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Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you in the coming months! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert
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Hi Lewis,

I just wanna say that we work with Nigerian and Kenyan clients and it is a pure pleasure. 



Hi Victoria,


Would love to have a chat and here what you do. 🙂 


Hi, Lewis, 


I adore Kenya! Love people, atmosphere, and business environment in Nairobi. We serve our floating ads to Safaricom, Coca-Cola, KCB, just to name a few brands. I would be happy to connect with you here and on Linkedin: You are more than welcome!




Hey Natalia 👋


Thank you for the kind words. I have reached out to you on LinkedIn. 😊


Hi everybody,

I am Yusuf, co-founder and CEO of Recruitment Smart, based in London.   We automate recruitment processes (candidate sourcing, screening and engagement) for large enterprises globally.


We have done lots of email based marketing and SEO based inbound lead gen activities so far.  Operating in the B2B space has created a lot of challenges around the predictability of our pipeline.


Hence I am looking for ideas on accelerating growth and improving the accuracy of our forecasting.


My favourite desert is "gulab jamun"


I could google it but please do share....what is "gulab jamun"?


Gulab Jamuns are an indian dessert, made primarily with powered milk and rose water.


Hey Yusuf


Good to know you.    We love "Gulab Jamun" 






Hello everyone!


I’m Ilham an upcoming graduate in Aerospace engineering at Bristol University in the UK and I’m on a mission to helping universities go digital by enhancing learning through conversational technology with my startup E2E. Super happy to be part of this accelerator and looking forward to hearing more about other startups. I am excited to starting the programme this summer and be learning how to create a playbook tailored to the needs of our users at E2E. 

At E2E the value we bring to our users is at the core of all our decisions. So it's perfect that ELEVATE has customised each lesson to be aligned with a stage of the customer and user lifecycle journey: Attract, Engage, and Delight.


My favourite dessert would have to be tiramisu or sticky toffee pudding. Smiley Happy


You can find me on LinkedIn:



Hi everyone, my name is Dina and I'm the COO at Trexo Robotics. We're located in Toronto, Canada.


At Trexo, we're building the first exoskeleton designed for children with disabilities. Our devices help children walk so they can live healthier and in turn happier lives. 


Since launching our product just over a year ago, we have had some pretty awesome growth but I am not finding we're starting to plateau a bit. Hoping ELEVATE will help inject some new ideas and help us automate our growth tactics moving forward. 


I'm not a big dessert person but I do love chocolate. 




Dina, hi, wonderful and meaningful project you are working on. Nice to e-meet you. 




Wow! It sounds like amazing work! I wish you all the success! 




Hi everyone!


My name's Thomas and I'm the head of bizdev at a legal tech startup in Toronto, Canada. Our company supports entrepreneurs and growing startups with annotated contract templates, learning materials and negotiation training workshops.


Hoping to learn some new growth marketing processes I can put into practice, as well as meet the community and build my network 🙂


As lame as it is my favourite dessert is frozen mango! No idea why!




Hello Thomas,


Im Marlon from the Philippines. I hope we can collaborate using your tech in our legal tech startup.






Super excited to join ELEVATE! I'm Katie, I run a small social enterprise called Abridge Academy which aims to "bridge East and West through education". We aim to improve cultural relations, promote language learning and inspire the next generation of UK teachers through our international cultural exchange and teaching programs. 


I'm based in Southampton, in the south of the UK, but spend a fair bit of time visiting our program partners in and around China. I'm hoping to learn some top tips on how to really accelerate our growth as a start-up, since from July I will be leaving my full time job to focus solely on business development. Really excited to get started!


Hi everyone, my name is Lucas.


I am the COO & Co-founder at Otrafy, a Minnesota based company that helps quality assurance professionals of F&B companies to automate vendor documentation collection and management.


Before COVID we had a B2B sales strategy that was largely dependent on tradeshows, dinners, and shaking hands. I am now working with the team on creating a new world marketing strategy focused on online interactions. I hope this program will help me with it.


Favorite desserts are from Brazil, if you ever go down there here are two names for the bucket list: quindim and Paçoca.




Hello everyone.


My name is Angela and I am the founder of Exploryst in Denver, CO.


Exploryst is a travel platform for people with physical disabilities and other mobility considerations to find appropriate activities, tours, and adventures based on their specific mobility levels.


I am looking to become more knowledgable on sales, fundraising & startup growth strategy.


I am a big fan of tiramisu.


Hi there!

I'm Christen, based in London, England, and I'm the co-founder of My Lifeline - a CBD cold brew coffee brand.  Follow us on Instagram @mylifelineuk 🙂


Both cold brew and CBD are relatively new trends in the UK - which makes it interesting!


I'm registering for SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme - to raise funds from angel investors) and looking to expand the number of retailers I sell through, as well as looking to build an exceptional customer experience, and I'm hoping the accelerator will help with that.


Favourite dessert is chocolate fondant!


Hey everyone, my name is Greg and I'm one of the co-founders of a direct mail automation startup called Local Butter. We make it easy for local businesses to acquire new customers by leveraging technology to enhance the efficiency, measurability and tracking of deeply personalized offline marketing campaigns.


Really thankful that the ELEVATE opportunity came around when it did, looking forward to  see what's in store for us! Thank you Carl & Hubspot!


