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Dadams on June 27, 2022
Last year HubSpot split the contacts scope into more granular CRM scopes, to provide app developers separate access for contacts, companies, and deals (i.e.,, companies.write, etc.). With privacy and security being a top priori read more
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June 28, 2022 12:50
I am a little confused with what needs to be changed. Our developer accountshows the correct new granular CRM scopes for contacts, ex: more
Dadams on June 01, 2022
What’s changing? API Keys have been one of three authentication methods supported by HubSpot APIs. However, as part of ongoing efforts to protect our customer's data, we will be sunsetting API Keys. As a result of this change, inte read more
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June 14, 2022 10:30
What about Ecommerce Bridge support in Private Apps?
jbogaert on May 04, 2022
Hello there! This Thursday, HubSpot Solutions Engineer Jack Coldrick and Emily Wingrove, VP at Aptitude 8 are holding an exclusive workshop! They'll be diving into CMS Hub and how you can use Operations Hub to make your website and its aut read more
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Dadams on April 13, 2022
What's changing? We'll be adding new validation to our Forms API. This validation will require that any fields being used in a form match with a corresponding CRM property. The name of the field must match the name of a CRM property for the object read more
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Member | Diamond Partner
May 02, 2022 19:51
hi @Dadams i think you should wait for the beta until 16th May to get it stabled , as we can not add any custom code as its alternate , its more
Dadams on April 11, 2022
Beginning on July 19th , we will be enforcing the values for owner-type properties in the Engagements API. What's changing? Currently, the Engagements APIs allow invalid values for the hs_owner_id and hs_attendee_owner_ids field read more
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Dadams on March 24, 2022
What's changing? We will be making the change source for property updates to CRM records more consistent for updates made through integrations. This will affect the `sourceType` and `sourceId` fields in the property history. This was already imple read more
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March 28, 2022 10:35
How do we correlate the App ID (which will be in Original source drill-down 2) to the name of the app to figure out which app drove the conversion? more
jmclaren on March 21, 2022
The "Follow Me - LP" module provided by HubSpot as a default module for CMS content is being updated to fix a couple of issues. This module is separate from the "Follow Me" module, and the "Follow Me - Email" module. The Follow me LP mod read more
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Dadams on February 17, 2022
Effective immediately, we will be enforcing new limits on the name field for custom object schemas . What's changing? Going forward, the name field for new custom object schemas will be limited to letters, numbers, und read more
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Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
February 17, 2022 15:00
My bet is that someone tried setting a custom object internal name to the Log4j RCE pattern.
rhenry on February 15, 2022
What’s changing? Today, HubSpot’s Forms APIs do not require that submission field values are declared ahead of time as fields on the form before submitting data to the API. From March 21st 2022 we will be rejecting any form submissio read more
March 11, 2022 03:56
Has this change already come into effect? We are already seeing this error while submitting forms on non HubSpot pages. The forms on HubSpot pages more
rhenry on February 11, 2022
What’s changing? ‘ archived’ is an optional, boolean query parameter for the v3 CRM Pipeline API . This parameter is used to indicate whether to return pipelines that have been archived. Currently all archived pipelines are pu read more
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dennisedson on January 28, 2022
Hey HubSpot developers, today we've updated the CMS for Developers certification with an expanded lesson on data sources! This updated lesson now includes information on using HubDB and custom object data in CMS Hub to power your website. Make s read more
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January 31, 2022 03:35
Hello, Thanks for the update .
zwolfson on January 12, 2022
HubSpot API consistency and completeness has been a major point in feedback from our developer community for some time now. You spoke, and we listened! We are excited to announce the launch of a refreshed Engagements API available today in develope read more
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