Inbound Marketing Examples to use in the classroom

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If you would like a thorough e-book of Inbound Marketing examples to share with your students, look no further than the booklet of HubSpot-approved Inbound Marketing examples. The link is here:


You'll find specific examples from Starbucks, St. Jude's Hospital, and Taco Bell. 


Happy Teaching! 

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Hi Julia,

Thanks very much for these examples. I think they are all valuable cases to expose in class.

Just a question. All of these cases have used (or still uses) HubSpot to undertake their inbound marketing strategy?

Thanks again,


Academy Team

Hi Pablo,


Thanks for asking - what a great question! 


The answer is not necessarily. Like our certifications, we like to share content that is educational, which doesn't mean that it relates to HubSpot's software per se.


So, while HubSpot LOVES Inbound Marketing, not all companies who practice this methodology use HubSpot. These examples where just one way in which we can highlight some of the great work these companies are doing - whatever software they use to accomplish it. 

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These are great! Thanks, @jgueron