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Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you in the coming months! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert
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Hi Everyone! 


Nice to "e-meet" you. My name is Nick Ornitz, I am the co-founder of Dwelling, located in Boston, Massachusetts. My fellow co-founder is Shannon Kay.


Dwelling virtually connects homeowners who need home maintenance support with experienced professionals; it's like telemedicine for your home. Homeowners submit a description and photo(s) / video(s) and a matched professional on the Dwelling network provides virtual input to help homeowners determine what's wrong, how to fix the issue and whether to call a pro for in-person help.



Recent Press to learn more: New York Times and Boston Globe


We hope to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and Hubspot experts to help grow our user base with a goal of determining on the optimal channels to pursue for early stage marketing and help identifying potential go-to-market partnerships.


Favorite Desert: Lava cake with vanilla ice cream


Your name: Annabel Tiong

Where you are located: I'm located in sunny Singapore!

What your startup is: Spenmo a spend management platform that aims to consolidate all-related company expenses (card & non-card payments) in a single dashboard so as to help businesses gain control and visibility over their expenses. 


What you hope to get out of ELEVATE: We're a fairly new start up that managed to gain  good traction at the start. However, I'm hoping to ELEVATE could help me push the company to continously new highs! 

Your favorite dessert: A gooood chocolate chip cookie 


Hi there. I am Tommaso, Co-founder and CEO of Tocca, a curated virtual events solution.

We are located in San Francisco, CA.

I am here to learn all the basic marketing automation tools and activities to increase lead generation.

I don't like desserts :-(. But I love pasta (I am origianally Italian) and Amatriciana is my fovorite

Looking forward to interacting. 



My named is Maria Paz Garcia. I live in Austin, TX.

I am co-founder of SpinCommerce, we help companies implement a successful online distribution channel.

We are looking to learn how to improve our growth & marketing strategies.


My favorite desserts: watermelon



Hi Everyone,


My name is Areeb Mianoor. I am located in Toronto, Canada. Currently building an EdTech startup called Project ANT, which is a freelancing platform that cares about the long term growth and development of its users whilst they earn and establish industry credibility. 


I'm hoping to utilize Elevate for my growth and business development purposes and hone my marketing and communication skills as a founder and as an individual. 


My favorite dessert is NewYork Cheesecake. 


Please add/follow me on LinkedIn, especially new startup founders, as I'll soon start posting/sharing offers and opportunities that are catered for you guys.


Thank You!



Hi all! I am Debbie Ernst, VP of Marketing at Tru Optik.  Tru Optik is a DAAS (data as a service) company providing audience-based targeting, campaign measurement and identity resolution to power the streaming media ecosystem. Tru Optik’s patented Household Graph™ of more than 80 million homes enables the world’s leading brands, agencies, media companies, and platforms to engage consumers across OTT, streaming audio, and gaming with unmatched scale, accuracy and privacy compliance.

Our office is in Stamford, CT and I live in Old Greenwich, CT. 

I am looking forward to meeting other start ups and hearing their growth plans from a strategic perspective.

My favorite dessert is tiramisu.

Kind regards,

~ Debbie 


Hello, I'm Rachel from start-up Buttercup Learning based in North Somerset, UK. I'm an educator (Animation lecturer) and producer. We will be producing sustainable and environmental content for young children through our augmented reality children's book series, AR Board games and cards and, E-Learning. We want to support the next generation of Greta Thunberg's with positive actions that they can take with their families and teachers in their own communities to make the world a better place for us all. 


Hoping to develop a better understanding of strategic marketing, and sales strategies that we can implement practices to kick start and grow the business.  

Looking forward to putting the learning materials into practice as we build our E-Learning site and develop our products. 


Sticky Toffee Pudding and custard for me!


Hi all!

My name is Carmela Montenegro

I'm based out of Quincy, MA- it's right outside of Boston, MA

My start-up is a peer-to-peer outdoor equipment rental company that focuses on education for POC and other minorities.

