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This is the intro video of a new course that I'm kicking off at the USC: University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia called Issues in Social Media. It's a first year course that helps students navigate the potential risks and impacts of social media. 
It includes: 
🔺 Leading digital commentator Brian Solis' Lifescale to guide students to reduce digital distraction.
🔺 Guest lectures from experts in areas such as mental health, cyber security and digital ethics.

🔺 The latest peer-reviewed research.
🔺 A focus on self-care for Social Media Managers.
🔺 Assessments requiring students to develop research-based strategies to educate and assist themselves and others (such as secondary school students) to be safe online.


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Academy Team

Thank you for sharing, @ksutherl ! 


The course syllabi is what I find most compelling. For those interested, it's here


Also, I noticed you gave a great presentation with slides on this. Here that is for any professors who are interested! 


Thanks again, Karen! 


Not a problem. I'm happy to help.