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ChristinaKay 5月 15日, 2023
Unleash the Power of Video: Boost Brand Revenue by 18%! J oin our session on June 28th at 12:15pm EST to discover the secrets behind winning online with user-generated videos. Learn how top brands curate, understand, and publish UGVC for 続きを読む
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4月 11日, 2024 07:37
I am Thabiso Mdletshe from South Africa currently pivoting to marketing and Ecommerce. Hope to find valuable lessions. Here is my email: thabisomdle...続きを読む
ChristinaKay 12月 16日, 2022
Hi!! I am looking to plan out some HUG topics for next year! I would love to know if you would like to speak at an event OR what topics and what brands you want to hear from! Please comment below OR simply send me a DM :)! Happy Holidays!
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11月 04日, 2023 01:42
Hi Christina, I am looking forward to attending the event.
ChristinaKay 6月 03日, 2022
Hi friends 😁 So we have a pretty cool HUG coming up and I want to hear from you on all your questions about HubSpot eCommerce, B2B2C, and the HubSpot Ecosystem! You can either comment questions or fill out this survey (emails/names 続きを読む
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ChristinaKay 4月 27日, 2022
The first-ever eCommerce HUG was amazing! Thanks to @paragjagdale for his amazing insights and work on this. If you missed the HUG, slides and videos are up ! Want to speak at the eCommerce HUG? Shoot me a direct message here!
4月 28日, 2022 16:33
Thank you for the opportunity @ChristinaKay ! I had fun answering the great questions we got. I am looking forward to the second eCommerce HUG!
ChristinaKay 4月 13日, 2022
I am getting so excited because the co-founder of Unific , Parag Jagdale , is going to be talking all about eCommerce and HubSpot ! I know... I know... those two things are not talked about a lot but if you are in the eCommerce world.. you ne 続きを読む
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