Introduce yourself!

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Introduce yourself!

Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you in the coming months! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert
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Introduce yourself!

I'm Scott Cadora, the founder of Medicare Pathfinder.  We use data science to optimize Medicare operations for healthcare providers.  We're based in Atlanta, Georgia.  I'm looking forward to improving our marketing and sales methodlogies with Elevate.  


Favorite dessert is Mexican Chocolate Cake.


Introduce yourself!

Hello Everyone - I'm Jennifer and I'm the founder of Trader Gypsy based in Olathe, Kansas.  If you have ever been to Disney and discovered the world of pin trading then Trader Gypsy is your perfect tool.  We are an online trading platform for Disney pins that allow traders to easily make trade offers with each other as well as identifying pins that traders are searching for to make a successful match.


I hope to learn more about inbound marketing to generate consistent growth.  Also to learn about immersive emails and how to use those to create a magical experience.


My favorite dessert has to be tiramisu from Portos Bakery in Burbank.


Introduce yourself!

Hey Y'all! I'm Lexy - Growth Lead at Kudos. I'm typically located in NYC but am quarantining at my parents in Wilmington, NC. Our team builds tools that allow employers to easily support working parents! I'm looking forward to getting some fresh ideas for growth, make new connections and connect with folks who are passionate about improving the workplace for parents.  My favorite dessert is homemade chocolate chip cookies!


Introduce yourself!

Hello everyone I'm Thom McGuire one of the Owners of American Brewers Purveyors of Fine Mead and Beer.

We are a restart of a company that was let lapse by the previous owner.  

Though the company has been around since 2012 we purchased the company in 2019 and are just now getting things back into some sort of shape.  It's been an uphill battle but one that we are commited to see through to the end.

We are currently self funded and owe no money to anyone, which has made growth slower than we would like but is the reason we survived the shut down in Michigan where lots of the other breweries in the state have struggled or have closed thier doors.

I look forward to Elevate 2020 and what I can learn from the Masterclass.


Introduce yourself!

Happy Friday Everyone!


My name is Dennis and I am the COO & Co-Founder of a software known as Patturn. We're based in Fort Worth, Texas. 


Patturn is a platform to help you manage and sell customer returns.


If you've ever seen a Youtube video of guy that purchases "Amazon Returns Pallets", this is what I'm referring to!


He might be able to process 1 or 2 pallets, but if he were to manage 20 to 30 pallets or even scale up his operation, he will need a dedicated system in place to manage all of it.


I hope that ELEVATE will help connect with more startups/entrepreneurs and find better methods of connecting with customers as well!


My favorite dessert is chocolate chip cookies!


I look forward to working with you all.


-Dennis Hoang


Introduce yourself!

Hello, fellow Elevators! (at least we're not escalators!)


Our team is focused on producing tools for cybersecurity compliance that don't cost an arm and a leg. We are providing practical security with the goal of providing tools that allow anyone and everyone to meet compliance and do things the right way!


We are located in Huntsville, Alabama; The Rocket City!


…  and I don't eat dessert, anymore. It's not allowed.



Introduce yourself!

Hello fellow growth seekers!


My names Christina, I wear a lot of hats (Sales, Marketing, and PR strategy mostly) at my company, Omnae. Omnae is a networked Collaborative Supply Chain Management Software that is building trust and transparency in global outsourced manufacturing. 


We are positioned to scale FAST so I am always looking for new insights and perspectives on growth - innovating is in my DNA. 


Based out of Vancouver, Canada. Don't be afraid to say hi! 🙂





Introduce yourself!

Hello Everyone,


My name is Jose Albis, CGO and cofounder of Moduurn, from Victoria BC. Looking forward to sharing and learning from each other, to later celebrate over tiramisu.






Introduce yourself!

Hi I’m Sasha from custom clean makeup brand Inaygia. I’m from Ontario, Canada.

Inaygia lets customers create their own perfect makeup shade.

I’m looking to get help or advice in expanding my business.

Fav desert is cheesecake!

Introduce yourself!

Hello Everyone,


Excited to be part of ELEVATE. 


My name is Amit and I'm co-founder of Wareport (Flexible Warehousing for Smart Business), based out of Pune, India.


With my other two co-founders, we are looking forrward to learn about marketing & its strategies and how Hubspot can super-charge our Marketing efforts.




Introduce yourself!

Hi guys, my name is  Almir Neves (aka al snow) and I´m the founder and CEO of hubkn inc a Brazilian-US startup.

We create Jordan a Conversational AI that brings voice and life to CRM´s data.

