What are your professional goals for 2021? What do you want to learn about Ops?

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I started to think about goals yesterday as I sifted through all of the upcoming/new year content there is right now on my social media feeds.


Goal setting can be daunting -- I certainly feel it! One lesson I've learned while scrolling is how powerful writing down your goals can be to hold you accountable.  I figured we could practice together and maybe next year (next week?!) figure out how we can hold each other accountable.


Like: "I want to spend 20 minutes a day reading my email subscriptions." Just writing this is a first step to making this new goal happen. Now, I've taken enough accountability to name my goal and then share it by writing it out here. Maybe I should do a subscriptions audit to make sure I am only subscribed to content I actually want to read...I guess that's my next step!


What about you -- what are some of your goals for next year or the coming months? HOw do you usually think about goal setting?


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Hello new Community users @Whitton6 , @MLeonard , @MHake , @MMarquezRigup , @MAusheva , @MRoberts9 , @markwkaiser , @MFagg , @matthewj , @MattPickup , @MCurran1 
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Thank you!


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@maggiebutler I love this! When it comes to writing things down, it reminds me of a Glennon Doyle quote from her book, "Untamed." 

“As every architect or designer knows, there is a critical step between vision and reality. Before imagination becomes three-dimensional, it usually needs to become two-dimensional. It’s as though the unseen order needs to come to life one dimension at a time.”

Glennon posits in her book that writing things down, journaling is the step between vision and reality.


2021 Goals:


For me, short-term (business):


Working to make improvements to our upsell/crosssell process to drive more team compliance and adoption of SOPs. 📋


Long-term (business): Working to position my business as an authority within the RevOps/HubSpot space. Not even going to pretend to be shy about this. 😝 🔥


Short-term (personal): Win my peer group step challenge this week. 👟😋


Long-term (personal): Learn French, and take a Philosophy course this year.🤔 🇲🇫






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