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[Guide] CRM You Don’t Need A PHD To Use: HubSpot for Education


CRM You Don’t Need A PHD To Use: HubSpot for Education



Scrap the spreadsheets



Your ticket to joyful journeys


You’re doing all you can to get more enrolments, better insight and a bigger bang for your marketing budget. Not to mention a happy, motivated team. But time-consuming tools are letting you down. How can you kick out complexity and take control of your comms?


This guide explores how CRM for education can transform each phase of your marketing activity and create a single source of truth for marketing, admissions and student services. You'll discover:


  • How to meet students where they are, with omni-channel, consumer-grade experiences
  • The role of a fit-for-purpose CRM in smoothing out inter-department handovers
  • The power of a single source of student truth from enquiry right through to alumni

Good CRM is good for marketers, good for student numbers – and great for student experience.



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