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Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you in the coming months! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert
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That dessert looks delicious. What is it? 


Our non-profit is looking to publish some of our health education books - for children! I'd love to hear more about what your company offers!


Hey everyone! I'm Charles Luzar and I'm CEO of Verasana based in Cleveland, Ohio. We've built a mobile-first e-learning solution that gives managers the ability to examine data and affect training efforts from their smartphones in real time. We're passionate about shortening the feedback loop between managers and employees. I've been an inbound disciple and HubSpot fan for a long time now and have led implementations in other roles but I want to get to an expert level in the application of these concepts for B2B SaaS environments, so here I am! Dessert... tiramisu. I'm good for two pieces minimum. Excited to learn more!


Hey everyone!  Very excited to be a part of this group.


  • Eric Lituchy
  • New York City
  • LinkedSwell - Lead Gen Platform leveraging Linkedin & Marketing Automation
  • Looking to connect with and learn from great people.  Hoping to find new ways to grow my business and be a great team leader.
  • Chocolate Mud Cake with a dollop of whipped cream

Let's Elevate!!!


Hi All,


My name is Chris Morledge and I run my business eduTrips in the UK. A Trip Management Platform for schools and colleges to help them plan, authorise, and run trips and events. We are already generating revenue and hope to gain advice from ELEVATE on how to scale the business to meet some ambitious targets.


Great to hear from everyone in the forum so far and I look forward to getting started with ELEVATE.




  • Your name: Brett O'Daniell
  • Where you are located: St. Louis, Missouri
  • What your startup is: HomeTraq
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE: learn better methods to convert more contacts/leads we generate into customers
  • Your favorite dessert: Vanilla frozen custard





Hey everyone


I'm Juan Camilo, have a company called Cawel located in Bogota Colombia. Our startup is based on the Wellness sector mainly focused on the food and beverage area. We have a national production and distribution channel. Offering our products in the B2B and B2C business through our ecommerce. 


We hope ELEVATE gives us new tools to increase our sells volume specially with the new economy being developed since the pandemic started and customers habits have been changing.


My favorite dessert is a tart cold lemon pie with the right amount of italian meringue on top.


Check out our website to see whta we're all about.  


Juan Camilo, pretty cool.




I'm Arjun currently based in San Francisco. I am the co-founder of Wildkard, a sports experience platform for youth athletes, coaches, teams, leagues, and fans. Our goal is to deliver an engaging and affordable sports experience to 1 billion kids worldwide. 


We are launching our product in the AppStore/Google Play next week. My goal is to learn how we can acquire our first 100 customers (youth teams).


Favorite dessert: Chocolate mousse.




Hi everone,


my Name is Mario and iam Based in Berlin, Germany
We run an E-Commerce Business for the German Market.
I want to improve my Skills and get some insights prozesse management.

Ice Cream


Hello everyone,


My name is Malik Dixon, I am a software developer, UX designer,  internet marketer, and owner of U4Drones. U4Drones provides Aerial photography and videography services, Property Management imagery, Insurance Adjuster imagery, and video. We provide 3D, Landmaping, and Live mapping that will create solutions for construction, and agriculture. I hope to learn much from this program. 


Hi! I'm Antonio Vizcaíno, LastBasic cofounder and Digital Marketing Manager. We are based in Madrid, Spain, although our main market is in the USA . Our team is made up of Italians, Americans, Irish, Colombians and Spaniards, so video calls or when we go out to eat is crazy, but we are a great family! 


LastBasic  is an engineering platform which delivers hardware technological solutions for the creation and development of functional prototypes (MVPs) for Startups, SMEs and individuals, in an easy and economical way. We put the ideas in contact with a community of experts who'll help to make them real. Basically: the client comes to our website with an idea, the experts design it and develop it and the client leaves with a tangible and functional prototype.


I'm here cause I want to generate higher quality leads, and because a digital marketer cannot be left behind and must always learn!


Well, I'm not a big fan of desserts, and we are celiac at home (making gluten-free cakes is arduous and not very tasty), but I was a professional chef before, so I have no problem and I usually try everything, but I still choose my wife's apple muffins! ❤️



Hi everyone


I'm Anna Verghese, one of the co-founders of We Are Tabono, based in Maidenhead in the UK. We support small business owners and other professionals to be their best selves and achieve their full potential! Through our courses, coworking and networking events, community and mentoring programme, we provide support and expertise on a broad range of wellbeing/mindset and business-related topics.


We are really looking forward to getting started on the ELEVATE programme and hope to learn a lot and make some great connections.


Oh, and nothing beats a cronut on the dessert front!



  • Your name - Scott Desgrosseilliers
  • Where you are located - Marblehead, MA, USA
  • What your startup is, marketing attribution platform for ecommerce, subscription, and info course marketers.  We've tracked $2 billion in ad spend and $5 billion in attributed revenue since 2015.
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE  content & email marketing strategies - we have a ton of content and an ok sized list, but not sure how to put it all together.   fundraise vs. bootstrap vs. debt - decision framework?  valuations - we've had inbound acquisition interest turned down this week, how to navigate this area
  • Your favorite dessert - Boston Creme Pie

Very impressive! Any chance you do pro-bono work? Say for a new 501c3 non-profit in the same accelerator class and state as you? 


Hello everyone,
I'm Moses Amedonu, the founder of StockLyft. We are a marketplace lending for funding local sustainable farms. We are based in New York.
Stocklyft is transforming funding access in agriculture by helping farmers bypass credit card debts and the traditional banking system.
Looking forward to learning growth strategy.

