Hubspot Tests for Students with ADA Accommodation Letters


Hello Fellow Professors,

I'm new to teaching Hubspot in my Digital Marketing class this year and am loving it so far- and so are the studnets.  We talked about the test timeframe in class the other day for the module we're working on.  A few students, who have ADA Accommodation letters, wondered how the 3 hour limitation would work in their situation.  Three hours may or may not accomodate the 1.5X allocation their Accomodation Letters require.  


Anyone know how this would work?  I couldn't find anything in general on the site about this.  I'd love to put their minds at ease.

Any suggestions or insights on this?  In advance thank you!

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Academy Team

Hey @KT85 ,


Thanks for reaching out! ADA Accommodations was something that was heavily considered when creating the timing for exams originally.


We used to have the timing be 90 minutes max for any exam. Part of the reason we went to 3-hour limits across the board was to account for extra time for the sake of accessibility. We doubled the time limit (in 2017) to 3 hours to make sure that anyone would have the necessary time to complete the exams. 


Let me know if you have any additional questions!