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How can we support one another?

Hello to all of you in the Education Partnership Community,


What can I do to support your efforts in the classroom? What can HubSpot do?


Let me give you an example ... My students run a webpage and blog

We thought it was pretty good... until... we did some research.


One of our students was working on an honors project and wanted to get honest, unbiased opinions about what other folks thought of the webpage.

I reached out to @imoche who connected me with Randy Harrison from Emmerson University. Randy offered his students extra credit to review the webpage and complete the survey. OUCH!


Their honest opinions helped my students make some major changes to the user experience and content of the project. Thanks, Randy. 


If you have thoughts, ideas, challenges..., please share them here. Together, I'll bet we can find creative solutions.






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How can we support one another?


Thanks Paula. And thanks @imoche for connecting me and Paula. Sharing is indeed caring!


This is a great example of the collaborative spirit that innovative educators like you Paula bring to your students and to us. Funny. I did offer my students extra credit to respond to the survey like you said, but as we know, students like to make real contributions that can make a difference. I saw that they were excited to  help your students take a great idea and make it even better. Talk about an applied learning experience!

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How can we support one another?

@RandyEmerson I'm probably going to ask for help again next semester. We've made so many changes I'd love to hear more feedback!
Thanks for your help!


How can we support one another?

Hi Paula/Randy

Just wanted to say how much I’ve valued your contributions both in terms of the Teachers Lounge Podcast and on the community site.

I’ve put a little blog up relating to how I plan to implement HubSpot this coming semester and would love to share practice with you all.  Laura Munoz has also added a nice resource on Personas linked through the post