My favorite dessert is Turkey-berry juice X Milk


Hi, my name is Guillaume Ang, and I'm located in Sydney, Australia,


I've co-founded to help marketers configure and A/B test their lead signup flows without the engineering burden. We aim at providing an increase of 10% to 30% to the funnel conversion rate of our customers.


I look up to Hubspot growth trajectory and really look forward to learning from the team through the Hubspot Elevate program.


My favorite desert, being French, is the Baba-Au-Rhum. And yes, rum is the main ingredient.


Hey all & @cpieri 


  • Dan Rua, CEO Admiral: The Visitor Relationship Management Company
  • I'm in Gainesville, FL (Go Gators!) with founding team (former Grooveshark team) and sales/mktg lead is NYC, but majority of team is remote nationwide
  • Admiral is like "HubSpot+Drift for Media Publishers", helping publishers grow visitors relationships and revenue via Visitor Relationship Management (VRM), including adblock recovery, privacy consent, paid subscriptions/memberships/donations, email, social and more.
  • ELEVATE is an opportunity to assess how we're doing versus best practices and sharpen the saw, for our own GTM and for the marketing automation VRM provides media publishers.
  • Favorite dessert: Guavasplosion = greek yogurt+granola+guava jam

Hey everyone!


Cormac here, co-founder of RYPT from Dublin, Ireland. RYPT is a coaching platform that connects coaches with their clients. It simplifies the creation and delivery of individualized workout programs and takes the pain out of monitoring progress so coaches can offer a better service to a greater number of clients.


By taking part in ELEVATE we're hoping to learn how to refine our marketing activity so that we get more of our ideal customer's eyes on our platform, and also how we can use HubSpot more efficiently to engage with our customers and potential customers.


For dessert, I'll have to go local with some Chocolate Guinness Cake.




Hello everyone, here are my replies:


  • Your name: Gabi Constantinescu
  • Where you are located: Edmonton, Canada
  • What your startup is: True Angle Medical
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE: Tips on streamlining customer communication
  • Your favorite dessert: Creme brulee

Hi Everyone,


I'm Alex Pikul, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Zirtue. We are based in Dallas and are building a financially inclusive world through relationship-based lending. We begin as an app that digitized loans between friends and family and are now expanding into banking with the launch of our debit card this summer, to better serve both the unbanked and underbanked.


I oversee our Corporate Partnerships and hope to gain new strategies for growing our B2B Business as more companies leverage Zirtue as an alternative payment solution. 


Unfortunately, I don't eat much dessert, but I am an avid Scuba Diver if anyone wants to talk about diving or their favorite locations. 🙂 



Hello Everyone!


 My name is Issata and I am the founder of, an online women empowerment platform. We recently launched a few products via e-commerce and I am hoping to learn digital marketing strategy! I live in New Jersey and I love ice cream!


Hi everyone,


Nice to e-meet everyone here!


I am Anil Kutty, the co-founder of Berlin based Reverswingaiming to solve the problem of eCommerce returns (starting with the Consumer Electronics category first, Fashion/Apparel is next). Reverswing is being incubated at BEAM, a logistics company builder in Berlin backed by the BEUMER Group - a large German family owned multinational company present in 70 countries.


I am eager to soak in the latest on post-COVID outbound sales strategies


Have quit sugar for over a year now - so no desserts for me - used to be a fan of walnut brownies in the past.


Hi there!


My name is Leonid, and I'm located at Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 


For the last seven years, I'm building an open-source solution that allows you to capture your existing user's activity and re-use it for testing your application.


With ELEVATE I want to give more structure to my efforts, learn some specifics of B2B sales and feel connected with the community of people of the same mindset.


You can follow me on twitter:




Hi my name is Kiku Chaudhuri, co-founder of SHAZ & KIKS, a hair wellness company based in Austin, TX. We're creating high-quality, plant-based haircare products that are rooted in the founders' Indian heritage. Check us out


We are in pre-launch and excited to learn about funding and growth strategies at ELEVATE. 


Fave dessert: panna cotta 🙂 


Hi Kiku, 


Your IG page is not coming up. Could you please repost it? Also, we are launching a pre-sale soon too. What service did you use for pre-sales or drop shipping?




Hey Elevate Community!

We'll try and keep this short and sweet (just like our plant-based treats)


Name: Tyler Phillips


Location: DC & Puerto Rico


Startup: Hummii (@hummii_yummy on IG, we follow back!): We make yummy & nutritious plant-based frozen treats channeling the strength of the chiseled chickpea!


What we hope to get out of ELEVATE: Connect with the ELEVATE community, help each other grow our startups, learn how to better optimize and use HubSpot to grow our brand and reach healthy, happy Hummiins 


Favorite Dessert: MONKeying Around Hummii Frozen Treat (Banana Bread flavored Plant-based "Ice Cream")


***Feel free to reach out to us anytime and we look forward to connecting with all of you! Thank you to the HubSpot team & @cpieri for this incredible opportunity 🙂 *** 


Hi guys,


Nice to meet you'all.


I'm Nicolás Navarro from Bogotá, Colombia. I'm Head of Business Development at Arukay. Arukay is a Learning System that teaches computational thinking and coding to K12 students. We have a B2B2C business model that's supremely scalable. 

I would like to learn more about how to scale sales because we already reached product/market fit.


My favorite dessert is Arequipe, a native milk candy, come to Colombia and try it!






Hello everyone, just a quick intro about me and GreeMko (Green Management Technology). 

  • I´m George (Jorge in spanish)
  • Based in Madrid, Spain 
  • We calculate automatically the carbon and the environmental footprint of companies
  • Elevate? Sales, sales, sales! 
  • Ice-cream at the beach in a sunny day! 

Looking forward to meet you all! 




Hola Jorge, bienvenido ! también estamos en Madrid 😉