I hope to learn how to properly scale my business and prevent being overwhelmed.

Thai sweet rice with mango


Hello All,


Happy to e-meet everyone. This is Ajay Bam, Ceo and Co-founder of, located in San Francisco.  Vyrill helps retailers and brands increase revenue and find new customers by leveraging commerce video such as video reviews, feedback, unboxing, how to videos etc. for insights, demand-generation, licensing and content marketing.  I am interested in learning about testing MVPs, growing virality and brand awareness, and lead generation tips and hacks to grow revenue.  My favorite dessert is Cardammon Kulfi (thick creamy icecream pop). 


Stay safe everyone.  Thanks, Ajay

Hello all,

I’m Crystal McNeil and I’m located in Dallas, Texas.

We’re a full service marketing agency.

Hoping to learn something new and make connections.

My favorite dessert is chocolate ganache cake.



My name is Ogechi Anyatonwu and I'm located in Nashville, TN.  My start-up is a supply chain consulting and distribution company that's focused on small businesses in the healthcare & wellness space. 


We help to launch new products along with identification of alternate sources for existing products. 


I want to grow our marketing, sales and customer acquisition strategy through ELEVATE!


My favorite dessert is peach cobbler or cheesecake with a thick graham cracker crust lol!




Liam here, late to the game! NZ born, living in London.

Favorite dessert is banana cake!!!


My start-up is 


Sook transforming empty shops into adaptive retail spaces. Sook’s come with a digitally enabled fit-out allows anyone to brand the space exactly how they want to at the touch of a button. This reduces the costs and waste of a physical fit out and allows multiple tenants to make use of the space at different times of the day.



Kia ora Liam, 


From one Kiwi to another.. All the best. Looking forward to learning alongside you on this journey. 🙂 





Hi Everyone, 


The Therapy Platform is a therapy booking platform that lists services from mental health care professionals. We are based in Singapore (GMT+8). Our market focus is Asia Pacific. 


Our challenge now is to get ourselves known with a small budget. 


Looking forward to learn and interact with you all! 


Hi, I'm Chrissy from Exeter, England.


After struggling in my own job search, I'm pursuing an idea of a jobs-for-good job board. I want to use ELEVATE to hone my idea and decide if it's something I was to take forward.


I love a Cornish cream tea!


Happy Friday everyone ! Smiley Happy

I'm Gregory Menvielle ( ==> feel free to connect, just add a note!)

I'm the co-founder of and we're based in Boulder, CO (with a nice presence in Europe as well)

In a nutshell Okaya ( helps people avoid burnout and fatigue!  Longer story we help professionals in certain fields collect and understand wellbeing data to make smarter decisions.


We're on the road from 0-100 and want to speed things up (a lot) so we're looking to Elevate and the community to help us along the way.


I grew up in France so dessert could be my middle name !  Big sucker for Fondant.

Don't be shy, reach out when you have questions!




Hi All, I am   Ramona Ortega, the founder of My Money My Future, an early stage consumer fintech company empowering communities of color to build wealth.


Our first product, the Money Made Simple platform is an all-in-one managed marketplace that uses data and AI to provide financial guidance and in-app recommendations across financial products (investing, banking, credit and insurance).


Home base is NYC and look forward to connecting to other in Fintech.


Hi everyone. My name is Shalinthia and I am a Messianic Seer. Thank you for accepting me into your program. I am excited to learn and grow.


Light and love,



So...I am a Seer who forgot to read the instructions. SMH. I love the dichotomous nature of my life experience.  


  • Your name--Shalinthia or just "Sha" for the timid
  • Where you are located: Brooklyn, NYC
  • What your startup is: Seer of Saints LLC  (an organization dedicated to helping mankind connect to and reflect the light within)
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE: Momentum and connections
  • Your favorite dessert:'s an all day every day kind of treat.

Hi Hubspot community!


My name is Matt, I am one of the co-founders at Evest, we are based in Melbourne, Australia.