We hope that Elevate could bring to us an outstanding opportunity to leverage the HubSpot ecosystem and help hubkn to reach new customers.

My favorite dessert is Pudim, a kind of easy creme caramel. really popular in Brazil!


Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone,



I'm Alex, CEO of Metis Labs.  We're an industrial software company, improving the efficiency and reducing waste in factories and process plants around the world.


We're based in UK, and mainly operating across Europe. 


Hoping to learn how to better automate our marketing and sales processes.


Favourite desert is definitely shark-infested custard 😛


PS. how can i add a colleague to our ELEVATE team?


Introduce yourself!

Hello Everybody!)

My name is Alim, I'm from Kazakhstan, but right now I'm in Moscow, Russia.
We're working on developing DIY-marketplace that helps construction pros search for suppliers with best prices.

I hope that in Elevate I start to understand better difference between markets in Russia and US/Europe. This can help me to scale business further.

As a kazakh I prefer to eat horse meat on dessert 🙂 


Introduce yourself!

Hey folks,


It is Emre here. I have been traveling a lot lately but I am in Turkey at the moment. Living in a small town by the sea and I am getting the best from working from home 🙂


I am the founder of Drive Buddy, which is a mobile telematics platform that analyzes the drivers' driving behaviors and detects car accidents using sensors on smartphones.


I would like to meet with great people and learn the best practices from the experts. If anyone wants to chat feel free to reach me anytime.


Dessert? I just eat some.


JPEG image.jpeg


Introduce yourself!


We are also working on an IoT Telematics platform that has an cellular GPS Tracker that can detect harsh driving, speeding,  etc.   We should connect 




Introduce yourself!


My name is Casper and i am based out of Denmark.


My startup - enables the producers and wholesalers in the food value chain to reduce time spent on admin tasks and helps them achieve greater visibility in front of new potential customers. 


I am a formerly HubSpot Partner, but running a agency style business vs. a "classic" tech startup is completely different challenge. So i am hoping to learn as much awesomeness for my new role/company, as i did in the Partner Program.


My favourite dessert is new danish strawberries with creme and a dash of sugar 😉 


Introduce yourself!

Hello Everyone 🙂 So excited to be a part of this program. My name is Gillian Ong, Malaysian-Chinese by descent but based in Melbourne, Australia at present.

My startup - Ai on Spectrum provides emotion coaching and social skills training to children with Autism. We're launching our pilot in 2 weeks and we have a number of pitches coming up, so I'm hoping that elevate will help us in our journey of growth 🙂 

Lastly, my favorite dessert has to be pandan chiffon cake! Classic southeast asian dessert, really. but oh-so-fragrant!! 


Introduce yourself!

Hello there,

Im Marlon Valderama, from the Philippines. I am a lawyer by profession but now an entrepreneur.

My startup is LexMeet (, its an affordable online legal solutions platform that offers ease of access to legal services. We are giving ordinary people equal access to justice by making it affordable, easy and convenient.

We hope that we learn many things in ELEVATE such as:

- marketing strategies;

- best practices in sales, marketing and leading a startup;

- opportunity for funding;

- expansion strategies; and

- any knowledge that may help our startup.


My favorite dessert is "halo-halo", a Filipino tropical dessert. Imagine a bowl of crush ice, with banana, sweet yam, all kinds of sweet jelly, sweet beans, egg tart, milk, many more, with ice cream toppings, mixed all of them for a delightful dessert.


"Halo-Halo" or mix-mix"Halo-Halo" or mix-mix


Introduce yourself!

Hi! My name is Richard and I am one of the co-founders of Yought, based in Sydney!


Our focus is to eliminate bias and create smarter and customizable forms to collect meaningful data (with AI). 


Very excited to be part of Elevate and looking forward on learning everything growth and fundraising 🙂 


I LOVE mangoes so any dessert with mango in it = a thumbs up from me 🙂 


P.s. how do i change my forum name? I have no idea what happened to mine haha


Introduce yourself!

Hey Richard

You can click on your profile photo and it should give you an edit option 🙂




Introduce yourself!

Kia Ora, 


My name is Jessie. I am based in New Zealand.   I am the Managing Director of Te Maia, which is an event management platform designed for Impact Enterprises. Our vision is Generosity Fund + Holistic Support = Stronger Impact Economy.  


I am keen to master inbound marketing strategies with like-minded people. 


I love chocolate and cider. My favourite dessert combination.  


Looking forward to the learning and sharing ahead. 


Te MaiaTe Maia