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Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you in the coming months! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert
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Tonya here with B. Royal Boutique!




Hi All,

Simon here, CEO and Founder of 2 Steps a Splunk Technical Application Partner from Melbourne, Australia. 

Looking forward to learning and connecting with peers.



Hello, my name is Jan Høilund Christensen


Profil PhotoProfil Photo

I am from Denmark, where we make Digitally inventory reports:


I am looking forward to grow both personally and with my company.

I am one of 2 Co-Founders, but I will be the only attendee to this exiting accelerator program.


An to be honest about desserts, I really just love a creamy Banana Split, it tastes great all over the world, and every country can make it 🙂


Bijou from San Diego

Good afternoon Entrepreneurs,

“Echo Alert” is our developing innovation in mobile parental controls that will automate a legal response to active shooter situations.  Parental Values is a full-featured parental control built on IBM’s Watson for its artificial intelligence and cognitive systems capabilities.

Our belief is that Hubspot Partners may be able to accelerate our artificial intelligence and cognitive development, empowering our marketing team to reach our customer profiles, and position our team with the tools to move forward with government contracting.


Hi, Im Marlon of LexMeet. Its a legal tech company in the Philippines, helping ordinary people to have access to justice with convenience.  Im happy to interact with my fellow cohorts here. See you.


Hi Marlon,

Our platform, miheroo, connects expatriates and domestic helpers globally, including in the Philippines where we already have many users. We are building a function to handle disputes (designed but yet to be developed:)) and I would like to follow your work. Maybe you can add me on LinkedIn?

Xx, Sara


Hi all !

I am the CEO of Smart Proposal, a SaaS solution that allows services B2B companies to create their business proposals end-to-end (create business opportunities, calculate costs and generate automatically the technical and financial offer)  in a single user-friendly tool.

See u



Hey folks,


It is Emre here. I have been traveling a lot lately but I am in Turkey at the moment. Living in a small town by the sea and I am getting the best from working from home 🙂


I am the founder of Drive Buddy, which is a mobile telematics platform that analyzes the drivers' driving behaviors and detects car accidents using sensors on smartphones.


I would like to meet with great people and learn the best practices from the experts. If anyone wants to chat feel free to reach me anytime.


JPEG image.jpeg

I'm Marcia, the founder of Bandora. Let's make smart buildings, healthy, comfy and efficient? Ask us how!!



My name is Tim Williams with Diverse Culture in St. Louis, MO. Happy to be apart of this journey with you all. Look forward to connecting with you all.


Thank you


Hello Elevate Community,

My name is Denishea and I am the Owner/Founder of SisStar Support Circle. Our focus is to create a safe space for black women to heal and seek out resources for mental healthcare. We also focus on self-development and f


Hello Elevate Community!


My team and I are honored to be here.  We are an Arizona based company, hoping to gain additional knowledge on the latest methods for inbound marketing and growing channel distribution partnerships.


Our flagship product,, provides real-time worker risk scoring and risk mitigation tools to predict, prevent, and mitigate worker crime, fraud, and claims.


Favorite dessert, banana cream pie!


Hi everyone! 👋


My name is Tony Conte and I’m the Founder/CEO at the fintech startup Chromabill.

I’m located in New York!  🗽


My passionate team and I have been working on building a personal finance application designed to accelerate a healthier financial future for millennials.


Everyone I know including myself has struggled with personal finance management in the past so I wanted to create a system that makes the process of managing your finances easier and more enjoyable. Right now, we’re launching for iOS in July and then onward to more platforms as we gain traction. Our long term vision is to create a single login where our users can manage the entire universe of their financial lives.


Our team is composed of 8 employees. Our Chief Operating Officer has worked at Google, MLB, Venmo, and Capital One. We also have our Technical Advisory Board, which consists of Luis Cunha, PhD who is a Senior Software Engineer and does Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence at Capital One. He’s leading our Data Science team in building out an AI chatbot that learns who you are, how you spend, and what you need to do to become more financially stable!




This is my first ever venture that I’ve founded (even though I’ve worked at the aviation tech startup BLADE previously) so I’m hoping to learn as much as I can! I hope to learn more about mastering our acquisition strategy, learning what we can do to maintain high retention rates, and how we can provide an exceptional customer service experience for all our users so that they can become lifelong users.


