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Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you in the coming months! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert
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The purpose of Arjuna and "the compass" is give to the MYPE of Latam a step by step process to their for transform their business to the twenty one century with metodologies like design sprint and inbound and tools like canva, HubSpot, Mural, Drive and more (al methodologies and tools existing, now together)...this purpose generated in context of foment and support only startups, because the support is centered in young people naturally digital...and aware

In Latam the problems are diferents and we consider need transform MYPEs for have more "potencial startups".

I am just a humble guy who has been working since I was 16 years old and managed to have the opportunity to be an business man, a micro-businessman and now as an entrepreneur I am outraged to realize how MYPE is treated and the sartup context, with all the GDP (PBI) and jobs that contribute.

Sorry for my english.

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Introducing myself, I'm James; a Soloprenur on the journey towards entrepreneur.


My background, an Executive Head Hunter passionate with Empowering Talent, and to Provide Talent Empowered.


My focus, predominantly Executive & Operational Board appointments throughout Consumer Services businesses, practising across the United Kingdom and Europe.


I have been recognised by the IIM (Institue of Interim Management) as one of the top industry-leading provider consultants (2018) and, as a finalist for IM Consultant of the Year (2019).


Now 2020, and at this critical juncture in a generation, I'm in the process of founding two businesses:, a knowledge centre to help Empower Talent. Furthermore, Frederick Austen; an Executive Interim, Search and Advisory firm to provide Talent Empowered


Hi! My name is Aysha and I own Alligator to Zebra inc.


We are a boutique pet-centric design studio in Edmonton Alberta. We specialize in creating brand stories, visual identities and print collateral to help pet businesses stop chasing their tail when it comes to design.

While we got our start in 2010 working with clients big and small all across Canada, Alligator to Zebra became a full-service design agency in the Spring of 2020.

After working with over 300+ business owners,

We’ve found our purpose helping petrepreneurs grow their businesses with, elegant, simplistic solutions.


Hi Everyone!

I'm really looking forward to learning about HubSpot and the ELEVATE program!

- Sue


Hi Sue, I Just wanted to say hi! 

Hi everyone, I'm Dana Todd Pope of Fearlessly Hue LLC. Good to meet you all...

Hi everybody,

I am so excited to get started on this journey with you. My name is Debbie Garcia, CMP and I am the founder for virsitour and SaaS platform that allows for a more immersive experience for event planners through virtual site tours. My industry lost a lot through COVID-19 but we all still want to book live events in the futur. This will allow for planners and properties to connect visually and hopefully jumpstart the meetings industry.


Hi There,


  greetings from Germany, I am the director of marketing at Veronym a Berlin based startup. We offer a managed Cyber Security Service based on market leading technology leaders in this space. Our target is the SME space, giving small and medium sized companies access to high end security solutions, fully managed. Veronym is easy, effectice and affordable.


looking forward to the next couple of weeks, learning and exchanging ideas.




Hi All,


My name is Sedale Turbovsky, CEO & Co-founder of OpenGrants. I am a serial entrepreneur, my past companies have all been GovTech and SaaS related. 


We are on a mission to connect early-stage, deep-technology startups to grant funding for research and development. We are super passionate about supporting founders and look forward to connecting with all of you!






 I did watch the attract on-demand masterclass. are the slides awailable and if yes where can I download them ?


Hi everyone! I hope you are all keeping well! My name is Claire McMullan from Northern Ireland. I am hoping to learn how to grow my tech business. It's good to meet you all!


HI Everyone introducing myself and our company new learning platform using experts in Hollywood in the film, tv, music, fashion and digital sectors launching July 1st. We have a partnership with the Young Artist Academy in Hollywood which was started by the Golden Globes.


Personal Background

Matt has had over 25 years’ experience in entertainment/music and technology sectors and has worked for Warner and Sony Music. He founded the augmented and virtual reality company Magnify World offering expert industry advice in AR/VR solutions and launched a series of global conferences showcasing the best AR/VR experiences from start-ups/entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 organizations. The summit is the largest conference of its kind in the Asia Pacific region attracting over 6,000 attendees with major brands and speakers from around the world. His work at Warner and Sony over 14 years saw him work with some of the largest acts in the world such as Madonna, RHCP, Jonny Cash, REM, Billy Joel, INXS and more.


