HubSpot Academy is launching a new coding course!

Academy Team

HubSpot Academy is launching a new coding course! 


Who is it for?

It's designed for anyone passionate about learning how to code.


Why did we make it?

This course is an online version of a successful in-person workshop that two HubSpot employees launched in 2016 to help female computer science students prepare for software engineering job interviews.  


In 2016, they recognized that female computer science majors weren't making it as far in HubSpot's engineering interview process as male candidates because they often didn't have real projects that they'd built on their resumes. Considering only 18% of computer science grads are women, this was another challenge facing women starting engineering careers. So they asked themselves how HubSpot could help give them the skills they needed to be job-ready. That's how the in-person Web App Workshop came to be - read Zoe's blog post to learn more. Today, hundreds of women have taken the Web App Workshop in the US and Ireland, and have built working web apps as a result. 


Where can I find it?


What's Included in the Course?

This course combines instruction with hands-on building time to help students create a fully-featured web application. Students will learn the ins and outs of modern technologies like Github, Heroku, and node.js. Students will also practice styling their application, integrating external APIs, and setting up a database. Students will finish the course with a working application and the confidence and resources to keep building more.


What is a breakdown of what's provided in the course? 


Visit our breakdown here. 


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