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jgueron 5月 03日, 2019
We're so glad to have you join the Education Partner Community here at HubSpot. This is your space to ask questions, connect, and chat about the education. Please take a moment and answer a few questions. We'd all love to get to know you: 続きを読む
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12月 12日, 2022 07:38
It's great to have you, Dawn! We're working on developing this community further in 2023. In the meanwhile, please feel free to keep posting here - w...続きを読む
jgueron 1月 08日, 2020
Hello Education Partners! Here is the place to put any comments, questions, or concerns about the Enterprise for All Launch. Here is our announcement . Please note that this is applicable to Education Partners only. If you teach at a c 続きを読む
1月 13日, 2020 05:57
Hi John, Great question - the software is for explicit academic use in the classroom. However, if you have any students clubs that are interest...続きを読む
jgueron 12月 16日, 2019
HubSpot Academy was extremely busy in 2019, creating more educational resources than any other year! We bet you were busy too - but we hope you still carved out some time for developing new skills. If you’ve been following HubSpot Academy, you 続きを読む
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JordanAmes24 12月 04日, 2019
Hey Everyone, This post is to announce a new asset that we’ve launched around practical education in the classroom. For a while now, we’ve offered our free marketing software for students to use, but we’ve seen how hard it is to implement in 続きを読む
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12月 04日, 2019 13:13
This is such an excellent resource - thank you @JordanAmes24 for all of your hard work! We're hoping that this allows all Education Partners...続きを読む
jgueron 10月 01日, 2019
We're looking for your help! We're looking for a group of professors that are open to being pitched some of our ideas for producing new resources. 2020 is right around the corner - and we want to produce a lot of new content for you! Bef 続きを読む
jgueron 9月 26日, 2019
Hi all! I'm writing this post to see if anyone here in the community would be interested in a project that I'm working on. For some context, I started at HubSpot about 5 months ago. All new HubSpot employees are taken through a 2~ week traini 続きを読む
4月 08日, 2021 10:40
It sure did @ABWarriner ! Take a look at this page to view all of our resources. The one mentioned in this thread is the "Business Project", wh...続きを読む
ca_braccialini 9月 20日, 2019
Hi everyone! I'm excited to announce that our HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Pros Facebook group is officially live! This group is HubSpot Academy's community of content marketers. As professors who may be involved in the industry, you can 続きを読む
jgueron 9月 09日, 2019
For those of you who were able to come to INBOUND - thank you! Here are some of the key takeaways from the event: Brian Halligans' keynote on Experience Disruptors was the talk of the town. SVP of Product at HubSpot, Chris O'Donn 続きを読む
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jgueron 8月 20日, 2019
As of August 20, we have 38 Education Partners who are attending INBOUND, and we expect that number to grow as the INBOUND event approaches. Don't have tickets to INBOUND yet? Send us a message and we'll get you a free Community Pass. 続きを読む
jgueron 8月 19日, 2019
Education is essential to reaching our mission of helping millions of our students grow better, and localizing our education will maximize the impact of education by solving for the customer (or the student!) Our goal is by the end of 2019 続きを読む
8月 20日, 2019 07:54
Dear @jgueron Thanks for your message! I had recently finished the new Inbound Certification in Spanish and I found it quite useful. For sure, our ...続きを読む
jgueron 8月 13日, 2019
HubSpot Academy is launching a new coding course! Who is it for? It's designed for anyone passionate about learning how to code. Why did we make it? This course is an online version of a successful in-person workshop 続きを読む
jgueron 8月 01日, 2019
You heard it here first! There will be two * NEW * Sales Certifications coming to HubSpot Academy by September 3rd, 2019. The Frictionless Sales Certification HubSpot created the Frictionless Selling Framework earlier this year as a 続きを読む
7月 01日, 2021 01:08
jgueron 7月 19日, 2019
We're posting more and more every day, which makes for quite a crowded community. It's a good problem to have, but if you want a look at some of our most important threads, take a look here .
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