Hi everyone! 

I'm Tisha Hulburd, living in sunny South Florida but also spend some time in Buffalo, NY with family. A few months ago I offered to help out some long time friends of mine with their start-up, CityFront Innovations in the Dallas, TX area, and got sucked in! 


I have used Hubspot for a few years in other positions and am an evangelist; looking to get more tips and especially learn more about fundraising. 


It just seems unfair to ask me to pick only one favorite dessert...going to go with...bread pudding topped with ice cream and chocolate AND caramel sauce (see what I did there??).


Look forward to getting to know all of you!



Hey everyone,

Very excited to go on this journey with you.

  • I am Orlagh, and I am co founder of Video House with my husband
  • We are based in Dublin, Ireland and a small base in London to cover the UK.
  • Video House is our start up. We are a digital video partner to corporate, construction and property industry. 
  • My hope to get out of ELEVATE is inspiration and direction on sales strategy, developing a sales channel how to monitor, follow up and secure sales. 
  • Strawberry & Chocolate Gelato 🙂

Hi guys! My name is Alain Buffing. I'm currently serving as Chief Commercial Officer at, a Amsterdam based start-up that enables Target Account Selling for SaaS companies. Our software turns your website into your biggest revenue channel, by personalizing website customisations for each unique visitor. . 🎯

As we are a five person team and I am the only one responsible for growth, sometimes feel that the success of Unless depends on my ability to wear all the multiple hats needed to keep the wheels of our business turning. At times, the dizzying pace needed to be both the Growth Hacker, Sales Leader, Content Specialist and BDR can feel overwhelming.  So hopefully this course will help us to get more structure to attract more visitors, convert more leads, and service our customer better! 

Next to technology sales I am highly interested in volunteering, running, bio hacking, good wine and travelling on my motorbike. My favorite dessert is a matcha infused cinnamon, banana, peanut butter protein shake! 🥤+ 🍵🌟


Hi, I am Kerry Baldwin, the co-founder of LendAmi located in Florida.


LendAmi is a platform that allows person-to-person trracking of personal loans between family and friends.


Because the digital space changes so rapidly, hoping to learn current strategies and techniques for marketing a small startup.


My favorite dessert is Irish coffee.


@cpieri thank you, man! great to connect with you as well.  Grateful to be here and thank you for your guidance during the program. 🙏🏾👊🏾


Hey new friends! 👋🏾


My name is Miles J. Varghese (Linkedin) and I'm a proud Indian-American. (ps, #BLM. ✊🏾)


My startup and myself is located in sunny Miami, Florida, which is definitely on the come up overall as a tech scene and also in shipping and logistics tech given it's the gateway of the Americas. #miamitech 💻🌴


The startup itself is - a freight collaboration and communication platform built to help independent, small to medium-sized, freight forwarders/brokers better collaborate and stay in-sync with their customers. 📦


I look to build meaningful, long-term relationships that will help drive awareness, generate demand, and if I'm fortunate enough, secure investment from one or both of the sponsors.  


Favorite dessert = Chocolate Cake.  (if I had to choose! I love all chocolate, really.)


Hi everyone!

I'm Mijael Feldman, CEO and Founder at Übank, a b2b startup based in Mexico City. We help people reach their financial goals through our white labeled API, which we sell to banks and financial institutions to help them engage their customers, increase deposits and digital adoption.


I hope i can improve my content marketing strategy and get new ideas on how to better reach our customers.


My favorite dessert is carrot cake and a nice cheeseburger donut.


Mijael, hi


Super cool what you are doing.

Our company SpinCommerce has most of its customers in Mexico and Chile.

We are an onlines Sales solutions for companies looking to sell their products online.


The lack of access to banking is quite an issue in Latam.


Nice to meet you!



Hi guys!


I'm Matthieu THOMAS, CEO & co-founder of Seekoya.

We're based in Lyon (France 🇫🇷).


We've produced : 


- Seekoya'Cards : our micro-learning platform + a web & mobile app, to help trainers share their knowledge in 3 to 5 minutes.


- Seekoya'Map : THE digital's cartography to perfect your vision of this huge & complexe digital world. We also want to help companies and freelancers to spend 5x less time creating effective strategies with ours tools!


I'm there to discover everyone's experience & insights from ELEVATE! But also to learn how to grow and adapt our business outside of 🇫🇷  That's why we need to perfect our growth strategy there thanks to you guys 🙏 !


Favorite dessert: a lemon meringue pie



Member | Partner
  • Rob Scott, CEO and Founder of Spark Growth Strategies
  • Denver, CO (I live in Franktown, CO at about 6,600ft. elevation)
  • We help small businesses to Ignite their Sales Growth.
  • Hoping to meet some great people on the entrepreneurial journey and learn as much as possible
  • Favorite dessert would have to be tiramasu

Hi everyone,


Thank you for your introductions that made me hungry.

  • Your name: I'm Cali
  • Where you are located: French-born based in Los Angeles, CA
  • What your startup is: I started a publishing house for children’s books
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE: Join a community of entrepreneurs 
  • Your favorite dessert:2000 Feuilles, pâtisserie. Millefeuille avec praliné | Pierre ...

Very cool! I'm also in LA and working in media. Let's connect on LinkedIn.