[Discussion] How do you approach systems maintenance?

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In Operations there are many ways to approach mananging the systems used across Sales, Marketing and Customer Success. I tend to think about how to do that in three buckets:


First you need to create or establish your stack - whether it's creating a strategy to sync data or actually buying and implementing a stack for the first time


Then there's the process of maintaining your stack - you need to make sure the technology is useful for your team, is working and producing the expected results - and if it's not, how to rip and replace in your stack


FInally there's the proactive work of innovating on your stack - taking the insights from how it works and the data it's producing and making proactive decisions around how to grow and innovate on your stack


What do you think about this approach? For someone just getting started in this area, what kinds of advice or best practices would you share? Leave them below in the comments...





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