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Hi there,


I wanted to see how other folks were integrating HubSpot into their modules and offer the following examples from my own practice.  What do you do?  Also - what might you do differently on these examples/. Please share your opinions below!


1. Sales and Events (Undergraduate 2nd Year’s)

Delivering an active learning project based experience supporting the sales of a company called Students must set up either a B2B or B2C webinar and as part of that process (think about landing pages which procure contacts etc), they are charged with promoting AND selling the bags. I aim to use the free CRM tool and need to research how easy it is for teams to use that tool or how best to integrate it into the sales and marketing process..


2. The Marketing and Technology Nexus (Undergraduate Final Years)

The aim with this final year module is for students to trial elements of the hubspot platform on a site which I am currently developing (a blog really) which is called ALTMarketing and is related to active learning technologies in marketing - see here for a recent blog post introducing Hubspot as MarTech platform:


I will make it live as a business level site on and integrate HubSpot.  First we’ll consider developing personas (what do folks like us into MarTech in learning look like?).   Love the work of Laura Munoz MD whose shared some great slides here


I will then work with the cohort to create or use a downloadable product (possibly from the HubSpot bank of resources) and have students use this to get sign ups and to do split tests on landing pages and to integrate social media. Finally, we will explore automation and email marketing around this context. This will form part of a practicum/seminar which will happen each week and will layer upon the theoretical perspectives discussed. Their final report will be based on creating a Digital Marketing plan for either a) Madlug.comor b) which are great projects for social good and important for “Education for Sustainable Development, which includes ethical internationalisation” - part of the UN’s sustainable development agenda.


What are your thoughts on this or how are you applying HubSpot in your teaching practice?

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Thanks for sharing your classroom activities. I've built an entire course called Content Creation and Inbound marketing. The result is this 

We're going into our 4th semester keeping the webpage and blog alive.


Create personas,

Create content (blog, infographic, videos),

Post to and monitor social media,

Build and execute digital campaigns...

Each semester evolves.

It's fun, exciting, messy and challenging.

I'd love your thoughts.



Hi Paula (@MrsPTMorris)


I listened to the podcast on your endeavours and have been encouraged by your approach and attitude to the student experience.  I love the website and the idea of renewal on a yearly basis.

I'm developing a site just now and intend to use it as a hybrid to show the 'back end' of Hubspot working but also to create some automation initially to support students and from that starting point have them suggest development ideas along the way.


It will initially focus through the same points as you:


  • Create personas,
  • Create content (blog, infographic, videos),
  • Post to and monitor social media,
  • Build and execute digital campaigns...

Ultimately, in the long run I would love to create a Digital Marketing Lab at my University and have some experience with App development and platforms which I've learned alot through as well.  Here'a a little taster of that experience - From 20 mins in you can see the context it was used for (albeit 3+ years old now)  !!

Exploring Mobile First Strategy was an interesting means to explore apps in this way.  I'm keen to keep sharing ideas and sharing practice with you Paula!


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Thanks for sharing.

I'm away at a conference now. I'll check back with you next week. I'm also interested in sharing ideas.



Hi folks

I'm thinking of introducing this context (either Sem 1 or 2 - depends on some other parameters).  

Like @MrsPTMorris - I'm going to engage students further in the development of a website.  The website is called and is a focus for students approaching Digital Marketing challenges - think of it as an onboarding tool for digital marketers through their undergraduate experience (could be very bespoke to the module(s) it relates to or be a resource with more general application.  We'll see what the students move towards).

Here's the site address.
It's got several glaring errors in its build and in its composition that I hope students will help unpack but it's a starting point which they will start to build out on its manifesto (see landing page).

Should be fun if it works.  I've not put all the eggs in this basket just in case and will have half the class working on another challenge - just for variety. @imoche @jgueron 

Excited to have Clara from the Dublin Office calling up in week 4 of this semester to share her experience with the platform in the B2B space.  Will keep you posted!

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This is so exciting @awakin1. Contact me if (when) you hit roadblocks. I've figured my way around a bunch as we developed Like I tell folks, the blog and website are byproducts of the applied learning environment. We're in our 4th semester and it's taken that long for the students to feel really comfortable promoting it. This week we have 2 teams going to the campus job fair. One is hoping to increase subscribers. The other seeking Tips from the recruiters (content). I'll let you know how it goes. Good luck!


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Cross-listing @RandyEmerson's course that he just shared. Relevant to this thread request cc @awakin1 


Sample Syllabus featuring HubSpot Marketing Software Certification & Project (Full Course)

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Here's my course syllabus, too. 

The course is Content Creation and Inbound Marketing - MKTG 440.

First, we need some skills. So, they complete 3 HubSpot Certifications, Inbound Marketing, Content Creation and Hubspot Sales. Then, they also get to do a project called Create Your Own Adventure that allows them to learn some other facet of digital marketing that interests them. (They get another certification of their choice.) (Yep, that's 4 certifications -- and I don't have to make up exams!!!)

Next, I have them create content (video, infographic, and blog - all on the same topic). Then they run individual campaigns in 3 rounds (continual improvement.) That's the content creation portion of the class. 

Finally, Inbound Marketing involves teams working together to improve This semester they want to improve UX, grow subscriptions and viewers, and provide more engaging content. They'll work together in 3 scrum sprints. 

It's a bunch of moving parts that seem disjointed at the beginning of the semester. Yet, in 15 weeks they have a confidence level I've never seen in a traditional learning environment. Here's a link to the syllabus.  Applied learning rules!

Have a great weekend!