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Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you in the coming months! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert
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My name is Marcelo de la Garza. I Co founded a Startup called Gesta Labs in Monterrey, Mexico. We are an innovation studio focus on Industry 4.0 solutions for the Industrial sector. We have plan to enter other markets in the US and Canada. Looking for clients or commercial partners. 



Hello all!


I am Jeff Coleman, CEO of BrainLeap Technologies and based in San Diego, CA. Our gaze-driven video games train attention in children with autism and ADHD (along with others that have attention challenges). Our games were initially developed and tested at the University of California, San Diego. 

Up until a few months ago, we were focused primarily on selling to schools, because that is where we thought we could have the biggest impact. With schools closed and a lot of uncertainty about what is happening next year, we have pivoted to selling to home users.


We hope to get a lot out of ELEVATE that allows us to reach those customers cost-effectively and to build strong relationships. We know that word-of-mouth will be our biggest driver of growth, because parents telling parents about what we do is very powerful.


My favorite dessert is dark chocolate. Perfect after any meal 🙂






Geetha JayaramanGeetha JayaramanI am Geetha Jayaraman, a Plant Based (PB) chef, caterer & nutrition educator based in San Antonio, TX.

My business is Grab Em Snacks LLC d/b/a Spoon & Sprout, where Ramesh Jayaraman, my husband is a partner. 


Our Vision is to engage & educate the health benefits of drastically increasing the proportion of minimally processed PB ingredients [ pulses , fresh (preferably seasonal) vegetables and whole (unrefined) grains ] in our diet. 

Our Mission is to show the endless varieties of foods which are minimally processed that can be made with nature's bounty. 

I am looking for help to make my For Profit business  a more socially impactful organization (I have some concrete ideas what NEEDS to be done, more help is needed on how to accomplish this). 

My favorite dessert used to be Gelato before I switched from a (life_long) Lacto-vegetarian to a stricter PB diet. As a PB foodie, I create desserts that are demonstably healthier (without compromising on the indulgence factor) and do consume most of my creations !  



Such an important message and mission. All the best. 


Thank you.  It is so needed, and an uphill battle for sure.  But, I am working on partnring people who are committed to the same vision.  Here in SA, the poorest of the largest cities in the US, many communties are in dire situation, including mental health.


My name is Xan, and I'm the founder of a company called OnTrac out of Delaware.  OnTrac helps people lives happier, more balanced lives by simplifying the process of achieving life goals, particularly in the domains of health, personal finance, and time management, all in one app.  We do that through our SMART Goal Roadmaps, called SMARTracs, which help the users create SMART Goal and break that goal up into smaller milestones and actionable tasks.  Finally, OnTrac automates progress through a series of integrations.  


Hey everyone, 


My name is Kevin McKeand. I'm the CEO of Optelos in Austin, TX.

At Optelos, our Vision and Mission is:


Delivering faster, higher quality, and safer outcomes through the power of visual data.


Create innovative software and technology solutions, transforming how our customers perform asset inspection, maintenance, and management while allowing the humans responsible for the outcomes to use their creativity, critical thinking and judgment to solve problems and deliver higher quality, faster results, and safer outcomes.


About Optelos:

Optelos is an enterprise SaaS solution providing data management, reality modeling (2D and 3D), and AI Computer Vision solution for companies inspecting their assets across oil/gas, utilities, manufacturing, industrial engineering, and telecom.


I look forward to learning from the elevate sessions and each of you individually!


Hi Everyone,

Excited for Elevate but more so excited to meet all of you and learn from all of you.

  • Adevjit Gulati - you can call me AJ
  • Saskatoon, Canada -  we have two seasons summer and winter (mostly winter)
  • We are an on-demand wellness startup. Currently focused on massages - we have been able to develop a way where we know exactly when someone has an opening on their schedule so a client can book with them. Trying to disrupt the current way industry works and give the ownership back to the RMT's
  • Looking to learn mostly about sales and marketing. I think we really lack this and do need to improve on it.
  • Rasmalai (Indian dessert)

Hello, my name is Nancy Jackson, I am the owner of AVID Magazine and we are located in Houston, TX. I hope to gain more knowledge and skills to take my business to the next level. My favorite dessert is chocolate brownies. 


