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Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you in the coming months! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert
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Acabo de calendizar una demonstracion por tu sitio de web!


I'll change to English here.    I'd be curious in the demo to see if one's impact also takes into account sales of zero emission products and the impact that has on our planet and not just what emissions does our company make in our operations.  The biggest negative impact we have is that we have to fly to Europe to pick up sailboats that we sail back to the United States.  I wish there was a way to get across the Atlantic in a more sustainable way.  




Hi Everyone, 


I'm Sarah Burnett, the Customer Success VP of Flourish a startup in Annapolis, MD.  We're a subscription based platform that matches volunteers to opportunities based on their passions, skills and schedule by using the latest in matching technology.  We want to come alongside of volunteer based organizations and help them think more strategically about volunteerism. 


I'm hoping to get some new growth ideas from ELEVATE!  Non-profits are typically out there taking on the world, and often don't have as much time to on-board volunteers.  We really want to help automate the systems and processes as much as possible so they feel like it's a breeze.   We are working on on-boarding customers to test the platform and I am hoping to learn more about launch and growth strategies. 


My favorite dessert frozen yogurt (cookies and cream) with heath bar topping. 🙂


Looking forward to this!



Hi Sarah, 


I'm a non-profit that has almost no on-boarding strategy - Your business sounds too good to be true. Tell me more? 


Hi everybody!

I'm Chelsea Regan, the Senior Client Services Manager with ROAR for Good. As with my company, I am born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.

ROAR for Good is a woman-led and mission-driven technology company dedicated to creating safer workplaces. Founded in 2014, ROAR for Good developed and sold wearable safety devices directly to consumers. In 2019, we incorporated this device into our self developed staff safety platform, exclusively marketed to the hospitality industry. In response to COVID-19, we have recently expanded our system's capabilities to serve within the medical industry as a wireless call system for patient and staff use.

With ELEVATE, I hoping to develop actionable goals and tactics while entering new markets.

My favorite dessert would be Philadelphia cheesecake!


I think it's a great initiative, I know the world of hotels very closely, I even worked in one (that's another story), I really like your project!


Hi everybody,


My name is Juan Carlos Tafur-Mejia. I'm located in Gainesville, FL, and I'm the CEO and Creative Director of Innova Leaf Creative Solutions.


Innova Leaf Creative Solutions is a Gainesville, Florida based creative agency, offering professional animated video content, promotional video solutions, and different video production services. We specialize in producing Animated Explainer Videos and Promotional Marketing Videos aimed at describing your product or service in a way that will bring your business to a broader audience helping your clients to take action.


I hope to get from the ELEVATE the Growth Accelerator a better sense and better marketing ideas to help my company go for the next level. I'm looking forward to learning a better way to approach clients and educate them to create the need for their business.


My favorite dessert is Cheesecake with strawberry sauce on top.


Pleasure meeting you all, and I look forward to starting soon.


Thank you.


Hi Juan, 


If you have any room for pro-bono work for non-profits - please let me know! We really need engaging video content! 






Thank you for reaching out and connecting through this nice event. At this moment, we are not able to provide any pro-bono work. However, we can still work with your organization adjusting the project to meet your budget and be able to reach your desire goals.


Let me know if that would be something that you would like to discuss in a zoom meeting.


Thank you again.


Juan Carlos.


Hello all!


I’m excited to be joining you on the ELEVATE Experience - I have really enjoyed reading about all of your startups!


I’m Edita (LinkedIn) and I founded based in London, UK. We run a platform to provide one-to-one online tuition that raises students’ grades through delivering personalised lessons informed by the school curriculum.


I am hoping to get new ideas on accelerating growth as well as having the opportunity to engage with all of you.


My favourite dessert is Apple Crumble.


Very much looking forward to being a part of this!


Hi folks!
My name is Vasiliy Kotylevskiy, I'm the founder of - an online ship chartering marketplace.    Think of us as the matching service of the seas, helping connect ship owners and cargo owners online.

Our HQ is in New York, while I’m locked down in Russia. My main challenge is to keep our users happy and connected 24/7 all around the globe.

I’m crazy about ice-cream with fresh strawberry.


wow! that is very good! Is it a great project, I like it, is it only located in the UK?


Hello! I'm Candi, the heart and brains behind Right Hearted Weddings.


We're like Tinder or Bumble, but for weddings. Our app matches engaged couples with wedding professionals that fit their style, budget, and location. 


I'm based in Reno, NV and just finished a 1 year incubator program with StartUpNV. Our platform launched in January and now we're ready to expand into new cities. I'm looking forward to learning new growth strategies, specifically for two sided marketplaces. 


My favorite dessert is Ben & Jerry's "The Tonight Dough" ice cream. 


Hi Everyone!


My name is Philip Smith, I am a Group Sales & Marketing Director based in Dublin, Ireland. I work at a group of private colleges and I am passionate about education and entrepreneurship.


My startup is called Priorise and it is currently in the development stage. I hope to offer a platform connecting business owners and people looking to get experience to fuel their careers in sales and marketing.


I hope to develop my skills in entrepreneurship and be able to better secure funding for my startup.


My favourite dessert has to be chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream!


Hello everyone!


Wow what a list.


My name is Barbara Johnson based in London. 


I am COO / CMO of - AI as a Service platform that automates the creation and deployment / hosting of AI / Ml models.  Essentially we take the pain out of creating AI models so you can get to an AI solution quickly. 


We do a little of everything to gain business so I am hoping to learn from the programme and others here what B2B sales tactics have worked best and scale those fast!


Dessert - hard to choose but Tiramasu is a favourite.


Speak soon! 


Nice project Barbara! I'm also very much in the AI / ML areas..


