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Last year I was involved in a project at HubSpot where we built a workflow that almost hit the limits of branching logic. Usually, that's a signal you can break down a workflow into individual components to simplify your automation. But, le sigh, that was not the case here. 

Have you ever built or managed campaigns or workflows that included some complex automation rules? What was the situation and, how did you maintain those complex rules? How did you communicate them to others, or visualize them? 

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@AM8 - I believe you shared one of the most impressive workflows I've ever seen before somewhere in the Community! Would you be willing to share the backstory and logic with Maggie? 

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Hi @jennysowyrda : Thanks for Tagging.

I built a workflow as a nurture campaign with a lot of emphasis on personalization. It was built in 2017 and back then the workflow tool did not allow for connecting different branches together and that added to the complexity of the actual workflow (which made it so impressive) but the real value was in personalization. We had written 6 blogs around a pillar topic. Then for each blog we created a nurture path aimed at moving someone down the funnel by sending time more information. The different was that I created different paths for somone who only opened our emails vs someone who opened the email and clicked on a CTA. 49.jpg

I hit the branching logic limit and thus this WF had to be built as 3 connected workflows. I bet if I build it now with the conditional branching logic it owuld be a much simpler workflow. 

For communicating to the team i built internal emails with pesonalization tokens that told the sales rep exactly which content journey path the lead had taken before they coverted to MQL and also gave tips on how to communicate with the lead so that they connect with proper context. 

Hope this helps
Thank you.
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I would have taken a picture of that too... That's a keeper.


Hi all!


I had an experience where I was building a lead routing workflow that was assigning reps by state with enrollment trigger being a form fill.


The tricky part was that several reps covered the same state based on zip codes. 


We first had to map on a spreadsheet all 50 states, the corresponding zip codes, and rep's names. Some zip codes did not follow a specific range of numbers, so we had to break down into several small ranges of zip codes in each state.


When we started that, the option for if/then branches was not available, so we built 50+ workflows to cover all states. Ironically, once we were about to finish the last workflow the branches option became available so we rebuilt the whole engine in one workflow which was a lot easier.


So we named each branch with the reps' names and added the filters for State AND postal code. 


The actions for each branch was to create a task for each rep. In the task creation, we included personalization tokens to display the lead's name and company. 


Overall, filtering all conditions by zip codes was the most challenging part, but after spending quite some time testing to get it right it's now an engine that needs very little maintenance.


Hi Maggie,


I just recently built out a whole series of automated workflows as part of an initiative to almost fully automate the sales process from end-to-end for a whole segment of our market (SMB). We did this so we could help the sales team to shift their focus to only the most lucrative, enterprise-type deals. We can discuss further if you wish, but the whole initiative involved about 20 workflows that worked together, 30 emails including 2-3 x 5-6 mini nurture campaigns to account for drop-off, a whole bunch of new properties for tracking, many lists, new pages and forms. It took around 1-1.5 months to plan and build, and it's in the 4th week of being live. As of right now it's already generated forward movement in lifecycle stages and also generated some pipeline! It's the most complex thing I've done in ~5 years of using HubSpot.


Kim, this is of interest. I can't imagine the amount of time this took during those 1.5 months! I would love to get a glimpse at that marvel! 🙂