My favorite dessert of all time is creme brulee! 🍮


💜We're beyond grateful for this opportunity!

Looking forward to the workshops ahead.


Covid-19 has put contact tracing in the news.  A flurry of new digital solutions have been created; however, the main tool to inform contacts of their risk is manual contact tracing.  


Manual contact tracing is labor intensive as it requires a member of the health care team to contact the patient with the infection and ask them to provide the details of all their contacts two days before they developed symptoms or the last two weeks if they had no symptoms.  The health care worker then needs to get in touch with those contacts to inform them of their risk, discuss testing options and sign post them to care if they are unwell.


SXT ( has been supporting manual contact tracing for patients diagnosed with HIV and other sexually transmitted infections for the last four years.  We have data from the UK showing that we are able to boost manual contact tracing 6x with our three services: anonymous contract tracing, digital triaging and targeted appointments.


We have repurposed the SXT solution for covid-19 and created CVT ( that includes mass notification (for example when someone is diagnsoed after travelling on a plane) and alerting contacts using social media.  We expect that CVT should be able to boost manual contact tracing by 10x.


If you want to find out more about SXT or CVT please do reply to this post.





It's great to be part of this community.  I'm ready to rock it!



I don't really understand what I'm doing here other than Elevate looks like a much-needed idea at this time. 


I'm located in Melbourne Australia which is steadily returning to normal but it's still far from it... Just got a call from my daughter who's had to go and pick up her 8-year-old from school because of an allergic reaction cropping up on her cheek during morning playtime. The school insists that she has to have a doctor's visit before returning to school. I reckon that there's going to be millions of moments like this in our lives until COVID-19 is out of our lives


The way that schools are dealing with this pandemic is at the heart of a question I have been concerned about as a teacher and curriculum writer since the late 1990s: namely, that educational support that doesn't get to benefit the relationships between teachers and students is largely a waste of time.  So I set up a curriculum writing and researching service called Fantastic Learning Systems.


Schools are where the action happens in education reform. And this is even more so in a digital age because technologies make the scale of personalisation so much more possible.  Yet, as organisations, schools are still hampered by clunky, bureaucratic processes where one rule is required to fit all.


I've been specifically looking at ways of dealing with digital literacy and the embedding of educational media in classrooms.  I've formed a school-based service whose working title is "Curriculum Writer in Residence". This is what I described in my application for ELEVATE as the development of a new role in education that sits between PR/Admin/Marketing functions and the school-leader/lead-teacher roles.  It is this hybrid space that decisions like sending home my grand-daughter sit.  As trivial as one action may seem, they accumulate to create the child's, the family's and the society's experience of schooling.   


What I hope to get out of ELEVATE is a chance to have my ideas scrutinised, perhaps even to find others who value teaching and learning in the local school level as much I do.


My favourite dessert is Tiramisu... I'm of Italian descent and it's a dessert that I love to make with and for my family.





Hi Josey, I'm Gillian, fellow melbournian and startup founder of Ai on Spectrum ! We're an EdTech Company looking to provide emotion coaching and social skills training for children with Autism.

Just a quick question out of curiosity, given your expertise. From your experience.. I am wondering if there is space for consideration in schools to reform the way students with special needs are taught? Also, do you feel that there is sufficient attention given to emotional education in schools (apart from the focus on academic excellence and physical training)?


I hope what i'm asking makes sense!



Hi Gillian,

I've been working in pedagogical reform of education since the mid-1990s.  I'd love a conversation with you  - maybe on Zoom.  In recent years, fate would have it that all my work for others came home to our family in 2018 when my granddaughter Serena was diagnosed by RCH as autistic - so the journey in education has the added sweetness of seeing an amazing little girl face challenge after challenge.  So, why don't we make a time and you ask me all the questions which you believe may be helpful to you as I'm in and out of schools on a regular basis?

 Kindest regards




Hey Everybody! Daniel Cuervo - CEO at Datatraffic .  Hipe to get the most out of the program!




my name is Paul Riddle.


I run marketing for AltoStack.  AltoStack are a Cloud Consultancy company basded out of London.   We started this year which has been a very interesting time with the COVID 19 lock down!

