HubSpot & WordPress: Free Marketing Tools to WordPress Users

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Previously as a WP Engine customer, when you set up your website on one of their premium StudioPress themes and got the HubSpot WordPress plugin, you had to figure out how to manually create many assets not considered inextricable from today's digital marketing. 


Well, not anymore...  HubSpot will now offer analytics and data tracking that helps your students understand the entire customer journey. Students will see

  • an analytics dashboard
  • facilitate easy form creation
  • assist in demand generation
  • easily add live chat to their website
  • see everything about their contacts all in one place. 

Learn about what our new partnership with WP engine will mean for your class here. 

Now, when you install the HubSpot plugin with a StudioPress theme activated on your site, the plugin will automatically create these assets for you and apply the popup and live chat modules to your site. This helps you get set up on HubSpot’s tools immediately and gives you the flexibility to edit those assets as needed -- all in a one-window, seamless experience.


How do you get it? 

If you already have a StudioPress Pro theme, you simply need to get the HubSpot plugin. To get the HubSpot plugin on your WordPress site:

  • Log into your WordPress site

  • Navigate to the plugins section and search for HubSpot in the plugin directory

  • Find the plugin named HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

  • Click install

  • Click activate

  • Go through the setup flow to connect your HubSpot account

This feature is available for all WP Engine users who use a StudioPress Pro theme then install the latest version of the HubSpot plugin.

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I also wanted to highlight our Community wide conversation around the WordPress Integration. We'd love to hear from you on how you are using WordPress and HubSpot! 


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This is great and as I am currently building out my site for student experience I am keen to find out whether my current site (built through but not yet published) will be able to integrate with this wonderful plugin.

The current site domain is:

If there’s someon you would recommend to support the initial integration process (as a means of sharing to learners) please let me know.  Hope life is good @jgueron and @jennysowyrda  

Academy Team

Hey @awakin1

If you haven't checked it out yet, here is a quick guide to using the HubSpot WordPress plugin


Here's the most relevant part re: whether you can use the plugin on your site: 


Plugin requirements

  • Your website or blog must use a install, or be on the Business plan. Any other plan with (e.g., Premium, Personal) will not allow for plugins or JavaScript and will not be compatible with the plugin.
  • You must have WordPress version 3.0 or higher installed on your server (the latest version is recommended).
  • The wp_footer function must be included in your WordPress theme’s footer file (footer.php). This function is required for the tracking code to be installed on every page of your site.
  • You must be a WordPress admin to install plugins for your site. 

For all HubSpot WordPress questions, I'd head to the Marketing Integrations board @jennysowyrda linked to above. 

Excited to hear more about the project and how it goes integrating the two softwares. Your students are lucky to have such a dedicated teacher. Let us know how it goes!



Thanks for sharing the article @imoche and appreciate your kind sentiments also.

Looking forward to sharing the experience as it evolves.  Have been enjoying ways and means of integrating elements of practice layered onto key digital marketing concepts.  Should be a fun challenge!

PS - thoroughly enjoyed the Teachers Lounge Podcasts - some great contributions and well  managed interviewing.