Introduce yourself!

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Introduce yourself!

Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you in the coming months! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert

Introduce yourself!



I'm Kristina, from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I'm one of the co-founders of Spinndle: a K-12 social hub for student-led projects. We give students the tools and scaffolding they need to map out their own projects. We work with schools who have adopted 21st teaching styles like Design Thinking, Project-Based Learning, Inquiry. 


Unlike industry-standard "project management platforms" where student progress gets bottlenecked at the teacher, Spinndle's social hub allows students to build the future-ready skills that schools and future employers are looking for, as they collaborate, action on feedback, and share strategies with one antoher. 


We're hoping that ELEVATE will help us think outside the box. Education is a slow-moving industry, with marketing and business models still catering to traditional styles of learning. Since we don't fit those styles, we need to position ourselves accordingly! 


As for dessert.. right now I'm craving a slice of cheesecake. 


Introduce yourself!



My name is Kanupriya Agarwal, Founder and CEO of, based out of NY. We match patients with the right healthcare providers using AI.


ELEVATE can help refine our GTM strategy and customer acquisition.


Favorite dessert - chocolate mousse!!


Introduce yourself!

My Name Is Carlos Zarama. I live in Austin. I am working with IDirectores, a startup that focuses on creating a community and a knowledge base for company directors and board members of companies in Latina America.
From Elevate, I hope to learn more about the state of the art on digital marketing and SEO and also to gain exposure to potential clients and investors.
MY favorite dessert is anything sour-sweet (trolly worms for example)


Introduce yourself!

Hello All,


My name is Matt Jantomaso.  I am a co-founder of Brain Mechanics, Our company is based out of Calgary Alberta, but I am in Orlando, FL.    We are a social enterprise with some really ambitious ideas with the mission of empowering human beings to take charge of their well being.  We consider ourselves a Neuro-wellness company, as we merge health technology, lifestyle intervention, coaching and the most recent discoveries in neuro health couples with a systems modality to adress issues at scale...this is at the core of our mission. 


We have created this social enterprise to generate the revenue needed to fund our Non-profit initiatives to fund the research and application to address neurological disorders such as Alzheimers and Autism and be a leader in Open Source Health.  


We hope to gain, through elevate,  insight on successful startup strategies and network with people doing the same.  Possibly find some synergies and ultimately learn about things we have not yet thought about.


My favorite dessert?......Mocchachino Brownies!! 


Looking foward to working with you all


Introduce yourself!

Hello Matt, 


Very impressive. Interesting concept and I also like the name of your company. 

I am working in the Impact Economy sector too. Looking forward to learning more about what you do. 





Introduce yourself!

Hi All,


Glad to be here. We're a startup focused on Eliminating the Ticketing Service Fee you're charged everytime you buy a ticket to an event!


We've created the World's First Fee-Free Ticketing Platform, PromoTix that helps save money for event attendees and makes more money for event organizers.   It's backed with some incredible marketing modules (Which we call PromoJuice) and integrates with Spotify, Shopify, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Stripe, and many others.


Lately with COVID-19, we have been developing and are on the verge of releasing next week our newest product, PromoStream - which is a live event streaming platform that is ticketed like normal events - allowing event organizers to quickly monetize their online streamed events no-matter their audience size.


Our company is based in the beautiful US Virgin Islands (Ask me about how you can save up to 90% on your federal corporate and person taxes by moving your company here).


While we have spent quite a bit of time perfecting our product, we're reallying hoping to ramp up our sales and marketing teams in the next 6 months and we hope that ELEVATE can help us do that. We also hope to get in front of some investors looking to help us disrupt the events industry and turn the business model for ticketing companies completely upside-down.


We look forward to meeting more of you and participating in the workshops!


I will be eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and any sort of dark chocolate while watching the master class videos!



Will Royall



Introduce yourself!



Let me practice elevator pitch here スマイリー ハッピー


Vishal here from Dublin, Ireland. 

Representing 'TheDo' as a User-experience lead 


TheDo started in the month of April right in the middle of COVID19 restrictions/lockdown to support in delivering the groceries to the needful (Back then it wasn't called TheDO or anything than a WhatsApp number). It was simple Whatsapp-Bot interacting the needful people and I was delivering the grocery in under 60 mins. Now in June, I got a couple of hands joining the cause and to make it a smart technology platform


Looking at the future, we at TheDo would be creating a perfect ecosystem between store partners (independent, small to medium-sized), service partners (Operations inspired with UBER and AirBnB), and the consumers (They are everything). With the help of a faster, cloud-based platform, focusing on the consumer's behaviour to understand the store preferences, choices for items/groceries, and delivery locations using AI.


With the help of ELEVATE:

1. We aim to get pitch-ready 

2. Definitely and surely establish the networking with mindblowing advisors

3. Get our first seed-funding 

4. Be Ireland's FIRST real-time B2C grocery ordering platform 


Favourite dessert would have to be 'pastel de nata' and 'Banana muffins Made by my wife ハート '


I would like to thanks to @cpieri to making us part of ELEVATE !


Let's Elevate!




Introduce yourself!

Hello! My name is Andie Crosby.  I live in Santa Fe, NM.  I recently started a consulting company with two other partners called OvationLab. We provide expert consulting services for innovators, early-stage and start-up ventures, and health systems who are developing new products in the dynamic and rapidly growing functional and integrative health market. 


My expertise is marketing to practitioners, and I'm currently embedded in a start up client as VP of Marketing.  Calroy Health Sciences has developed a product marketed direct to practitioners called Arterosil which is the only product on the market that is clinically proven to protect and restore the endothelial glycocalyx (turns out to be really important in an age of COVID).


