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FIRST eCommerce HUG!

I am getting so excited because the co-founder of UnificParag Jagdale, is going to be talking all about eCommerce and HubSpot!

I know... I know... those two things are not talked about a lot but if you are in the eCommerce world.. you need to be there for this!

Unific is known for unlocking and simplifying eCommerce growth with data integration, analytics, personalization, and retention tools running on top of HubSpot. Their Customer Cultivation framework helps marketers use data to discover what to do next in order to consistently delight their customers with HubSpot.

And who doesn't love delighting customers AND really using data to improve your business!?!

If you are currently a HubSpot user or looking for a new solution, this is for you!

Register here: https://events.hubspot.com/events/details/hubspot-e-commerce-presents-how-ecommerce-companies-can-le...

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