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📽️ HubSpot Micro-Internship Program Webinar: Recording

On March 9th, we hosted an event breaking down the basics of HubSpot's Micro-Internship Program! 


What is it?
Through this program, any students based in the US can apply what they’ve learned in your class to complete real, paid HubSpot-related assignments for HubSpot Customers.

If you missed it, here is a recording  of yesterday's session. We cover what a Micro-Internship is and how your students can get started. 

So, what next?
-- To help your students get started, please share this site with them. You can use this copy to promote this to students.
-- If you'd like to connect with Kristin and Jeffrey directly to see how you can incorporate Micro-Internships into your course, you can book a meeting with them here.

We'd be happy to host a brief 10 minute session during your class to answer questions you or your students have about this program. Please reach out if you're interested.

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