[Career Profile] Josh Cramoy, Senior Director of Business Operations at Piaggio Fast Forward

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Josh CramoyJosh Cramoy


Check out my recent conversation with Josh Cramoy. I am very lucky to know Josh already, and in this segment I wanted to learn more about the role & responsbilities of a Senior Director of BizOps. Like -- how Josh thinks about data, systems and reporting and other RevOps/BizOps responsibilities like project management, change management and more. We also talked a bit about what it actually means to be aligned - everyone we know is always talking about 'alignment', but how do you put it into practice? 


"One of the things I'm trying to balance right now is having is having enough time to really do work and also enough time to stay aligned with other teams...That is a challenge. I mean, you get that 'calendar creep', but [staying alignned] is all that counts." -- Josh


Check out Josh's profile here. Passcode: 5voQ59.@

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