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Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you in the coming months! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert
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Hi Charmayne- that's a great way to use HubSpot 🙂

If you've ever got any questions about how to use the CRM or anything, please feel free to reach out - here's my LinkedIn:


I'm in Dublin and run the Dublin HUG (HubSpot User Group) - you're welcome to attend if we ever get up and running again in real life!


Hi Everyone, 


I know I'm late to the party, hopefully only fashionably late! My name is Alia Osseiran. During quartine, I'm sheltering between my place in Boston and the woods of New Hampshire. I hope you will all take a peek at my Non-profit startup, I am a current dental student - full-time virtual 😛 


However, in the final couple weeks of ELEVATE - it will be my only class! I love the Hubspot templates that make drafting up marketing material easy. I hope ELEVATE helps me create a lot of the company's foundation. 


Current favorite dessert: 
Ben & Jerry's PB and Cookies - straight from the pint 

(Also its non-dairy, non-GMO, fairtrade, vegan and made with responsibly sourced packaging.) 


Jon Cowley and we're based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Our startup is - my background is in the feature film VFX industry making all of the digital, behind-the-scenes magic. We have taken inspiration from some of the workflows and technology in this exciting industry and have applied them to.... finance.


Control your excitement.


whatifi is a highly visual, formula and spreadsheet-free, financial scenario builder. Our if-this-then-that logic allows consultants, advisors, and individuals to visually map out multiple, complex financial scenarios and then calculate the best path through the results. Think Excel meets any kind of mind-mapping like interface that you might be familiar with.


The goal of our time with Elevate is to up our customer acquisition game. We are outsiders in finance and decision-making and need to lean into building, tracking, and maintaining connections in this new, foreign space.


Zesty Cheese Doritos. Does that count?


Hi guys,


My name is Darragh and I'm a co-founder of EverTribe. Based out of Dublin, Ireland, we are a Point Solution tool for organisations to better book and manage their events, team building days and experiences, ultimately making it easier for them to improve staff morale and company culture.


We have another company in the B2C event technology space but this new venture is in the B2B space so we are hoping Elevate will help us get a better idea of how to target business clients and manage the sales process.


I'll never say no to a warm brownie and ice-cream 😛


Look forward to connecting with some of you!


Hi Darragh,

We are from Dublin as well (Unigamer). 

I have heard of EverTribe several times already, very cool project. Welcome to ELEVATE.



Hi Francieli,

Nice to e-meet you!

Your site looks great 🙂

Warm regards,



Hi everyone,


My name is Shane and I am the CTO and co-founder of a start up based in Dublin, called Evertribe.


Evertribe is an event focussed employee engagment platform. It allows companies big and small to easily book and manage employee events, track engagement and reward & incentivise strong workplace engagement.


Myself and my business partner also run another b2c company in the events space, and have built a platform with a solid customer base. This new company is an evelution of that business.


From Elevate I hope to get an better grasp of my weak areas such as sales and marketing. And to gain an understanding of customer pychology in terms of website / platform engagment.


Favourite desert is carrot cake.


Hi Guys, 


I'm Ross Good & I'm delighted to be here and part of Elevate.


I'm Co-Founder of Booky Wooky Ltd.


Booky Wooky is a 100% personalised board book creation site which allows anyone with a child in their life create a bespoke board book from cover to cover exactly as they like. 


My main gig is a (very busy) Full Time Stay at Home Dad based in Dublin, Ireland. I gave up my sales job 4 years ago after needing 4 stents inserted into my heart at age 37 when I decided to raise our 2 daughters. [I blog about it as 'The Stented Papa' for anyone interested!]


I want Elevate to get me moving. To grow, attract & keep new customers. To give me the tools and framework to create killer content that provides value. To grasp how Hubspot's CRM can assist me along the journey to generate new sales.


Banoffee Pie all the way. Glass of wine. Jackpot.


Cheers folks,



BTW - I'm happy to follow back for any new likes/follow etc on social... Smiley Very Happy 

You'll find me at... 

@bookywooky_ie on Insta & Twitter. @bookywookyboardbooks on FB.