Hey everyone!

I am James Dobry, founder and CEO of Just Pick Something. We are located out of Chicago, IL. We help people like you discover unique experiences in your city. Imagine if Spotify's Discover Weekly gave you new activities to discover instead of just music.


I want to leverage ELEVATE to the maximum and really push growth on both the consumer side of the business and with generating revenue with our B2B partners. Our product has a lot of large competitors that we know are doing things poorly - we want to capitalize on that as soon as possible.


My favorite dessert has to be... everything? But we'll just say anything salted caramel really. Sadly, I am forced to do keto right now so haven't had anything like that in a while 😞





Hi everyone!


I am Fabiola, Co-Founder of requestee (, a new marketplace for ethical hacking. We help SMEs get tailored offers from verified pentesting companies at a reasonable price.


I am very excited to join the accelerator! My expectations are to learn how to optimize my SEO, build content strategies and reach organic growth.


We are based in Munich and are 6 people on the team. Looking forward to getting some insights from marketing experts!

My favorite dessert is (of course) chocolate fudge cake


Hey everyone!  Very excited to be a part of ELEVATE 2020.


My name is Jesse Thompson.  Located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  My startup is Fetch Moto (  I hope ELEVATE helps me produce a repeatable sales process.  My favourite dessert is anything coffee flavoured 🙂


Woof woof! Hi Jesse, my name is Alex.


Love your company's look - pawhaps we should connect!


-The BarkGrr furmily


Kia ora Alex, 


Looking forward to it. You could find me here




  • Your name- Shayna
  • Where you are located- Los Angeles, CA
  • What your startup is- I am a project manager that helps a lot of companies launch new programs. 
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE- Learn to master sales tools to be able to to offer to my clients. 
  • Your favorite dessert- Walnut ice cream 

Hello everyone! I'm Karla from Mexico City. I'm the founder of Mi Club de Cuentos, a company focused on creating digital bedtime stories for children. We used to work with an App but that model didn't work, as of now we're looking to do adjustments to our business model and see where that take us. In the mean you can find our books on Kindle, iBooks, PlayBooks, Kobo and Scrib looking for them as Mi Club de Cuentos. 


Hi, my name is Christina. I'm located in Tampa, Florida and I'm the Director of Product Management for RxLive, a telehealth startup that virtually connects pharmacists with patients for comprehensive medication reviews. I'm interested to learn more about the analytic tools HubSpot offers that can help me better track our marketing efforts. I have to echo Ned that my favorite dessert is Peachey's donuts. It was once listed on my Yelp profile as what I would eat for my last meal on earth. 


Hey everyone,


Its a great pleasure to be here and learn from some of the greatest minds in the industry. My name is Naim Ur Rashid, I am the CEO/Founder of LENDEN - a peer to peer lending platform built on top of a credit scoring system based on alternative data such as psychometric assessment, digital footprints, mobile data and social media data. We are located in Minnesota, USA and we start our journey by launching our solutions in Bangladesh, a country with no credit socring system neither a peer to peer lending platform. Our plan is to start there, and expand to other countries that needs our solutions the most!


CHANGING LIVES THROUGH FINANCIAL INCLUSION, OUR FIGHT AGAINST POVERTYOver 2 billion people around the world, and over 90 million in Bangladesh do not have access to basic financial instruments which is a critical step in improving lives, reducing poverty and inequality.

TRANSFORMING DATA. TRANSFORMING ACCESS. TRANSFORMING LIVES. Breaking the barriers for financial inclusion through innovation and digitization. With innovative digital solutions (seemless EKYC and credit scoring for people with no financial history), we aim to bring the most marginilized people into the financial system, so that they can improve their lives. 

We hope to improve our strategies, innovate faster and more importantly learn froms mentors who have built great solutions that changed the world, that is our main aspiration from ELEVATE.