Hi everyone, great to connect through this platform


Hi all, I am founder of Furaha, a beautytech platform that connects beauty service providers to customers.


Here to learn how to attract new customers to the brand.


Furaha is available here:

  • We are based in London
  • We connect beauty service providers to customers to save them time
  • Learn how to attract different customer segments
  • Cake an custard






I'm Nathan, the founder and CEO of HomeWerk


HomeWerk is a social club for remote teams with one aim; help employees make friends!


I'm really looking forward to learning more about everyone else's startups and working together towards launch. 

If you'd like to find out more or want to trial our platform - just let me know!


Hi everyone, excited to be here. My name is Sashen Naicker and I am the founder of spplitt. Check us out at

I am based in London. 

I hope to gain knowledge and advice regarding growing our user base from the Elevate sessions.

My fav dessert is chocolate mint ice-cream!


Hello everyone,


Hello Everyone,


My name is Owen, and I am the Founder & CEO of RepairNet is an online marketplace enabling consumers to get certified mechanics wherever they are, whenever they want. 


I look forward to learning more with the group. I would love to connect 




Hi fellow Entrepreneurs! I am a Strategy Designer with Future Proof.
We're a next generation strategy agency. A dynamic team of strategists and creatives who are committed to making organizations future proof and shine with relevant propositions and business models.
Looking forward to growing with you, together! 

My name is Tony Souris. I'm the founder of BisbeeBaby. 

BisbeeBaby is located in Phoenix, Arizona (current temperature 105F). 

BisbeeBaby is designing and developing smart baby products starting with a portable formula and milk warmer that goes with you where you need it. 

With the virus, we've had to change our marketing strategy. I hope to learn more from Elevate on different ways to tackle this issue. 

Favorite desert.. a warm cookie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream 🙂

Great to meet you paw-ll! How are you going to ELEVATE from this?? We hope to optimize our funneling approach to building our national waitlist of dog owners 🐾

Hello, all -


We're looking forward to participating in this event as a member of the 2020 Cohort!  Our team of Contributors has come together more than two years ago to create an idea factory. 


Anonymous, online, free-to-use web-based app to find the right lawyer for you?  Yep, we made  


Fully-biodegradable Truly Green Plastic made from cannabis plant waste?  Yes - we made that, too.  


Many more ideas on the way, as we continue to Dream, then DO - reach out and get in touch if you're also passionate about creating things!


Happy to meet you! 

SisuTerra Technologies here. We are super excited to be here!

Hey everyone, Trevor here.


I am leading growth at a platform that is making it easy for people to invest in their community. We are currently building out a robust content marketing strategy, and hopefully, through this accelerator will create a referral program that creates virality.


I look forward to learning more with the group! If you are in the social impact space, I would love to connect!


Lot's of hi from London! 

WLA - Save up this 2020.png


Hello Everyone,


I am Goutham working on a Productivity Tech startup OfficeFlow / One.App.


I look forward to meeting you all.


Hello Everyone, 


Very excited to particpate in the Elevate accelerator, I am looking forward to learning and growing GovLia. GovLia is a cloud-based software solution, we work with local governments to simplify the implementation of supplier diversity and local business preference initiatives to foster inclusive procurement.  I am ShaKeia Kegler, the founder and CEO of GovLia. I am also a Navy veteran, which is where my journey in government procurement began.  Lastly, I am looking forward to connecting with everyone in this course, learn about your solutions and figure out how we can support one another. Thanks again to the HubSpot team for putting this accelerator together!






SheKeia -


I would love to learn more. I have some experience in the local gov procurement space and want to hear your spin. Look forward to hearing more through this.




Hi Mob, 


Let's chat next week. Shoow me a email and we can shcedule some time ( I am also, looking forward to learning about VideoMagic!


Hi Everyone, 


I'm super excited to be apart of Elevate Accelerator, and I'm hoping to learn more, grow professionally, and connect with everyone. My name is Nyeesha D. Williams and I am the Owner of Serenity & Oasis. Serenity offers a wide range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help women personally+professionally grow. 


Looking forward to interactive during our Live Sessions. Enjoy your weekend!