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Self-Introduction: Technical Marketing

I am excited to join the HubSpot academic partnership program. 

I teach Chemical and Biological Engineering at Colorado State University. I also lead a software company


My interest in the HubSpot Academic Partnership programs stems from the challenge I have experienced finding suitable partners for technical marketing. I have worked with marketing agencies specializing in B2B. They all claim that they can get acquainted with an industry segment very quickly but my experience has been different. People in the industry have spent years learning the lingo. When marketers try to develop content, their content is often slightly off. Sometimes, the choice of a wrong word or the wrong stock photo can completely undermine the credibility of the company. 


The alternative to working with marketers, would be to get people with a technical background to communicate about it. Engineers have technical expertise but they don't know how to communicate with a broad audience. They have learned to communicate with hyperspecialized communities that are not large enough to create a market. 


I would be very interested to get people's advice on how to train students on technical marketing. Is it easier to teach marketing to engineers? Teach to talk engineering to marketers? Or divide the communication effort among people from different background. 



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Self-Introduction: Technical Marketing

Hi Jean, how are you?


With the experience that I already had to be an agency and having to work with a client who was in a more specialized market, it showed me that it requires a little of both. And I think the secret is in the process of creating and editing content for this audience. I suggest that you study the HubSpot Academy course called: "Content Marketing", mainly in class: "Building a Content Creation Structure"


I can see this doc, maybe can help you: click here


If I can still help you, let me know!

Brenner Natal

HubSpot Consultant | Inbound Marketer


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