Introduce yourself!

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Introduce yourself!

Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you in the coming months! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert
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Introduce yourself!

Hi, I'm Navjot Sandhu from New Jersey!


I'm starting up a consulting and product development firm for IoT and related products and services development in the smart city industry.  It will be a one stop shop for information and consulting related to developing products and businesses utilizing the latest technologies and strategies.


I hope to learn how to use the ELEVATE platform to build a sustainable and management consulting business using latest techniques and information from experts.  


my favorite dessert is: chocolate mousse


Introduce yourself!

Hi Everyone!


I am Uzo and I live in Calgary, Canada. My startup is and it's currently in the test phase. It's a networking platform dedicated to empowering and connecting local African immigrant communities.


I want to learn what the right path is for me to be able to scale the platform, attract the targetted audience, partners, and investors.


I love pineapples and chocolate cake...I really do, BUT not together.


Really looking forward to making this a productive use of my time.



Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone!


I'm Althea Jones, founder of Womb & Wellness, a maternity services marketplace that connects pregnant and postpartum people with vetted providers. I'm from Toronto, Canada and I'm excited to learn strategies to get the traction needed to make a significant impact on maternal health. 


If cotton candy doesn't count as a dessert then it's a toss up between funnel cake and apple pie (depends on the day).


Nice to meet you all!


Introduce yourself!

Hello Everyone,


My name is Islam Kalouda, I am based in the DC metro area and my Co-founder is in Detroit. We are launching Farmacy Food in Detroit, it's a tech-enabled healthy community casual restaurant that takes the “Let thy food be thy medicine” quote quite literally and creates tasty meals around peoples’ dietary needs. We allow customers to submit test results, from hospitals or selected 3rd party vendors, that share their vitamin/nutritional deficiencies, which we use to construct meals that help support their health and overall well-being.


My friend and Co-founder graduated with a business degree but I on the other hand am in healthcare with a Physical Therapy degree. I am looking to improve my knowledge in business and creating a start up.


My favorite dessert is tough to choose because as my wife states, I'm a human garbage disposal. I can count what I hate more easily than what I love. 


Introduce yourself!

Hi Everyone! 

Excited to participate in the Elevate Series!


My name is Susan Lambert, currently serving as the Chief Marketing Officer for Remington Family Distillers in Dripping Spring, Texas. 


You know how it is when your friends tell you over and over that something you make is so good you should sell it? That’s pretty much us.


Founded in Austin, Texas in 2014 by cousins Peter Knight Remington and Mark Remington Koelsch, Remington Family Distillers with a passion for superior quality spirits, Remington Family Distillers is the culmination of a whole bunch of paper work hoops to jump through and a desire to create and produce a premium liquors with you in mind.


Our company is predominately run by myself, ex IT consultant, and two CTO by day and Liquor industry by day/night/free time.


I hope to gain more expsoure to consumer good positioning while learning what others are doing as well.


My fave dessert.. Would be anything made with our core product.. Caffe Del Fuego.  Smiley Very Happy


Introduce yourself!

Hey everyone!


I'm Mia Butler and I'm located in the UK - Northampton is my hometime and we are famous for shoes #funfact


My startup is Pistachio View and we are all about using video messages to make email more interesting. We've created an online platform to help create and send personalized video messages. We specialize in helping the hotel and hospitality sector


I'm here to learn. Becoming a business owner is a whole new ball game and I'm leveling up my skills every day. I'd like to focus on the future, including the exit strategy.


My fave dessert is my Mum's homemade apple pie, with heaps of cinnamon and ice cream! Yum. I will now crave this all week... 


Introduce yourself!

Hello All

My name is Ravi and I'm looking forward to collaborating with all of you over the next few weeks.    I am based in windy city - Chicago"


My company is a tech-startup that is focussed on the Internet of Things  (IoT)  and offers a B2B asset management platform to enable businesses to digitize and streamline their operations.  Our product "GeoTracker" is targeted for auto dealers so they can search and locate a car in the lot which enables sales people to serve their customer better.    Many auto dealers also offer a courtesey service loaner and our product streamlines the workflow by scanning the customers Drivers License, Insurance and tracking miles used,  tolls incurred, harsh-driving  etc. 


