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So, who is going to INBOUND?

Équipe HubSpot Academy

As of August 20, we have 38 Education Partners who are attending INBOUND, and we expect that number to grow as the INBOUND event approaches. 


Don't have tickets to INBOUND yet? Send us a message and we'll get you a free Community Pass. 


So, what can you do to get ready? 

  1. Let us know you're coming! We have a special event planned for Education Partners, but if you haven't heard from us, there's something wrong! Our event will be on September 4th. Get ready to learn from your peers and provide us with some valuable feedback. 
  2. Introduce yourself here! Want to connect with other professors to learn about applied learning in THEIR classroom? Think of this thread as a place to connect prior to the event. 
  3. Take a look at our agenda and our speakers. 
  4. Want to meet with us? We want to meet with YOU! We'll be in HubSpot Village. Send us a direct message to book a meeting time. 
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