My goal is to really increase my capacity to develop and execute digital marketing strategies to reach both practitioners and patients.  While i have over 30 years of marketing experience - i feel I still have so much to learn on the digital side.  I'm very excited to meet and learn from everyone in this group.


my favorite dessert is any kind of cake.  and tequila.


Introduce yourself!

Hi, My name is Aysha and I'm located in Edmonton Alberta
I own Alligator to Zebra a boutique design agency specializing in helping pet entrepreneurs to stop chasing their tails. 
I hope that elevate will help me brush up on my Hubspot and sales skills to help me better serve my clients and learn some new skills.

As for dessert? I am a total sucker for creme brulee.


Introduce yourself!

Hey, guys!!


My name is Brenner and I live in Curitiba, Brazil.


My Startup is an Edtech, to develop your Soft Skills!! I hope to develop and have new ideas to engage and delight my clients (although I will develop many other skills with ELEVATE).


Omg, my favorite dessert (there are many, but ...) is the cheesecake

Brenner Natal

HubSpot Consultant | Inbound Marketer


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Introduce yourself!

Hi Brenner, Hi There, great to meet you on the is form. Hope this course is valuable.  I have to second the motion on the Cheesecake that my sons favorite! 


Introduce yourself!

  • Hi Everyone My name is Brian Prokopowich.
  • I am located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!
  • What your startup is called
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE learn more about how to build out our Saas Martech platform, learn from great people, and expand my network.
  • Your favorite dessert, that is a hard one, but I will go to the classic Hot Apple Pie with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream!

Introduce yourself!

Hi, Hubspot community,


My name is Natalia Vakaliuk, I am based in Kyiv, Ukraine and I am Chief of Business Development at Viewst ( - a cloud-based ads builder for everyone to create cool ads like a pro. Our platform is a one-stop-shop for clipping, animation, and optimization that helps to create a display, social media, and video ads of any kind for stunning visual communication. 


Here at ELEVATE, I hope to get fresh ideas to grow our startup in terms of user acquisition and user retention and also, share my experience with the community where needed. 


My favorite dessert is a lemon tart. 


Let's enjoy on-demand masterclasses together.  




Introduce yourself!

Greetings! I am Saji Nair, Founder and CEO of BCube Analytics Inc. We help financial institutions remotely manage documents, audit and compliance. We also help professional service providers like auditors and consultants deliver their services digitally to financial institutions. I am looking to utilize best practices in enterprise sales and adopt them within our organization. My favorite dessert is the rice pudding.


Introduce yourself!

Hello Everyone,


My name is Donovan Wright founder of Guilde, super excited to "meet" all the great minds behind these companies. 


I'm located in Detroit, MI. Guilde is a FREE marketplace app that connects contractors with customers while streamlining the inconvenient administrative tasks within the renovation process such as vetting contractors, price quoting projects, scheduling the project and managing it to completion.


I'm pre-launch so I hope to get expertise on buidling a marketing funnel to get those early adopters.


My favorite desert is peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.


Introduce yourself!

Hi to all!


I am Andrius bruno Rimkūnas, co-founder of Monimoto, smart anti-theft GPS tracker for motorcycles. We are located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Whole team agrees the best dessert is a craft beer:D


Expectations are high, Carl:D In fact, we want to get better and more effective with CRM, funnels and automations. We are doing it with different tools at the moment. Being more educated would make us faster and more agile!


Introduce yourself!

Hey Andrius


Welcome.   Our IoT platform (GeoTracker)  provides the capbility to track their vehicles using an IoT GPS Tracker that gets affixed to the asset.    We haven't integrated with motorcycles although we should connect ( to explore synergies. 






Introduce yourself!

Hi Bruno! 


Looks like you have a great product! 


I've had my motorbike stolen and it was an absolute nightmare. It's a very big problem here in London and difficult to stop and track once stolen. A lot of times the thieves know exactly what to look for and where to look for it. 


Good luck! 




Introduce yourself!



My name is Edward Sullivan located just outside of Philadelphia, PA and I'm the Founder and CEO of Trust Exchange. (   We are a sort of social network for businesses where we enable them to connect, collaborate and exchange mission critical business information.  We have focused primarily on highly regulated industries (banking, healthcare, pharma) but think there is wider applicaibility.


I've been a fan of HubSpot for several years and hope to apply their core principals to grow our customerbase, position ourselves as a thoughtleader and engage on a wider scale.


Favorite dessert:  Key Lime Pie








Introduce yourself!

Hi Guys, 


My name is David Rice.  Please connect on linkedin:


Snap Analytics are a Data Analytics Consultancy based in Bristol in the UK, but serving customers globally.  We help companies identify how data can help them achieve their goals and build solutions to enable them to achieve success.  With 75% of people reportedly feeling overwhelmed when using data, our vision is to create 'A world where data makes sense!'.


We'd like to learn more about how to get the right peoples attention in this competitive world and drive growth in our own business!


My favourite dessert has to be chocolate brownie!





Introduce yourself!



I am Ruben Lozano, CMO at Flanks and a Remote Freelancer a few hours a week for startups like Holded (previously Deliverea and Upscored).


I am based in Barcelona, but I work remotely. Flanks and Holded are based in Barcelona but we operate all across Europe.


I hope to get actionable ideas to execute, a huge knowledge about marketing and connect with marketers.


My favourite dessert? Crema Catalana. I love it.


To connect with me: