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"End of the Influencer"? - Teaching Social Media in the Classroom

One of the advantages of using the Social Media platform on HubSpot, or using any of Hootsuite’s certification or software, is the advantage of interacting with audiences in real time and in a sincere, and authentic way. Platforms like HubSpot, Hootsuite, and countless others provide you with one platform where you can do everything. Several companies have invested heavy resources in making this process as easy as possible.


So, suffice it to say that the importance of Social Media is still quite pronounced. We at HubSpot have a Social Media Certification (as does Hootsuite), and ours in particular talks about the importance of tone and authenticity of a business’ posts. A portion of our certification also talks about working with influencers.


In the last 3 weeks, I’ve seen several articles that talk about the “End of the Influencers”: The general exhaustion about their fakery and a need for more “authentic” and unfiltered (literally and metaphorically) content, not to mention stories about influencers scamming their audiences and a general disdain and extremely honed BS-radar that Gen Z – with its powerful buying power - has towards overly curated content. It felt like the final nail was in the coffin when Instagram announces that they were removing like counts to create “a less pressurized environment”.


For those professors who teach Social Media – what implications do you think these articles, trends, and Instagram’s change will have on how you teach Social Media in 2019 and 2020?


Any thoughts from @KT85 , @ekinsky ,  @DianneMcDermott ,  @LaurenceMinsky and @ksutherl ? 

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