ELEVATE: A Great Summer Opportunity for Students in Entrepreneurship/Start-ups

Academy Team
This summer, HubSpot for Startups and General Catalyst are co-launching a free, online, light-weight accelerator to help startups grow better globally. This initiative will also be open to students who have interacted in some way with professors enrolled in the Education Partner Program. 
We'll teach student-led startups how to better attract, engage, and delight customers, and raise capital from investors. Over ~4 weeks, these topics will:
  1. Be introduced by experts from HubSpot and General Catalyst in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience, and Fundraising via a Masterclass
  2. Be reinforced during a follow-up case study by a General Catalyst portfolio company such as Stripe and Gusto
  3. Culminate in a pitch event to compete for a ticket to Inbound and receive feedback from a small investor audience
We hope this will help the HubSpot community to grow better.
More on this here

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