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Introducing the HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Pros Facebook Group

Hi everyone!


I'm excited to announce that our HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Pros Facebook group is officially live! This group is HubSpot Academy's community of content marketers. As professors who may be involved in the industry, you can use this facebook group to share ideas and ask questions.


The group is designed to build a community around our users enrolled in the Content Marketing Certification to bring delight. We launched the group this week and have already grown to over 250 members who are actively engaging in our community.

To make our group truly successful, we could use your help! Here are a few ways you can get involved in our new community:


  1. 🌱 Join the group to show your support for this initiative (link here).
  2. 👍 Like and comment on members' posts to ask questions, give advice, and share relevant content.
  3. 💌 Invite others to the group who you think could add value to our community. This FB group is a spam-free environment, but all content marketers are welcome.

Thanks for helping grow our group into a thriving community!

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