@thestentedpapa on Insta, Twitter & FB.




My name is Imran Haider. I am the co-founder and COO of Comiere Health. Comiere Health is a teleradiology company. We provide teleradiology services to imagining centers and physician. We based in Chicago.

@cpieri wrote:

Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you in the coming months! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert

@cpieri wrote:

Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you in the coming months! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert




Hi everyone! I'm Yvonne and I'm from Singapore!


My startup is Noodle Factory - no, we do not sell noodles Smiley Very Happy we are a conversational AI (chatbot!) platform. We are big fans of Hubspot, and hope to learn how to reach out to potential customers from the ELEVATE program. 


My favourite dessert is a glass of port hehe.


Hi Everybody, 


My name is Vanessa  am currently working on Don Maslow Coffee. A coffee retailer seeking to reduce the carbon footprint of the coffee industry and protect the rainforest. To further prove my commitment to finding a more sustainable and efficient way to conduct business I am about to start my Post Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business at the University of Cambridge. 


Hi all, I am Vaclav CBDO of SmartGuide - Prague (Czech Republic) based travel tech startup.


SmartGuide turns every phone into a personal travel guide. Our B2B2C platform provides tourist attractions and local guides with the easiest way to digitize and monetize their content. We publish it in  SmartGuide, an interactive mobile app that uses geolocation, audio and Augmented Reality to guide travelers like a real tour  guide. SmartGuide provides more engaging and convenient tour-guiding experience to travelers than traditional guides and revolutionizes the way people experience new places, cultures and traditions during their travels. SmartGuide is  the Lonely Planet of the 21st century!


Today we have guides for over 400 destinations. We serve as the official online guide for destinations from the city of Prague to Harvard all the way to the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. 

We have B2B travel partners that offer SmartGuide as an add-on to their own bus, train, flight, or hotel services. For instance, a regional transportation company RegioJet offers SmartGuide to its 15 Million passengers a year as a premium addon. We are now preparing for a global launch.


Learn how to automate sales and get the most out of Hubspot overall.


Ice cream


Hi, everyone! I missed the call for intros somehow, so here to say hello today! 👋

  • I'm Annette Miller, CEO/Cofounder of Enriched Couples
  • HQ in New Albany, IN (Metro Louisville, KY)
  • Enriched Couples is a SaaS platform helping couples conquer the psychological challenges of financial wellness as a team. We believe Financial Wellness Isn’t a Mere Math Problem— Especially for Couples.
  • During ELEVATE, I hope to rethink our digital marketing strategy for our upcoming launch.
  • Favorite dessert is pumpkin bourbon pecan cheesecake 😋
  • MVP is live with closed beta testers; we're PreSeed and Pre-Revenue


I'm Michael Onyeka Ezeadichie. I'm from Nigeria, West Africa.


Haelsoft is a professional services company that provides a broad range of solutions in digital, technology, operations, strategy, and consulting for small, medium. We also offer services in Consumer Insights Digital Intelligence. 


I look forward to having a deeper understanding about Customer Acquisition (Strategy) and Customer Retention. How to strategically Acquire Customers and retaining them. 


Favorite Dessert: Red fine, Strawberry & fried chicken.


This is Juan Carlos Tafur-Mejia from Innova Leaf Creative Solutions. It has been a great experience to attend and learn so much in this ELEVATE program. Also, I have had the chance to connect to so many new entrepreneurs and business owners around the world. I feel thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with each of you and learn and exchange possible business opportunities.


If you want to know more about what I do and how I can help your company tell its story better and save money add me or follow me on:






I look forward to connecting to all of you and for a long term business relationship in the future.


Thank you.


Juan Carlos.


We're giving creators the ability to create a profitable community around their passion.


 COVID is increasing online audiences while also increasing people changing careers. We think more people will make money independently, pursuing their passion. To do this, they need a platform to build their community and monetize it. We're building this platform for them!


Hey everyone, I'm Helena Ronis from Santa Clara, CA. I'm co-founder and CEO of the marketing analytics startup AllFactors.