My favorite dessert would be Gulab Jamun (It is a South Asian desert)


Thank you, and I hope to connect with great minds over the course of this program.






Hi Naim, this is so interesting! Can you add me on LinkedIn (I can't find you) so I can follow your important work please?


Hi there! I'm Jane.


I work in marketing for Participate, a social learning and workforce development platform that combines the power of social media and online learning.


I'm located in Denver, C.O., but our headquarters is in Chapel Hill, N.C.


My favorite dessert is banana ice cream!



My name is Suresh. I am the founder of CORIZANCE, a cognitive risk management ecosystem startup based in London, UK ( 

Our aim to reduce critical business risks for banks, insurance companies, governments and high-risk businesses using advanced cognitive technologies.

We are very keen to learn and understand B2B startup sales strategies, planning, and execution for accelerated growth.


Very glad to join ELEVATE and meet you all.


Favorite dessert is a fruit salad with ice cream.


Best regards,



Hola Soy Héctor de La Serena Chile, mi startup es Yela, plataforma dedicada la venta y arriendo de propiedades. Mi objetivo es aprender mas sobre  estrategias de marketing y ventas. Con mucho animo por aprender!!! Saludos a todos!!


Howdy folks - 


Mark Otter - CEO of Participate, Inc.  - located in Chapel Hill, NC.


Our platform, combines your favorite parts of social media and online learning in Communities of Practice (CoPs) that inspire learning, connection and growth.  Our online learning communities are all-in-one collaboration spaces to engage your community members and grow your organization's mission.


The Participate team and I are always looking for ways to improve, especially when it comes to marketing and sales. We see Elevate as a tremendous learning, and networking, opportunity.


Don't get to make it often here in NC, but Tire sur la Neige is a long-time fav dessert!





Hola a todos!!! Héctor de, Chile. Interesado en aprender de estrategias de marketing y ventas para aplicarlas a nuestra stratup donde nos dedicamos a la venta y arriendo de propiedades. 


Hi Everyone!


I hope everyone is staying safe! My name is John Ravis I am the Co-founder and VP of sales for Maximo Mezcal. We are a Mexican company but I am based here in Washington DC. 


Out of ELEVATE I am hoping to learn how to take a lot of the marketing and sales practices of inbound and move them into action items that increased engagement and growth to levels outside of our organic capabilities. 


my favorite dessert is anything with chocolate!




Hey Team!


My name is Victor and I am based in Philadelphia, PA.


I'm the Founder/CEO of Wavlength, a music-oriented marketplace where we connect musicians to creatives such as graphic deisgners and videographers all over the globe. 


I'm hoping to:

A. Connect with like-mided indviduals and 

B. Understand the "little" things that we can implement that will make a difference (such as effective SEO)


My favorite dessert is cookie dough ice cream. 


Hi folks! I'm Joseph , a co-founder of NUSIC


NUSIC is a creative audio app which leverages our unique remix technology to allow users to mashup their favourite songs in 3 taps and generate a video to share to their social media.


We've been remote-first for the past year. I'm currently located in my childhood city of Swansea in Wales (UK).


We've mostly been focused on product up to this point keeping the app to a limited set of beta test users. As we become more confident with the product and technology it's a great time for us to look at user acquisition which I think ELEVATE will help with a lot. Kieran's talk yesterday has already given some great insights.


My favourite dessert is a local ice cream brand called Joe's. 🍦. If you know you know 😎


Hi Joseph, Joe's is the best ice cream!


Where in Swansea are you from? I am originally from Sketty, but now live in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Small world! I'm very fortunate to be on the seafront in Mumbles (and in great proximity to Joe's)


Hey everyone!

My name is Ash and I am the founder of 3D4Retail located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


We’re a 3D and Augmented Reality company that specializes in building interactive digital experiences for retailers. Helping to reduce product returns and increase conversions using digital product visualisation.  


I am looking forward to exapnding my entrepreneurial network and learning more about inbound.


My favourite dessert is a hot Sticky Toffee Pudding with vanilla ice cream.