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Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you in the coming months! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert
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Hey everyone!


I'm Mia Butler and I'm located in the UK - Northampton is my hometime and we are famous for shoes #funfact


My startup is Pistachio View and we are all about using video messages to make email more interesting. We've created an online platform to help create and send personalized video messages. We specialize in helping the hotel and hospitality sector


I'm here to learn. Becoming a business owner is a whole new ball game and I'm leveling up my skills every day. I'd like to focus on the future, including the exit strategy.


My fave dessert is my Mum's homemade apple pie, with heaps of cinnamon and ice cream! Yum. I will now crave this all week... 


Hi Everyone! 

Excited to participate in the Elevate Series!


My name is Susan Lambert, currently serving as the Chief Marketing Officer for Remington Family Distillers in Dripping Spring, Texas. 


You know how it is when your friends tell you over and over that something you make is so good you should sell it? That’s pretty much us.


Founded in Austin, Texas in 2014 by cousins Peter Knight Remington and Mark Remington Koelsch, Remington Family Distillers with a passion for superior quality spirits, Remington Family Distillers is the culmination of a whole bunch of paper work hoops to jump through and a desire to create and produce a premium liquors with you in mind.


Our company is predominately run by myself, ex IT consultant, and two CTO by day and Liquor industry by day/night/free time.


I hope to gain more expsoure to consumer good positioning while learning what others are doing as well.


My fave dessert.. Would be anything made with our core product.. Caffe Del Fuego.  Smiley Very Happy


Hello Everyone,


My name is Islam Kalouda, I am based in the DC metro area and my Co-founder is in Detroit. We are launching Farmacy Food in Detroit, it's a tech-enabled healthy community casual restaurant that takes the “Let thy food be thy medicine” quote quite literally and creates tasty meals around peoples’ dietary needs. We allow customers to submit test results, from hospitals or selected 3rd party vendors, that share their vitamin/nutritional deficiencies, which we use to construct meals that help support their health and overall well-being.


My friend and Co-founder graduated with a business degree but I on the other hand am in healthcare with a Physical Therapy degree. I am looking to improve my knowledge in business and creating a start up.


My favorite dessert is tough to choose because as my wife states, I'm a human garbage disposal. I can count what I hate more easily than what I love. 


Hi everyone!


I'm Althea Jones, founder of Womb & Wellness, a maternity services marketplace that connects pregnant and postpartum people with vetted providers. I'm from Toronto, Canada and I'm excited to learn strategies to get the traction needed to make a significant impact on maternal health. 


If cotton candy doesn't count as a dessert then it's a toss up between funnel cake and apple pie (depends on the day).


Nice to meet you all!


Hi Everyone!


I am Uzo and I live in Calgary, Canada. My startup is and it's currently in the test phase. It's a networking platform dedicated to empowering and connecting local African immigrant communities.


I want to learn what the right path is for me to be able to scale the platform, attract the targetted audience, partners, and investors.


I love pineapples and chocolate cake...I really do, BUT not together.


Really looking forward to making this a productive use of my time.



Hi, I'm Navjot Sandhu from New Jersey!


I'm starting up a consulting and product development firm for IoT and related products and services development in the smart city industry.  It will be a one stop shop for information and consulting related to developing products and businesses utilizing the latest technologies and strategies.


I hope to learn how to use the ELEVATE platform to build a sustainable and management consulting business using latest techniques and information from experts.  


my favorite dessert is: chocolate mousse


Hello everyone! 👋


I'm Melissa and I'm joining ELEVATE from Melbourne, Australia. I'm hoping to get clearer on my business' growth strategy in the lead up to the launch of an important new service.


I run a business design company ( / that creates competitive advantage using a unique process. I'm about to release a new service 'Futurist Lab' that will be a library of unique business concepts that are purchase-able. Every concept comes with the unique idea and business model fully articulated based on my methodology and also includes a pre-made brand identity based on the positioning strategy. In phase 2 of the release, other creators will be able to apply to submit their own ideas for inclusion on the platform.


My favourite dessert is any kind of hot fresh pie 😋


Hi Milissa, I Great business concept, and I have to reach out to a fellow pie lover!


Great to meet you paw-ll! How do you plan to ELEVATE from this??

This is Alex, CEO and founder of the BarkGrr LLC furmily in California. 

We are a mobile app for dog owners and their dogs - think Tinder meets Chewy!

We hope to optimize our funneling approach to building our national waitlist of dog owners 🐾



Nice to see another pettech business here,

I own a design agency designed for petrepranuers specifically 🙂
It's such an interesting market.

Hello, Alligator! 😉

Nice to hear from you, would love to connect pack to pack and hear more 🐾


Hey everyone! I'm Adi from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. I'm currently working on a startup called Evntor. Evntor is a one-stop online event solution that helps event organizers from ideation to wrap-up while making planning and organizing events faster, cheaper, easier, and more fun! I'm enrolled in Elevate and two other accelerators where I'm at currently. I'm hoping to generate market traction within two months to qualify for funding and start to grow out beyond the MVP.


Well, about my favorite dessert, that's a hard one. I guess I'd say melted Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream to make a milkshake. 


