as lecturers, who are also all the opinion that we absolutely need qualified coworkers for us and our customers.


Apart from that, our clients always include elements of training, and we also have an internal learning session every Monday in the agency's team.


I am very happy to be part of this community, and I look forward to a lively exchange with all of you!



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Hello everyone, my name is Kathy Thibault and I'm new to HubSpot in this arena.  I feel I've already learned a ton and am excited to see what I can glean and share in this forum.


I'm a seasoned Strategic Account Planner in advertising for 25 years helping shape creative work with amazing creatives and clients. This fall, I'm taking on added direction and am thrilled to begin teaching several courses at Chapman University.  I'll be teaching Digital Marketing, Strategy & Research in Advertising, Advertising Campaigns (fall), and Principles in Advertising (spring).


I love to figure out what motivates people, what inspires them, and how brands fit into their constructs.  Conversely, what do brands "believe" in, why are they the way they are, and then how does their product reflect that belief system.