Favorite Certification?


Which Hubspot certification did you find most helpful? So far, I like Email Marketing best, but I know there are many I haven't done, so I'd love your thoughts on other good ones to try!

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Academy Team



So far, I really like the Social Media Certification.


It has helped me see how intentional and deliberate social media campaigns can be and I definitely respect and identify good social media campaigns a lot better than I used to! 

Inbound Professor

My favorite certification is the Marketing Software Cert. It provides a great foundation for learners on how to use the Marketing tools and how they're tied to the HubSpot CRM!

Inbound Professor
Inbound Professor

I love the HubSpot Marketing Software Certification. Not only does it do an excellent job of helping the learner navigate all the tools at their disposal, it helps them think about them in a strategic, impactful way.


And if I was a business or agency looking to ramp up my team, this certification in particular helps create Marketing Hub power users 🙂

Academy Team

I have always been a big fan of the Inbound Certification. I have renewed my Inbound certification a few times to date. While maybe not as novel a topic as it was 5 years ago, the certification has evolved as consumers and our industries have evolved. 


The flywheel lesson is a great introduction into thinking customer first with your business: https://app.hubspot.com/l/learning-center/tracks/24/292/1575

HubSpot Employee

Hello @rdohrman  ! My name's Abi, and I'm the Content Manager on HubSpot Academy. First of all, thank you or sharing your feedback on how much you enjoyed the Email Marketing Certification course. I'm so thrilled you found that course valuable. What was your key takeaway from it? 


As for the certification I would recommend, I always encourage everyone (in and outside of HubSpot) to take the Inbound Certification course. It's a wonderful way to build a strong foundation of general inbound business knowledge. Then you can build off that foundation with certifications that focus on a specific area. Some recommendations for the next two would be the Inbound Sales Certification course and the Inbound Marketing Certification course.  


I look forward to hearing what education you decide on next! 



Abi Donahue 

Content Manager, HubSpot Academy

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@rdohrman My favorite answer applies here. "It depends." It depends upon what your goal is. I love the content Certification for my Content Creation class. My students love the Social Media Certification because it adds to their resume for entry-level marketing jobs. The HubSpot Software Certification is a thorough look at managing digital campaigns. 

For web design, growth Driven Design is good. I haven't found a bad one. They each have a purpose. Good luck as you explore.


I like the Social Media certification, but ultimately, it depends on what the student would like to do. I'd encourage more than one.