Hello Adi, 


Welcome. I am also in the event management space. Are you talking about event management site, such as Eventbrite? 







Hi everyone, 


Let me say hi on behalf of ICM Hub. We provide conversational AI for airlines. 


Looking forward to this. 




Hey all. I am Vinish Garg, from Chandigarh. I am working on 'Share your narrative' that helps us share our work story for the major arc on our hero's journey. 


I am a brand storyteller working on the product narrative for global product teams for 10+ years. 


My primary goal in joining ELEVATE is to validate my idea for the critical mass. 

I look forward to interacting with you all.





Hi All,

           I am Arun Kumar, from MinoriLabs. I help MinoriLabs deliver value for its customers using the power of digitally enabled revenue generation support. We are harnessing Machine Learning and Data Analytics for driving awareness and demand generation for our customers.

Through this initiative, I would like to see how we can use automation platforms to communicate our proposition to our customers effectively.

I look forward to meeting you all soon.



Arun Kumar.


Hi amazing community,


My name is Zakaria Jaiathe. I am head of a successful mixed reality startup in Berlin, Germany.

We empower brands to engage with their customers through mixed reality experiences.
Check out what we do here:

Have a great week!


Hello Everybody,

My name is Maher CHAKROUN from Tunisia. I'am the CEO and digital Project manager at Optimalogistic SA. We optimize the delivery cost for transport companies and their clients through digital and machine learning. 

We offer an online platform that match offers and demands of delivery needs where we reduce empty space on trucks cargo.

We are excited to join this amazing community and get new ideas about growth strategy and fundraising. 

My prefered dessert is watermelon. 




Promise co Founder at Prodevel

Based in London

Furaha is a beautytech start up that connects customers and businesses.

Align our communications strategy to stay consistent and attract new business

Cake and Custard (Golden Custard)   😻.


Hi everyone, I'm Sam, founder of a new adventure travel company called Echio, based in London, UK. My aim is to make expeditions and adventure challenges accessible for busy professionals. 

I'm looking to learn and grow in the startup process, meet cool new people who I might be able to support in some way, and discover some possible synergies with other startups! 


Aloha I am Jalene Kanani, founder of NOHO HOME.
NOHO HOME is a sophisticated island experience cultivated through artful home decor. 
We are a Native Hawaiian, women owned and opperated company localed in Kapolei, Hawaii.
I am looking to scale our eCommerce business and hope to develop an actionable marketing plan. 
Look forward to connecting! Until then I'll be wolfing down some Roselani Haupia Sorbet,
IG @JaleneKanani @nohohome

Hi everyone, 


I'm Nathan, the CEO and Founder of HomeWerk


I live and work in London 🇬🇧


HomeWerk is a social club for remote teams. Our aim is to help employees make friends, reduce burnout and curb feelings of isolation 🥰


I'm really excited to be a part of ELEVATE and have the opportunity to be exposed to a wealth of knowledge from so many talented and proven individuals. I have no doubt that this will give me a great platform of knowledge and experience to launch from 🚀


And favourite dessert, without any doubt, is coffee ice cream 🍨

Looking forward to being a part of this journey with you all ✌️


Hi Nathan,


Love your product, it must be a really exciting time in your sector currently. Looking forward to perhaps speaking with you in the future!




Thanks Sam! 

No doubt people are itching to get out whenever they can so your product looks well suited! Have you got a website yet? Would be cool to check it out. 



Hi Everyone,

I'm Job E, from the Philippines, I'm a HS Administrator and very excited to level up my skills with this platform and meet our business goals.  

My fav dessert is peach Yogurt

Stay Safe!


Hello to my fellow Pinoy!


Glad to meet you here. Feel free to message me. 



Hi Marlon,

Nice meeting you likewise.

Thank you for the vote.




I am Ruben Lozano, CMO at Flanks and a Remote Freelancer a few hours a week for startups like Holded (previously Deliverea and Upscored).


I am based in Barcelona, but I work remotely. Flanks and Holded are based in Barcelona but we operate all across Europe.


I hope to get actionable ideas to execute, a huge knowledge about marketing and connect with marketers.


My favourite dessert? Crema Catalana. I love it.


To connect with me:







Hi Guys, 


My name is David Rice.  Please connect on linkedin:


Snap Analytics are a Data Analytics Consultancy based in Bristol in the UK, but serving customers globally.  We help companies identify how data can help them achieve their goals and build solutions to enable them to achieve success.  With 75% of people reportedly feeling overwhelmed when using data, our vision is to create 'A world where data makes sense!'.


We'd like to learn more about how to get the right peoples attention in this competitive world and drive growth in our own business!


My favourite dessert has to be chocolate brownie!







My name is Edward Sullivan located just outside of Philadelphia, PA and I'm the Founder and CEO of Trust Exchange. (   We are a sort of social network for businesses where we enable them to connect, collaborate and exchange mission critical business information.  We have focused primarily on highly regulated industries (banking, healthcare, pharma) but think there is wider applicaibility.


I've been a fan of HubSpot for several years and hope to apply their core principals to grow our customerbase, position ourselves as a thoughtleader and engage on a wider scale.


Favorite dessert:  Key Lime Pie