I am a massive fan of Marketing Automation and specifically HubSpot.  However in the past I always had a team who could do it for me, which has made me a bit of a knowledge vacum.  Hopefully ELEVATE will put that right 🙂

It has to be cold rice pudding.  straight from the can.





  • We are Google Analytics for Physical World.
  • Located in San Jose, California
  • I'm Erhan Ark. I growth my previous Startup to 200+ employees and did my successful exit then I found with my great team almost a year ago.
  • Our initial market is $5.1T Retail Brands. IKEA, McKesson, Microsoft, CK are our paid pilot customers.

  • We are raising capital. I'd like to learn more about how to leverage the power of the ecosystem to grow better, faster.
  • Baklava is my favorite dessert.



Hey Everyone! Excited to be part of this program.


My name is Arjan, I am based out of New Delhi - India. 


I am building a fashion discovery & styling platform, where we are helping the 800M+ people globally that struggle with buying clothes online. We do this by connecting you to fashion influencers & stylists and providing all the digital tools needed for the consultation.


I hope to learn more about acquiring/building great relationships with B2B customers & going to market succesfully.


My favourite desert is blueberry cheesecake 🙂 


Look forward to connecting with this community & hope everyone gets the insights they are looking for
( Please feel free to reach out to me if there's any way I can help through


Hi, Arjan, nice to e-meet you. It would be great to discuss possible ways of our cooperation. We did some stunning floating ad buttons for fashion brands aiming at promoting products online, running surveys, engaging an audience.  


Let's keep in touch:


Not applicable

Hi everyone,


My name is Michelle and I am the founder of Balcony Wellness: a subscription balcony gardening service for apartment renters. We transform your apartment balcony into an outdoor living space you can actually use! I recently launched my first MVP and am now focusing on marketing and sales to gain my first customers. If anyone lives in an apartment with a balcony and is willing to do a 15 minutes user interview, please reach out!


Be Well,

Michelle A.


Hi Everyone, 


I run an indie press with a twist.  Crwth (pronounced Crooth) Press publishes children's books. We use dyslexia-friendly fonts and edit for readability - we want kids to enjoy reading and we strive to be accessible to all kids. We also have a profit-sharing model. In traditional publishing, authors and illustrators make royalties. We pay profit-sharing on top of royalties.  It's an opportunity for creatives to make more from their efforts, and it's an acknowledgment that creatives are the true heart and soul of the compay. 


I'm looking forward to learning how to gain visibility in a crowded online space so I can grow the business.  

My favourite desert: lemon posset. 


Hi Everyone,
Excited about ELEVATE! My name is Franco and I am base in the city of Bath in the South West of the UK.


My start up is the Event Organisers Network, connecting people who plan meetings, conferences and events with venues, suppliers, agencies and freelancers. 
We now offer a full Virtual Event service to hope our clients stay connected with their audiences


I am totally new to Hubspot and want to learn more about establishing a solid CRM base to grow my reach and close more details, through better/semi automation, wihtout loosing the personal touch.


My favorite dessert is chocolate mouse... of course! 

Querky fact? Before working even events, I spent 10 years crewing private yachts, have sailed some 150,000 miles on the most amazing super yachts, working for billionnaires, celebrities and royalty; sailed across the Atlantic 6 times - A fun 10 years! 


Greetings Hubspot community, we are looking forward to Elevate.  Our main objective is to learn better methods to convert more contacts/leads we generate into customers through Hubspot marketing tools (sequences, workflows, emails).  


Hello fellow Elevate cohortians!  My name is Mauricio Rodriguez.  I am the founder of - a data integrety and availability platform for the midmarket.  I'm located in Miami Lakes, FL, USA.


The result that I'd like to have out of Elevate is improvement in my customer acquisition process.   A stretch goal would be to prepare for fundraising, if appropriate at the time.  I'm also in a Design Thinking and Customer Development course for founders right now.  I believe these two programs will complement each other well.


I really enjoy Brazilian Passion Fruit Mousse (MOUSSE DE MARACUJÁ).  The tartness of the Passion Fruit, blended with the sweetness of condensed milk, is just absolutely delightful.


Looking forward to the next several weeks.


All the Best,