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jmclaren 3月 22日, 2023
The original Developer Changelog announcement . The article content is copied from that post below for convenience. If you have questions or comments you can leave them below. We've discovered that in some situations the previousCatego 続きを読む
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dennisedson 2月 28日, 2023
February 2023 updates include new API endpoints for Goals, Snowflake updates, Multi-Currencies for app listings, and a performance update for the Script Loader. Note: You can sign up for the public betas listed below by visiting the Account Men 続きを読む
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ソートリーダー | Solutions Partner
3月 01日, 2023 18:34
Similar to the update for the App Marketplace to allow mutliple/international currencies, will the same be available for the Theme Marketplace?
Dadams 2月 23日, 2023
Beginning on May 22nd, 2023 , we will be updating our APIs to use more strict validation for updates made to contact records. What's changing? We're updating the validation for two property types. For number properties, values canno 続きを読む
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hseligson 2月 22日, 2023
To ensure that the quality of data in the customer's CRM is high and that data is useful for automation, quotes, and reporting, we are preventing invalid currency values for line items. For example, a text string like "zzz" will not be supported wit 続きを読む
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AJLaPorte 2月 01日, 2023
What is it? Today, HubSpot updated the Asset Marketplace listing flow to reflect the latest theme requirements . These new standards are required of all new themes going forward, and we request any existing themes to update by May 1, 2023. Like 続きを読む
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キーアドバイザー | Elite Partner
2月 02日, 2023 07:58
Going to reiterate a lot of what I said in the Slack but essentially this is a terrible update. 1. Moving fields around is going to cause break...続きを読む
AJLaPorte 1月 30日, 2023
January 2023 updates include new public betas, VS Code Extension update, new default modules, CLI updates, data attributes in forms, partial prerendering support for two filters, and expiration dates in the file manager. Note: You can sign up f 続きを読む
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2月 08日, 2023 08:32
Hey @melindagreen We incorrectly initially stated the image grid module supported masonry style. At this time it does not. We have updated the p...続きを読む
dennisedson 1月 25日, 2023
We're adding new Webhook subscription types for merge, restore & association change events for CRM Objects. Merge : when one object is merged into the other in the CRM Restore : When an object is restored (opposite of delete) As 続きを読む
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HubSpot Employee
1月 30日, 2023 09:56
newObjectId : the Id of the object that was created from the result of the merge. This is separate from primaryObjectId because in some cases...続きを読む
dennisedson 1月 25日, 2023
As of February 1, 2023, CMS Free and Starter customers will be limited to creating up to 3 language variations of their pages and posts. Why is HubSpot making these changes? These changes are being implemented to ensure that we p 続きを読む
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2月 01日, 2023 09:12
Hey @melindagreen , Apologies for delayed response here. After talking with you and getting details about the client, it looks like they will n...続きを読む
dennisedson 1月 10日, 2023
Beginning on February 1st, 2023 , the reports scope will no longer be a selectable scope option. Apps that are currently requesting this scope will have this scope automatically removed from the app configuration. Why is HubSpot m 続きを読む
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dennisedson 1月 10日, 2023
We're making an update to the Custom Behavioral Events API . Currently, the send event endpoint ( POST /events/v3/send ) will accept an event with an unknown eventName , but will return an HTTP 204 response. Event data is processed asynchronously, 続きを読む
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AJLaPorte 1月 05日, 2023
Columns occuredat and occuredatdateint used in event queries have an upcoming breaking change in their names. What's changing? The column occuredat in all event tables and views will now be occurredat and the column occuredatdatei 続きを読む
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jmclaren 12月 22日, 2022
The original Developer Changelog announcement . The article content is copied from that post below for convenience. If you have questions or comments you can leave them below. HubSpot has 3 areas where developers can build serverless functi 続きを読む
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12月 26日, 2022 05:44
Hi @jmclaren , hope you are doing well! ¡Thanks for sharing! Best, Diana



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