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ProfessorSwartz on March 24, 2023
Hey Everyone! Hope all of your semesters are going well! I've been thinking of how I can continue to develop the course where I use HubSpot as a resource and teaching tool. But then I thought...How cool would it be if we could all "get toget read more
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JHardy4 on January 05, 2023
How does my company become an education partner? We offer Hubspot trained talent internationally at around 1/3 of the usualy salary and with the same output and I would like to get recognised for this training.
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Community Manager
January 09, 2023
Hi @JHardy4 , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I wanted to refer you to the Education Partner Program website where you more
Wahiba on January 03, 2023
Hello, I'm excited to join this program and community. I'm from Vancouver, BC, and wondering if there may be any Canadian educators over here? Look forward to connecting with all of you! Also, if you're on Twitter, I would also love the opportu read more
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March 24, 2023
Canadian EPP here! Feel free to connect with me so we can chat!
jgueron on December 20, 2022
How do I find my EPP HUB ID?
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January 04, 2023
Hi Julia, To find your EPP Hub ID, log in to HubSpot and open the dropdown menu under your account name in the upper right. Most likely, your more
DJayagoda on November 07, 2022
CRM You Don’t Need A PHD To Use: HubSpot for Education Scrap the spreadsheets Your ticket to joyful journeys You’re doing all you can to get more enrolments, better insight and a bigger bang for your ma read more
jgueron on March 11, 2022
Join HubSpot Academy Professor Crystal King for a powerful conversation with copywriting expert, former rock 'n' roll DJ, and AI content-creation tech founder and Lately CEO Kate Bradley Chernis to find out the powerful rules of sound she read more
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