Evest’s mission is to disrupt personal finance through E2E Lending (Employer <> Employee)


Our service offering is aimed to improve employees financial wellness, by offering a product that encourages responsible lending and reduces financial stress.


As part of the Elevate program, our focus is on sharpening our growth and capital raising strategy. 


We are also looking forward to building out our network of like minded individuals participating in the Hubspot Elevate program. 


Dessert is a tricky topic - Malva pudding would be my pick!





   Such a cool idea! Have you explored this in the US?

Hey Matt,

I think your idea is really great and a refreshing concept. I'd love to learn more and possibly feature you in a blog post I'm planning to write. Could we connect and chat?

  • Philip Lakin
  • Atlanta, GA, United States
  • We match B2B SaaS startups with teams at established companies in need of their solution. Due to our double-sided vetting process, we are able to guarantee successful introductions that yield: actionable product feedback, use of company logos, and customer testimonials. In exchange for this, established companies are easily able to deploy powerful solutions at waived or reduced rates.
  • Now that we are starting to include paid growth into our outbound strategy,  we are hoping to gain a better understaging of how to build and optimize marketing automation funnels.
  • My favorite dessert is Green Tea Mochi.

Hi everyone, 

My name is Ria Medagam, and I’m from Pennsylvania. I’m the co-founder and CEO of JumpStart. We’re a web-based platform designed to help high school students in their search for internships, jobs, summer programs, and volunteer opportunities. As a high school student myself, I know how difficult this process can be! While many platforms exist to help undergraduate and graduate students, there’s currently very few to no platforms that do this for high schoolers. Our startup is looking to change this! 
Here’s a link to our website if you’re interested in checking it out: (it’s still being finished up!)
I’m really looking forward to gaining some insights into how we can start gaining customers and building our brand. My team and I are all students in high school, so we’re pretty new to this, but we’re looking to leverage our knowledge of social media and take what we learn from ELEVATE to do this!
Favorite dessert is a hard one because I’ll never say no to a dessert, but if I had to pick one, it would probably be donuts 🙂
Looking forward to connecting with you guys and learning a lot from ELEVATE!

Hi Ria,


I have seen your product as well as your website, and I think it is amazing what you guys do. I try connecting with you through LinkedIn, but I could not find you. I would like to have the opportunity to connect and possibly exchange knowledge for future business opportunities. 


My company is focused on producing animated explainer videos and educational videos for diferent purposes served for companies or individuals to engage and communicate better.


Here is my LinkedIn account:


Let me know if you would like to schedule an informal Zoom meeting.


Thank you.


Juan Carlos.


Aloha Everyone my name is Ethan West and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our startupt is Punahele Provisions, PBC bringing Hawaii inspired recipes using superfood ingredients like taro and breadfruit to the world. I hope to hone in on our customer channels better through ELEVATE and leave with a better understanding of Hubspot as a CRM. My favorite dessert is anything with lilikoi!

Greeting from Singapore Asia
I am Mr Giok P Chua President + CTO in AgriFood Hub
We grows Organic SuperFood with better taste n yields sustainability to feed 10B by 2040 starting from Singapore
Aims to be next unicorn by 2025 with Urban Farm in 500 cities
Looking for Busiess Partners n Investors in the 500 cities we roll out too
Drop me your profile to
Hope we can cheers on each others in our new adventures into unkowns

HI everyone

I am Charmayne, from Belfast in Northern Ireland. 

I am administering a social enterprise startup, We are developing a network of volunteers to assist the vulnerable. Originally developed for lockdown but we see this as an ongoing problem as there will always be people requiring help in different situations.

I have been lucky enough to have full access to hubspot up to now and we love how well it has worked for us. 

I am looking to gain better network connections with ELEVATE

And my favourite dessert is Warm brownie with ice cream.


Hi Charmayne,

Francieli here from Dublin. Really nice initiative. You should be proud of it 🙂

Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin: