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Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you in the coming months! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert
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Hi, everyone. So glad to be part of this community. 

I'm Artur Bessoni, a Brazilian living in Mount Gambier, South Australia. (LinkedIn).

I am the CEO of Shedmate, a solution that provides time and money savings to shed builders and shed designers, providing the tools so anyone can create BIM data, design, detail and quantify a Shed in minutes.

The startup was born in 2020 but we have been working in the idea since 2018. I am so excited with all opportunities and challenges ahead!

I hope to improve our prospecting and lead nurturing process in the ELEVATE program.


My favorite dessert is "Brazilian Doce de Leite"



looks awesome!


Hey Guys,


I'm Sharanyan Sharma from Sri Lanka. Actually, Covid19 gave me a chance to getting involved with LinkedIn never before during the last 3 months 🙂 


I noticed a major gap in LinkedIn and I'm trying to develop a solution for that big problem through an online premium content distribution methodologies ( Case studies & Experiments, Emotional & Experience marketing frameworks, etc) 


I'm here to horn my skillset from the practical entrepreneurs and maybe I can find out my dream co-founder within this community too 🙂




Hi Everyone, looking forward to joining you all.


My name is Sean Gay, I live in Wimbledon in the United Kingdom. 


My startup is Fitology, a well-being service that encompasses Life, Fitness and Nutrition Coaching. I have specifically started the business to try to alter the current market for providing addiction support services to those recovering from various addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, **bleep** etc) through the more modern approach of Life, Fitness and Nutrition coaching. 


I hope to get out of Elevate the knowledge of what it is I would need to do to upscale the business when the time comes. It's early days for my business but I love learning and it will put me in good stead for the future when the upscaling process finally happens.


My favourite dessert, I generally like all of them but I would say Chocolate profiteroles with chocolate sauce 🙂



Hello Sean,


Good idea about addiction support services and rehabs. I can attest to so many ineffective strategies out their when it comes to addiction and rehab support services. We had to deal with a member of our family and it was very difficult for us to find right sources.


I hope your strategy works out best and people use it to overcome their situations.


Looking forward to connect





Hi all!


I'm Shannon originally from New Zealand but living in London, UK.


Startup: At Welfound we are developing the idea of community-driven recruitment, by using technology and professional referrals to better connect people with jobs.


Hope to get from ELEVATE: To refine our sales strategies and better understand techniques on how to scale a digital business. 


Favourite Dessert: Impossible, but a Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake wouldn't be far off


Kia ora Shannon, 


Good to see another Kiwi on the programme.  🙂 







Hi Jessie, 


Likewise! The work you are doing sounds interesting.



Top Contributor



My name is Francesca and I'm located in London, UK.


Our startup Threads is a communications dashboard that we hope will revolutionise the way that businesses view and use their email and telephone calls. 


We have grown organically over the last 3 years and have been lucky enough to piggy back on the success of HubSpot via our HubSpot integration. However we have ambitions to further develop the product to meet customer needs, grow our inbound marketing activities and improve on our customer conversion rates. 


I have a very sweet tooth so this question is like asking a mother to choose her favourite child but I think i'd have to go with the English classic Sticky Toffee Pudding. 


Hi everyone,


I'm Anıl, from Istanbul, Turkey. I'm the CEO & Co-founder of Inspakt. Inspakt is a trust builder platform that offers a mobile-first tool suite for its customers to eliminate paperwork, automate their processes and inspect their assets. I hope  I will learn about inbound marketing. My favorite dessert is baklava which is traditional Turkish dessert. 


Hey Everyone, 


  1. My name is Suds, based in sunny London UK ;-).
  2. I'm the founder of Zero Editing You Film, We Edit (We are an online video editing service). 
  3. I hope to meet & connect with fellow Elevators. 
  4. Favourite Dessert: Tiramisu! 



Hi all!


Rick here from Ireland. 


Co-Founder of Million Hours Corps. A Social Enterprise that connects struggling businesses that can't afford technical skills with the experts dedicating hours to provide the support.


We are a startup and are in the Lean canvasing and MVP stage. This is my first Social Enterprise startup and can't wait to see it grow globally!


Here's the URL:


Can annihilate a classic jumbo Galaxy bar in minutes, it is my kyptonite, never show me one Smiley Tongue


Hello Rick, 


Welcome and nice to e-meet you. I am also in the Impact Enterprise area. Looking forward to learning and sharing the experiences. 





Hi, My name is Jayme Derkson, I am the founder of My Starry Chart, a unique 3-in-1 chore chart, kid's calendar and character-building game. We're helping parents raise resilient kids through our educational toys. You can check us out here:


I'm exciting to learn more about B2C growth marketing and automate certain inbound strategies. 


My favourite dessert - anything chocolate! Namely, flourless chocolate cake!

Hello beautiful elevate members! My name is Alex, and I'm located in Wokingham, UK. My startup is called Pingza, and it's a wine app that gives personalised wine recommendations, based on your unique taste. I hope to gain a deep knowledge of how to use Hubspot to take Pingza to the next level, bounce some ideas and make sure I have a solid Pitch Deck to seek additional funding. I'm also willing to share my knowledge and experience with other elevate members, as I think my knowledge could help some people save time and effort (which I already spent blindly) I'm one of those crazy people who don't eat dessert!

Hi Carl - hello colleagues


  • Andreas Trunz, Head of Sales at emonitor
  • Eastern Switzerland, CO (quite in the center of central Europe)
  • We believe the Real Estate industry should start looking at real demand data.
  • So we digitize apartment letting processes.
  • Looking for startup-specific hacks with HubSpot and new contacts.
  • You may remember me as the SWISS GUY WHO'S ALLERGIC TO CHOCOLATE. 🙂

Hi! My name is Kate and I am the Co-Founder of Caresplit. I have lived the past 10 years as an expat overseas in Africa and Asia, though from Pheonix AZ and currently living outside of Washington, DC. I have been able to work from home for my career alongside raising our family. 


Caresplit was started out of that experience with a vision to empwer parents with the freedom to choose how they accomplish their goals and be present with their kids by creating the support system parents need through childcare built for a flexible workforce.


I am excited for ELEVATE to continue to grow and learn while in the start up phase and also to connect with likeminded individuals and network together to see how we can help one another! I truly believe a rising tide lifts all ships and that we can band together to help each other grow!


Favorite dessert - hands down my moms homemade icecream cake of my childhood that I am not trying to recreate for our kids. 🙂 


Hi Kate. I am outside DC too and did a couple years as an expat in Georgia. Sounds like interesting stuff. Flexible workforces have taken on a whole new level of importance recently. Would love to connect and learn more.




Hi Kate,

Great initiative! We are working on a solution to support expatriates in their endavours, also based on previous experience. Maybe we could connect on LinkedIn?

Xx, Sara


Hi Everyone! 


I'm Lydia, CMO at ClowID based in Malmö, Sweden. We are a customer engagement platform for merchants primarily in retail and HORECA. Our platform gives merchants more complete individual customer data such as average spend, frequency of visits and more, and enables smoother transactions at on-premise purchase points. With more individual data, merchants can then create personalised, targeted offers and marketing messages to motivate spend and foster better customer experiences.


We are just now in the MVP/Pilot stage, and looking to grow fast. We hope to get some great insights from ELEVATE and the community to help us navigate pitfalls, competition, and hone in our positioning (and of course find some funding opportunities). 


I'm from Boston originally so I gotta say the cannolis from Mike's Pastries are top for me... but here in Sweden I've been converted by the Kladdkaka 🙂


Excited to kick things off!






I'm going to (hopefully, you never know during these times), be in Uddevalla, Sweden in July picking up a sailboat and sailing it back to the US. 


Perhaps we could meet up.  I'll be sailing from there more or less to Hubspot's headquarters and so I could hand deliver a letter 🙂




Hi everbody,


My name is Mitch Nachtigall and I'm from Rapid City, South Dakota.  My startup is disrupting the RFP and bid award process.  We've taken the owner's rep concept, normally reserved for the construction industry, and expanded it everybody else.  Are you an engineering firm that needs a new server?  Keep your staff doing what they are good at and let us handle finding the right provider and managing the project to completion.  Through ELEVATE, I hope to expand our network and gain insights into how other startups are scaling their business.

