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Dadams on May 09, 2023
We're making some changes to some of the fields used in the Workflows API . Certain optional fields will no longer be included in the response for any workflow and other fields will have static, empty values regardless of how the fields may be se read more
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jmclaren on May 08, 2023
The text below is copied from the official announcement on the developer changelog for convenience. We've added a new member_email property to contacts which dictates where membership emails (password reset, password confirmation, and read more
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jmclaren on May 01, 2023
The message below is a reposting of the developer changelog post for convenience . If there are any differences the official changelog post is to be seen as the source of truth. April showers bring new HubSpot powers. Better validation for mul read more
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May 23, 2023 13:12
The new CMS content editor beta takes the existing very user-friendly interface with easy access to everything and makes it unnecessarily more
AJLaPorte on April 26, 2023
Modules will be released onto the asset marketplace soon. To prepare, we want to make sure your themes are the best they can be. Read on to review required theme updates, and complete these updates by May 30, 2023 . Module categories HubSpo read more
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Participant | Platinum Partner
May 17, 2023 21:57
Hi Is there a launch date set for when customers will be able to access the new themes and modules? Thanks Julian
dennisedson on April 24, 2023
Property Validations allow admins to prevent data quality issues before they start. By setting up property validation rules, admins can control what data can be entered into their system ensuring the entry of clean, reliable, and accurate data. read more
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Contributor | Platinum Partner
April 25, 2023 20:56
In order to ensure we comply with these validation rules we need to be able to retrieve the list of rules that are in place for each property. Has more
Dadams on April 18, 2023
Note: This post has been updated to reflect an updated sunset date of August 31 . The original date for this was July 28. We are sunsetting the Calendar API . Beginning on August 31 , the API will no longer function, and data from the read more
AJLaPorte on April 17, 2023
Whats Changing? Last year (February 2022), we announced some updates to our form submissions API that would make our customer’s accounts more secure, by requiring all fields be declared on the form definition before we would accept these fields read more
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Dadams on April 11, 2023
Beginning on July 14th , the industry property on company records will begin correctly validating values when company records are created and updated. What's changing? While the property type is enumeration , the property is not read more
hseligson on March 29, 2023
Refer to the original announcement on the developer changelog . March 2023 developer updates include theme-level module updates, SEO filter recommendations, new HubL variables, deprecation of the Gallery Default Module, sandboxes with unlimit read more
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HubSpot Employee
April 03, 2023 14:45
Hi @Cesar_awtana 👋 - great question! I was able to confirm internally that there is no timeline yet for when email templates will be more
jmclaren on March 22, 2023
The original Developer Changelog announcement . The article content is copied from that post below for convenience. If you have questions or comments you can leave them below. We've discovered that in some situations the previousCatego read more
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dennisedson on February 28, 2023
February 2023 updates include new API endpoints for Goals, Snowflake updates, Multi-Currencies for app listings, and a performance update for the Script Loader. Note: You can sign up for the public betas listed below by visiting the Account Men read more
1 Reply
Thought Leader
March 01, 2023 21:34
Similar to the update for the App Marketplace to allow mutliple/international currencies, will the same be available for the Theme Marketplace?
Dadams on February 23, 2023
Beginning on May 22nd, 2023 , we will be updating our APIs to use more strict validation for updates made to contact records. What's changing? We're updating the validation for two property types. For number properties, values canno read more
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May 16, 2023 09:49
Is there a reliable way to find out ahead of time if we are making any requests that will start failing, such as with Sandbox accont?
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