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Are your students looking to return to work after a career break? HubSpot can help.



Following its success in our Dublin office, we're delighted to be running our next Returners Program in Cambridge, MA, starting in October 2019. This 20-week "returnship" is targeted at experienced professionals looking to return to work after an extended career break who have a background or interest in Customer Success.


Do you know of any students who would be great? See below for more information and ways you help us recruit our next class! Check out our new page:


Who is considered a Returner? We are currently looking for individuals that have been out of the workforce on a career break for a minimum of two years and are looking to re-enter. 


How long is the program? Each cohort of this program will run for 20-weeks. After that there is opportunity for full time hire if expectations are met and an open role exists. We will ramp the amount of cohorts in 2020 and expand our offering to include our Portsmouth office.  Each Returner will be placed within one of our Customer Success teams. The program includes a 4-week onboarding program designed to introduce and prepare you to operate within our company. As part of on-boarding, there will be extensive individual business training including two weeks classroom and coaching sessions. Students will have the opportunity to work within large, international teams on impactful initiatives and Returner hires will be paired with career mentors and champions to support their integration and success within HubSpot.


Will this program expand beyond Customer Success? Yes! Our goal is to have this program integrated into many of our orgs but we are focusing in on Customer Success right now to ensure we build a well-run program, gather feedback and iterate where needed based on the needs of each org and the business. 


How will we support these returners once they've started? Training, mentorship and exposure to the different programs, resources and networking opportunities we have here at HubSpot. 


When and where can a student apply? The start date for 2019's Returners Program i nCambridge is October 21, 2019. The link to apply is here. If an appliant doesn't make it into this first wave of October 21st Returners, then their information will be saved and they will be notified once the applications open up again. 

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