I am very keen on collaborating with the group on how to get traction during these times.   

My favorite dessert is "Kulfi" which is a a popular indian icecream. 





Introduce yourself!

Hey guys! 


I am Gavriel, co-founder of Altimate Nutrition based in Singapore. My start-up, Altimate Nutrition aims to use alternative protein from cricket flour to produce tasty, nutritious and environmentally sustainable protein bars. 


Hope to learn more about fundraising, growth strategies for start-ups and content marketing strategy from ELEVATE.


My favourite dessert would be molten chocolate cake Smiley Very Happy


Introduce yourself!

Hello everyone, 

I'm Mohamed Ameen, i'm the founder of TransPi transportation system in Iraq, TransPi is a ride-sharing mobile application that helps the college students in iraq to have a modern, safe and easy commute to their college and aiming to rebuild our rundown infrastructure. i'm here because i'm fascinated with marketing and gamification and i wanna take these skills to the next level with you, and, it's a great pleasure to know such a great envirnment and network. 

My favorite dessert is "Kataif" that's how we call it in Iraq :P, hoping to bring it to you all.


Introduce yourself!

Hey everyone, 


My name is Eric, I'm one of the co-founders of Labrador Sports, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Currently just being operated by myself and a partner, we've built a series of web-based tools to allow sports coaches to better instruct their players away from practice. We currently support basketball and lacrosse.


We originally started this project as a hobby, but just prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, we saw pretty massive growth that have us taking the venture a bit more seriously. I'm especially interested in learning about early-stage funding opportunities. Our development and marketing efforts have been entirely cash bootstrapped, so I'd like to understand what our next set of potential moves look like.


Favorite Dessert: I like to keep it simple with Oreo cookies.


Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone! Very excited to participate in the program and see what everyone is building. My name is Carmine Di Maro and I'm based out of Los Angeles.


My startup is a fully remote production studio for creating immersive experiences and original content for brands and other content buyers. I'm hoping to solidify an initial use case, define an MVP, and form a team to develop a prototype by the end of the program. Favorite dessert is Tiramisu 🍰 ️ 


🚀 🚀 🚀 


Introduce yourself!

Hello everyone!  This is really exciting and I'm very humbled to be able to connect with so many amazing entrepreneurs!  Thank you @cpieri for this opportunity and Thank you to HubSpot for ELEVATE!  


My name is Joe Simons, Founder and CEO of a brand-new company just trying to get it's legs under them, Light Mynd!  We're just out of the idea/conceptualization phase and are working on our social media/web presence.  We're putting together wireframes and mockups over the next couple weeks and hope to have the website going by the middle of July.  


Light Mynd aims to deliver social-emotional learning content to 21st century K-12 students through the use of a web platform and VR w/biofeedback for measurable outcomes.  


I am located in Iowa, but I have a business associate in Des Moines, Iowa and another in Chicago, Illinois.  We've been collaborating remotely for a few months now and it's worked well for us.


I hope to get some amazing relationships out of ELEVATE and to learn a lot more!  I'm looking for mentors that have a solid knowledge in building an EdTech SAAS business, with contacts for fundraising as well.  Through our customer discovery interviews, what we're proposing is desperately needed and everyone loves the idea.  We've even got 3 school district superintendents ready to beta test once we have an MVP completed.


My favorite dessert would have to be anything milk chocolate.  I'm partial to Reese's peanut butter cups too!  


I look forward to connecting with everyone!


Introduce yourself!

Hi, I'm Johannon (Joh, like "Joe") from Carta Healthcare. We're in sunny San Mateo, just south of San Francisco. 

Our software-as-a-service is designed to automate and simplify the time-wasting manual tasks that lead to clinician burnout, and which have historically prevented hospitals from providing predictable patient journeys.

We joined Elevate to learn and share with other startups like you!