I'm excited about ELEVATE because I'm looking forward to learning marketing and growth insights from experienced leaders.


My favorite dessert is strawberry & chocolate ice cream Smiley Happy


Hi All,


I hope that everyone is finding the Elevate program useful.

I wanted to let everyone know that as of yesterday I launched a crowdfunding campaign (


I am super excited and also nervous.


I had planned to launch in April but covid and the lockdown made me decide to postpone.⁠ I hope that you can support my campaign by backing the campaign and getting yourself one of the many great perks and/ or amplifying the campaign by sharing it on social media and in your networks.⁠

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.⁠


T: +44 07753 618757


Hello everyone,


I am Steven A. Rodriguez, based out of Washignton, D.C. I'm leading BloomShift, an experiencial marketing agency focused on shaping the narrative and impact for entrepreneur support organizations.


I'm excited to learn and grow through the ELEVATE process. It's refining my learning and execution of the flywheel model for market positioning and growth/scale.


As for favorite dessert, it's Flan (other names include crème caramel, flan, caramel custard, egg pudding or caramel pudding), a custard dessert with a layer of clear caramel sauce, contrasted with crème brûlée which is custard with a hard caramel layer on top.


Looking forward to grow and collaborate together!


Hello Everyone


My name is Imran Haider, based out of Dublin Ireland. We have developed Comiere a healthcare marketplace for the medical imaging center. 


I have an engineering background so I am very excited to learn how to grow the business through the Elevate process. Thanks to all the presenters so far and the learning material. I start to implement the flywheel model into my business.


Feel free to reach out if a fellow entrepreneur has a question about technology and project management. I would be happy to help whatever way I can.


All the best



Hello Every one,

I am Bidhu Kishan, CO-Founder of Notum, a tech startup in Atlanta.


Notum is a dedicated business to customer interaction and engagement platform where the businesses are guaranteed that communications are delivered to their customers, and customers are guaranteed their privacy. We help small businesses to get away from the messaging chaos by providing an alternative to old-fashioned channels such as email and text messages.


We are looking for ELEVATE to help infuse some fresh ideas on securing next level funding and marketing strategy to get to market with our product and gain traction.

I am a big fan of chocolate mousse!


Hi All,

Sorry I'm a little late to the party but wanted to first off say how much I loved the Webinar with Andrew and Bob this AM!  🙂


My name is Efrem Epstein but you can call me "Ef" and I'm located in NYC.

I am the CMO of Ziplyne, a CX/EX in-app guidance system (similar to a digital adoption platform) that provides your users, customers and/or employees with a "Guide On The Side" to assist in all phases of product/software Onboarding, Adoption, Retention, Training and Support.

In addition to the great advice from the Webinar, I'm also just appreciating being aroud the energy of ELEVATE.

I don't eat much dessert these days but I'm thinking of trying to make a dairy-free, sugar-free ice cream in the coming weeks...Wish me luck!

Oh and I'm about to co-launch/co-host a ZoomCast Series called "Cubicle Lift" which will focus on Mental Health In The Workplace...If you'd like to know more you can drop me a note at my LinkedIn here. 
Stay Strong and Inspired!  


Hi Everyone and ELevate. 


My name is David Deubelbeiss, seasoned educator and edupreneur.   Based in Antigua Guatemala and Toronto (I'm Canadian). 


Looking here to grow my knowledge and connect with people that might help take my start up to the next level - reading site / prototype - Gif Lingua


I'm an avid cyclist, outdoors guy, curious about all things. Beer and pizza. Not a dessert guy. 


Hey Dave!


I am actually from Guatemala, in Flores most of the time though. It would be great to connect. I'm experienced in the tech, energy, and healthcare industries. Add me on Linkedin:




Roberto Baldizon


Definitely Roberto!  My few times in Flores, loved it.  Unique little "village".  

My LinkedIn is -


Patricia Dominguez Silva. Imparto clases en la Universidad de las Américas en Puebla-México. Me encanta leer sobre temas vinculados a tendencias en Marketing, y sobre todo en el área profesional, acercar a los estudiantes al mundo laboral.