  • Your favorite dessert

Hi everyone! I'm Christian Adams, co-founder and CEO of Repair Pricer, based in Austin, TX. We're an AI-enabled service company that turns home inspection reports into accurate repair estimates so real estate agents can negotiate more effectively during the home sale process. We are one of the last pieces in the puzzle to bring the entire home purchase process online, and are growing rapidly across the US. 


I'm excited to learn more about how we can effectively engage our existing and potential customer base as we continue to grow, and I look forward to connecting with you all on this journey. 


Hello all!


My name is David Calderon, Co-Founder and VP Business of CASTOR.


We're based in Tel-Aviv, Israel and we serve as manufacturers' gateway to industrial Additive Manufacturing (AKA 3D printing).  CASTOR saves manufacturers time and money by informing them whether to prefer 3D printing over traditional manufacturing methods for each one of the parts in the machines they manufacture.


We hope ELEVATE will enable us to: a) Meet great people, expand our network, consult and learn from others; b) Help us understand how to maximize our marketing and sales teams productivity (only 3.5 people with a lot of work on our plates); c) Create impactful and efficient customer journey.


Tasty's brownies. By all means you have to try them.


Excited to be here!



Kia Ora, 


My name is Jessie. I am based in New Zealand.   I am the Managing Director of Te Maia, which is an event management platform designed for Impact Enterprises. Our vision is Generosity Fund + Holistic Support = Stronger Impact Economy.  


I am keen to master inbound marketing strategies with like-minded people. 


I love chocolate and cider. My favourite dessert combination.  


Looking forward to the learning and sharing ahead. 


Te MaiaTe Maia


Hi! My name is Richard and I am one of the co-founders of Yought, based in Sydney!


Our focus is to eliminate bias and create smarter and customizable forms to collect meaningful data (with AI). 


Very excited to be part of Elevate and looking forward on learning everything growth and fundraising 🙂 


I LOVE mangoes so any dessert with mango in it = a thumbs up from me 🙂 


P.s. how do i change my forum name? I have no idea what happened to mine haha


Hey Richard

You can click on your profile photo and it should give you an edit option 🙂




Hello there,

Im Marlon Valderama, from the Philippines. I am a lawyer by profession but now an entrepreneur.

My startup is LexMeet (, its an affordable online legal solutions platform that offers ease of access to legal services. We are giving ordinary people equal access to justice by making it affordable, easy and convenient.

We hope that we learn many things in ELEVATE such as:

- marketing strategies;

- best practices in sales, marketing and leading a startup;

- opportunity for funding;

- expansion strategies; and

- any knowledge that may help our startup.


My favorite dessert is "halo-halo", a Filipino tropical dessert. Imagine a bowl of crush ice, with banana, sweet yam, all kinds of sweet jelly, sweet beans, egg tart, milk, many more, with ice cream toppings, mixed all of them for a delightful dessert.


"Halo-Halo" or mix-mix"Halo-Halo" or mix-mix


Hello Everyone 🙂 So excited to be a part of this program. My name is Gillian Ong, Malaysian-Chinese by descent but based in Melbourne, Australia at present.

My startup - Ai on Spectrum provides emotion coaching and social skills training to children with Autism. We're launching our pilot in 2 weeks and we have a number of pitches coming up, so I'm hoping that elevate will help us in our journey of growth 🙂 

Lastly, my favorite dessert has to be pandan chiffon cake! Classic southeast asian dessert, really. but oh-so-fragrant!! 



My name is Casper and i am based out of Denmark.


My startup - enables the producers and wholesalers in the food value chain to reduce time spent on admin tasks and helps them achieve greater visibility in front of new potential customers. 


I am a formerly HubSpot Partner, but running a agency style business vs. a "classic" tech startup is completely different challenge. So i am hoping to learn as much awesomeness for my new role/company, as i did in the Partner Program.


My favourite dessert is new danish strawberries with creme and a dash of sugar 😉