Hi, my name is Priscila Vaz. I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My startup is called Nextale. Nextale has created a digital book format that offers an immersive reading experience. Our format, the nexbook, has been developed to be 100% digital, integrating technology with soundtracks and visual effects that invite the reader to the fiction stories and stimulate a more playful and immersive reading, facilitating learning. The nexbook is fun, attractive and charming. It increases concentration and stimulates the imagination.


I hope ELEVATE help us to understand better ways to reach my audience.


My favorite dessert is pudim!


Olá! Downloaded and installed to test 😉  Sound greats!


Hi Everyone,


I am Festus Adeboye by name, the founder of Followedit. A SaaS platform for personalised and business calendar for booking appointments, CRM and payment solution via integration.

Located in the London, United Kingdom. Hoping to get more insight on inbound marketing and improving customer satisfaction.


Favorite dessert is lemon cheesecake.


Hi Everyone,


Chyna here, Co-founder of DeFiner. DeFiner is a decentralized finance innovator headquarters in Minneapolis. We are a true peer-to-peer network for digital savings, loans, and payments


We are hoping to improve our sales and marketing skill through ELEVATE. 

Favorite dessert is chocolate lava cake. :smileywink:




Hey folks, I'm Dave Blake, Founder/CEO of ClientSuccess. We're a leading customer success platform for B2B SaaS companies. I'm based in Utah (aka "Silicon Slopes"). I'm excited to learn from the thought leaders presenting each concept and also from all of you. Plus, I'm here to contribute where I can so if you have any customer success related questions, let me know. Favorite dessert - Peach Cobbler.



I'm Kawtar ,I'm a CEO of a digital marketing and web solutions agency based in Morocco .
Looking to learn more about marketing and to develop our sales strategy.
My favorite dessert is ice cream


Hello everyone,


My name is Binh Le, currently living in Nice, France.

I am building, an audio platform for news and books. It's pretty new and we are adding more features for content creators.


I am hoping to learn how to grow my product effectively and sustainably; and of course, to connect with all you guys, who share the same interest of growth ^^


My fav dessert is a salted dry apricot. It is a kind of traditional Vietnamese snack but I always eat after meals 😛 You should definitely try if you come to Vietnam.






I’m Alois Monger (, currently in Detroit, MI, though our startup Zili is located in Greater Miami, FL. Zili is a beautytech company building a beauty & haircare community (social marketplace), with goal of democratizing beauty, offering AI-powered curated recommendations (products and regimens), along with a collaborative shopping experience allowing selling/buying/trading of products. (Available in Apple's App Store:


I hope from ELEVATE I can get growth hacking/strategies to aid customer acquisition of both sides of the marketplace, as well as product commercialization. 


Favorite dessert is fruit bowl, three favorite fruits are banana, grapes and mangoes.


W: A: ziliz app 

Hello 👋🏾,

My name is Lance Troh. I am a sneaker enthusiast and founder of Ownkicks, an online marketplace to buy and sell remotely authenticated sneakers.

I am based in Connecticut and what I hope to get out of ELEVATE is to elevate my startup. I don’t think I have a favorite dessert but will say any cream pie related.

Hi everybody!


I'm Brian Sparr, the CEO/Founder of Third Floor Technology, a B2B SaaS startup based in the Raleigh, NC metro.  We provide a sales enablement solution that is currently focused on the mortgage and real estate industries.


We joined ELEVATE with the hope of:

  1. connecting with others facing similar issues at a similar stage in their company's life
  2. improving our content marketing strategy
  3. improving the way we build out our team and grow


My favorite dessert is a glass of red wine with anything chocolate.


Eduardo from Escaper, born and raised in Brazil (the startup too)! We are an exclusive last-minute booking app, first of its kind in our market.
Let's grow inbound marketing techniques.
As long is a dessert is my favorite! 😎


Hi Guys,


I am Rohit D, founder of Cerekon, and based out of the little red dot in Singapore. 

Our start-up is focussed on industrial inspections using AI and wearable technology, to make the day-to-day lives of field personnel safer and faster.

I am very excited to be here and look forward to the Elevate accelerator .


As we work on our customer engagement strategy, digital and inbound marketing is key .

I would like to know how we can speed up the customer acquisition cycle, increase promotion and learn from the mentors and past experiences of others at Elevate.


Having a sweet tooth it's difficult to choose, but probably my top 2 favourite desserts would be 'Gulab Jamun' and   'Tiramisu'. 


Gulab Jamun | Perfect Soft & Spongy Gulab Jamun Recipe - Punam Paul

Gulab Jamun 

 Irresistible Tiramisu with Lots of Tips






Hello All and Carl,


My name is Manjunath Subbaiah, Founder at Opinionplus Inc (, a startup company focusing on enabling patients to seek second opinion from expert physicians in USA. Our product can be accessed on the web via desktop application or on the mobile using an app. We are located in Brentwood, Tennessee. We have bootstrapped so far with self, family and friends, and also sweat equities. We are at a stage where product is in the market but looking to expand through new investments.


With ELEVATE, I am looking forward to learning more about funding opportunities and networking with fellow entrepreners.


Vanilla icecream is my all time favorite, just simple and plain.


Wish you all the best!!!





Hi everyone, 


I'm Emma, I'm Australian but living and working in Dubai, UAE. 


I'm the Founder of Ethical Republic, a for-purpose agency that specialises in the design and implementation of grants programs and other creative funding tools for social and environmental impact. 


I hope to learn more about in-bound marketing and how to manage the process of lead generation through to sales.


My favourite dessert is a toss up between chocolate fondant, creme brulee and cheesecake!






Glad to connect with you. I liked how you are connecting to the social value and benchmarking against competition. Story telling by connecting to the emotions of people will definitely attract more and more participation.


Looking forward to learning more. Best wishes