Sample Syllabus featuring HubSpot Marketing Software Certification & Project_Full Course


In 2016, I had the opportunity to roll out a fully accredited "Level 3" topics course for the first time that I built in partnership with Educational Partner Program team, which we called Inbound in the Integrated Marketing Framework.


This course featured HubSpot Marketing Software Certification and a live Practicum component that was tied to the certification course itself.


I found that the integration of HubSpot resources and Emerson's IMC curriculum was seamless and mutually supportive, which led to a rigorous course and transformational learning experience for students.


Since then, a number of professors have asked me for the syllabus, a generic version you can access here, which incorporates lessons learned to date:


Note: Although no longer required for certification, the live "Practicum" element has a number of benefits in terms of the learning experience overall and will be continued when the course is offered again next academic year in the guise, as you will see in the syllabus, of the "Project."


One of the great things we found with HubSpot Academy and the Education Partner Program is the ability to customize its resources to meet your pedagogical needs, whether for a module, a full course, or anything in between.


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or here.

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Thanks, @RandyEmerson. I love your ideas and implementation! 

Academy Team

Hey @RandyEmerson , thanks so much for sharing your syllabus and for your dilligence in documenting the experience. 


I think your three-part series on teaching inbound and HubSpot in the classroom is well worth a read, too.