[Poll] What kind of content should we post?

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If you're reading this, you probably have some ideas on what kind of Ops education, content or resources you are looking for. And we want to know!


What are some of the things you'd like to see in the OpsLife Community? Leave an idea or upvote your favorite ideas. Let's make it happen.

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- Templates that we can use or that we can reference to help guide our thinking

- My favorite HubSpot podcast (HubShots) has a feature called HubSpot Gotcha's which I love....these are the little things in HubSpot that don't necessairly work or work the way you think they should. They are super powerful when paired with workarounds.  (Maybe you could even reach out to Craig and Ian about cross-posting some of their Gotcha's on here (with attribution of course 🙂 .

- Product Spotlight and or Use Cases: What's a feature and some use cases for it - maybe even done at a newbie level, mid-level, and advanced level.  For example, what are people doing with ABM?  What can you do that's an MVP to start using it? What are some things that would take it to the next level

- Link Roundup on related items.  What are the best articles on data architecture, what articles talk about what people are measuring or measuring differently these days, maybe even cross-post from some of the HubSpot product related stuff so we don't miss it. 

- Roadmap check-in: Does HubSpot publish a roadmap?  Maybe quick debrief or links to the road map when it's updated?  This would be a huge help with martech planning.


- Specifically I'd live to see a round-up of info on the new Object release that just happened. 




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Would folks be interested in strategic alignment and decision making?  I find that a lot of "messy ops" are caused by misalignment and siloed departments, which grow out of strategic misalignment.  Sales has their numbers to hit, Marketing theirs and Services theirs... and they all build systems and processes to do just that... which creates a mess because they aren't built to hit shared KPIs.  


Would anyone find interest in exploring this topic further?  Sharing stories, insights, ideas and inspiration with the ultimate goal of unifying teams to achieve vector alignment that accelerates growth.


Let me know with a comment or an upvote!

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Thanks @maggiebutler

I want to tag in a few folks who may have some good feedback for you! @bshl_nw@maryum@AngelaMatsuoka@Connorj13@MarianaG@DAnaGuiloff@RafiPN@Alex_ we would love to hear from you on how OpsLife can make your life easier! 😄 


Thank you in advance! 


ps - there are no silly or crazy answers, we really want to know everything you want to see from us, and how we can help!

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Thank you for adding me to this, @jennysowyrda !


I'd love to give some feedback... I'm just not too entirely sure what would be considered Ops Life materials. 

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Sample flows, ways people have solved problems, slick integrations or workarounds are always welcome. 


Would also love as I inform our technology teams to learn what kinds of problems people are facing where its something small or big where "there has got to be a better way" and see if its something we could build a solution around. 

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Hi @Connorj13@Alex_ @jen_vaughn ,


HubSpot is hosting our first-ever CS RevOps meetup on Oct. 21st @ noon EST featuring special guest Michael Redbord.  Would love for you to join if your available... this will be a great platform to learn from other teams, contribute your experience and network with peers.  






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Hi Maggie!


Here are a few ideas on Ops education and content I think would be helpful:

  • Resources or discussions on change management or behavior management: making sure people adopt and follow all the awesome ops systems, processes, and tools we set up for them
  • Resources on how agencies can position and sell ops
  • Advice on instruction writing and documenting processes
  • Discussion around CS ops, which I see is coming soon as a meetup, hooray!


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Not quite sure what you're asking for but I'm interested in any future meetups.

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Hi @RafiPN -- good news! The next meetup is being scheduled for Nov. 18th @ noon EST.  The webpage with registration will be available soon.