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jgueron on Maio 03, 2019
We're so glad to have you join the Education Partner Community here at HubSpot. This is your space to ask questions, connect, and chat about the education. Please take a moment and answer a few questions. We'd all love to get to know you: Leia mais
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Outubro 10, 2023 18:55
Hello every one, My Name is Afrooz. I am a Graphic Designer and youtuber who is working as Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. I've joing HubSpot 2 days...Leia mais
Nacho_Bruyel on Outubro 22, 2019
Hi! This is Ignacio Bruyel from Spain and I am a new eduacation partner trying to find my way around EPP. This is a bit overwhelming!
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Equipe da Academy
Outubro 27, 2019 13:23
Hi Igancio! You may be interested in our Spanish-language EPP community, which is here! Welcome to the EPP!
ffischman on Outubro 09, 2019
¡Hola todos! Me llamo Frances Fischman y soy la encargada del Programa de Partners en Educación en Latinoamérica e Iberia. Quería contarles que hemos abierto una comunidad del EPP en español para nuestros profesores hispanohablantes. Pueden Leia mais
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jtoupo on Outubro 08, 2019
They are the first 35 Spanish university alumni that run studies of Inbound Marketing here in Spain. I'm so happy to return to my University, the University of Navarra, where I graduated in 2000, as an Marketing adjunct professor with Hubspot b Leia mais
Equipe da Academy
Outubro 10, 2019 13:34
I am sure your students are so grateful you decided to pay it forward by returning to your university to teach a course! Awesome picture, thank you f...Leia mais
jgueron on Agosto 19, 2019
Education is essential to reaching our mission of helping millions of our students grow better, and localizing our education will maximize the impact of education by solving for the customer (or the student!) Our goal is by the end of 2019 Leia mais
Agosto 20, 2019 10:54
Dear @jgueron Thanks for your message! I had recently finished the new Inbound Certification in Spanish and I found it quite useful. For sure, our ...Leia mais
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