Affogato is my favorite indulgence 🙂


Folgers Coffee - Recipes - Vanilla Affogato


Introduce yourself!

Hello Everyone,


My name is Raeisha. I am a restauranteur who is venturing into creating food and beverage products. My company Heritage Tea & Beverages creates high-quality beverages using clean ingredients and natural flavors.

I am ready to learn how to elevate our business into the next level, how to engage and convert potential buyers, and to understand the fundraising process to begin our capital campaign.

I look forward to learning and growing with you'll.


Introduce yourself!

Hello ELEVATE family,

I'm Andrew Emil.

I'm from Cairo, Egypt.

My startup is called Gleee. We are a marketplace connecting the official media production distributors directly to content creators, so they can buy official gear with warranty and reduced prices.

I'm looking forwrad to learn more about marketing and get access to funding.

My favourate dessert is chocolate.


Introduce yourself!

Hello everyone! My name is Michael and I started the company Fitscovery. We are a marketplace platform for fitness discovery! We help fitness consumers and vendors discover each other and connect!


I used to work at Google for 7 years but I quit to start this company! We are currently based in the Philippines and I'm looking forward to the lessons from Elevate!


Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone,


My name is Danny **bleep** and I'm the founder of sameview - an online platform that helps families caring for children with disabilities to better manage and coordinate their care.


We're in Sydney, Australia and I started sameview based on my own family's experience in caring for my son who has complex healthcare needs. My aim is to support families like mine to be confident in working towards their goals.


I'm really excited to be a part of ELEVATE, there's so much I want to learn but top of my list is to improve our customer experience and acquisition. My goal is to reach our revenue target to be sustainable, so I can keep doing what I love which is to support families.


Looking forward to learning lots from this community.



Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone. 


Michael O'Brien, based in Fairfax, VA outside of Washington, D.C.

VideoMagic uses highres video and machine learning to measure the structural integrity of bridges and other infrastructure assets. We are going to make our bridges safer.


I hope to get a wide range of tools from ELEVATE. I am a state and local lobbyist by profession and currenty advise several B2G startups. But it's my first time at the helm of a tech startup. So learning everything I can. Structure and fundraising are near the top of the list.


Favorite dessert? Brownies or maybe brownie sundaes. 


Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone,


My name is Elena, and I'm located in California.


I have type 1 diabetes and I've recently started a website with the goal to help other diabetics find the best diabetes-related/friendly products (books, supplies, bags, low-carb foods, etc) and resources, all recommended by other diabetics in the online community.


I'm excited to learn as much as I can to help spread the word about the website/my social pages and help as many people as possible!


My favorite dessert would have to be molten chocolate cake 🙂

@betapantry (on FB/IG)


Introduce yourself!

Hi Everyone,


My name is Nyeesha D. Williams and I am the Owner of Serenity & Oasis. I am currently located in Los Angeles, Ca but I'm beginning to miss the east coast. Serenity Oasis is a consulting firm that assists women and women-owned businesses advance by creating personalized strategies and tactics to help them advance in the workforce. I hope to connect with as many other Elevaters (sorry, sounds so cool) as possible, and to learn how to scale and shift my small consulting firm into a coworking space. what I've truly been waiting for... MY FAVORITE DESSERT...


Chocolate chip cookies and apple pie a la mode


Introduce yourself!

namaste (bow to the divine and light in you),


my name is priyanka

i moved to canada recently.

i was a yoga teacher in india for 9 years, and was planning on teaching here in canada however due to covid19 couldnt pursue it - so started to make yoga and meditation videos and offer them for free on my youtube channel.

i would like to INVITE everyone at ELEVATE to join my channel as i just uploaded  chair yoga and that will benefit alot of us who are working from home.

(i upload every week) and am hoping to build subscribers for it...

my favorite desert is anything that has raspberries in it, whether its pie, icecream or even a salad...

if anyone is interested in a free zoom yoga session - let me know & i would be more than happy to set it up... all i need is one person who is interested 🙂